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Gay Sugar Daddy Q&A

In my last blogger, I shared somethings about my gay sugar baby experience. And after a few days, I received so many questions about that, it seems you guys are really curious about my gay sugar daddy.  I’m sorry, I can not go through all of it, cause questions are too many, but we will pick up some main questions to answer. Ok, let’s start.

gay sugar daddy 2

The first one: “ how old is your sugar daddy?”

When I passed this question to Mark (my gay sugar daddy), his answer is: “ I’m old enough to be a daddy.” hhh, so cute. But actually, he is 53 years old.

Q: “Mark, Have you been married a woman, so do you have any children?”

Mark: “No, never married, any children.”

Q: “Mark, How did you have so much money? And what’s your career?”

Mark; “ I’m the engineer”

Q: “ Mark, are you a gay?”

Mark: “ Well, Actually I’m bisexual. So I don’t care about my partner’s gender. As for me, kind and beautiful is more important than your gender.”

Q: “ Do you have other sugar babies? And are they male or female?”

Mark: “ Yes, I have other sugar babies, and also he is male.”

Q: “ Do you get jealous when other younger boys come on to your gay sugar baby?

Mark: “ Well, I don’t know.”

Q: “ Is your daddy good at bed?”

Well, he is alright, not bad. But he always likes to slap my ass.

OK, the last one question is: “ what your parents think of your 53 years old sugar daddy?”

Well, everyone is in a different situation, My family is a little complex. And I don’t know where is my father, well, it’s a long story, I’m not gonna write it in details here, cause time limited. But if you guys really wonder about that, maybe I will write another blog about it.

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