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Gay Sugar Baby Tips

So you’ve made the decision to pursue the journey to become a gay sugar baby.  Although there is the possibility of achieving a nice income and a lavish lifestyle like all good things in life, it can take a fair bit of work. Below are some key things to keep in mind to find that perfect gay sugar daddy. There are many gay sugar daddy review sites out there, do your research then pick the best one for you to get the start or simply try more than one of them to see what happen.

gay sugar baby tips

Important Tips Every Gay Sugar Baby Should Know

Understand What You Want

When you’re starting on you gay sugar hunt it’s very important to figure out what you exactly want? Are you looking for a regular income or are you looking for gifts, travel and adventure? You could even be looking for someone for guidance and connections within your chosen career. It’s just important to be really clear about what you want as well as your expectations in terms of allowance.

Set the Terms

After finding a good match, clarify what your expectations are with your gay sugar daddy as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that you should probably wait until after the first meeting.  Remember you’re selling the “boyfriend experience” here you don’t want to come off as a gold digger.

In terms of what you’re asking for remember to keep it realistic. What we mean here is that although your needs should be met so you’re comfortable, what you’re asking for shouldn’t be so extravagant that it turns anyone off.  Although if the potential sugar daddy tries to sell you short just move on, after all, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Some things to include in your discussion of terms include how often you will be meeting and the best ways to contact each other.

Is it a Job?

Ok so it’s not a traditional 9-5 but just like any career choice you’re there to provide a service in exchange for the allowance you’ll be receiving.  Make sure to keep the quality of your work high and truly understand the responsibilities of your position, after all, at the end of the day, your there to make your gay sugar daddy happy.

Cater to Him

Although there may be other gay sugar daddies around remember that being that this is a job it comes with certain “professional” expectations. Don’t complain when you’re with him and to generally keep a happy disposition. An example of this would don’t get passive aggressive if he cancels, your gay sugar daddy is probably very busy if he is able to finance you.

Try and figure out things like if your gay sugar daddy prefers someone who carries the conversation or if he’d prefer if he leads and you listen. Also, once you’ve set up those meeting times, make sure that you don’t flake out – reliability is important.

Not an Escort

This is a big one – you’re not selling sex although this might be part of the arrangement, you’re actually being paid for your time. It’s important to not have sex before the terms are set.  In fact, if possible try and not have sex too soon so you can develop an emotional connection and secure the gay sugar relationship.

Safety First

No matter how inviting the situation seems, if you’re feeling unsafe or uncomfortable at any time it’s important to get yourself out of there. Always remember that you come first, especially when it comes to keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

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