Five Sugar Baby Types, What Type Are You?

We are aware that there are different sugar baby types who repeatedly exist within the sugar bowl and sugar daddy website. However, what sugar baby types are you?In fact, no pigeon-holing but recognize your position and expectations to be a needed baby by daddies who want to find the one who shares the same level of relationship goals.

sugar baby types

Sugar Baby Types: College Baby

Sites and apps that make connections between the girl and older wealthy, like Sudy, are gaining more popularity—especially on prestigious college campuses, like Columbia University and Cornell University.

Tuition and fees at college increasing average 80 percent for in-state students and average
90 percent for out-of-state students in the past 10 years, sugar daddy relationships have become more popular among students to cover student expenses and tuition.

Take North Carolina as an example, known dating websites have a count of these data, with compared to similar institutions, UNC is among those with the most students registered—second only to Duke University, where the number of registered sugar babies has climbed from 323 students to 438 from 2013 to 2014. At N.C. State University, the number has jumped from 38 to 90 students in 2014.

Why Do They Want to Be a Sugar Baby

Well, regardless of what’s they worry about, most of these girls have become college baby sugar
and the reason for that is down-to-earth:

The money is tight.

No one wants to be the girl who can’t afford pretty dresses and heels they like, let alone college. For college girls “get-rich-quick” ideas get very tempting when they see how fast bills add up for tuition, feel how stress it is in textbooks and all the extras of college life. They are not just students, they also are real persons, with the real social demand.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sugar daddy pay for everything?

Some people have to take the pressure of their courses while doing some part-time jobs, like a bartender, maid, supermarket cashier, waitress, etc. When their family could not support them through college. What’s more, almost every university’s office of scholarships and student aid tries to help students with tuition costs as much as possible, but it can only do so much to help.

They can rely on the kindness of wealthy men out of desperation when they can not find any normal way to pay school. As a normal person who needs a sense of accomplishment which through helping others get or making others happiness easily. Many successful daddies who have a long-term view and enjoy making worthwhile investments will recognize that some Sugar Baby holds the potential to become the next great something.

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Sugar Baby TypesBusiness Baby

Trust me when I say that there are sugar business babies just as business-minded as a successful entrepreneur are!

Most of these ladies who came from college wish to become a ladder-climbing one with big goals and keep themselves progressive.

And they always willing to discuss business over drinks.

Many sugar babies have a brilliant ability in business and vision as same as a successful businessman. More obviously is, such business sugar babies can be found in all walks of life.

Such sugar baby is always kept awake in any arrangement, they are smart so that they will not rely on any Sugar daddy of one hundred percent. Just as in business, they have their own plan A, plan B. They have their own jobs and sources of income, for the most part, sugar date for them more like a source of extra income or one kind social demand of beneficial to the future career development. Even if the sugar daddy is playing well, they know clearly that a sugar date may end at any time, and no sugar daddy will give you a never-ending support.

To attract them, you must not only have to meet the status of sugar daddy must condition, but also provide them with extra things, such as the experience of life, guidance in a field where they interest in, resources and etc.

Trust me, it’s going to be a satisfied date with them.

Sugar Baby Types: Small Town Baby

“Small town” baby is not the stupid and sloppy girls, this is the girl who is simple and sincere but sure of what she wants in the future, have a high goal but knows where she came from.

The most common phenomenon is that people think all the small town sugar babies are simple and sincere girls dreaming that they are a princess in Disney. The fact is these qualities are only a small part of the baby.

Most of them have inside beauty: sweet, genuine and can make almost anybody laugh. We all know that everyone is far from perfect but it is the imperfections that make every one unique. And they more like a modern princess who started small, but have big dreams.

A hard-working small town girl eager to leave her roots behind, travel and see the world, need someone who will help them. What they like maybe not brands or items of luxury but more valuable and useful help. There is an interesting one is called “Sugar Babies Do Fall In Love.” While some guys on the site really do just want to pay for straight-up sex, some become emotionally invested in the women whose company they buy.

“Her companionship is genuine”, far from a fraction of sugar daddy say so, “Even the smallest gifts mean the world in her eyes. They are one of the best sugar baby types.”

Sugar Baby Types: The Mommy Baby

Being a single mother never gets easier.

They have an important thing above all giving and receiving which is take good care of their babies.

In the US, over $100 billion in child support is owed to single mothers and never collected A single mom has to play both the mommy and the daddy roles while raising a child is expensive especially. You have to be strong and rarely do you get the credit you deserve, you do not have the option to stay at home with your kids. Imagine how much financial stress is that women attend school while she has a baby must stay home and take care of. For more reading: Can Single Mother Be a Sugar Baby?

We encourage the mommy sugar babies can continue their educations, for women empowerment they have the right to live a better life.

We have found that 96% of the male respondents are willing to maintain a relationship with a single mother, and 92% of the sugar daddies don’t mind spending money on their sugar baby’s kids. Almost all the dads understand the hard of single mothers and they are also willing to provide some simple helps to their date like assistance with bills, rent or transportation.

Life didn’t turn out the way you had planned, but it doesn’t mean you do not have a chance to earn what belongs to you.

Sugar Baby Types: The Veteran Baby

Just like all the socialite, this is the woman who has a good sense of grace, beauty and decorum in formal dinner or business party. They are not born to be, just have more than enough experience in the previous date with in-the-know millionaires, professional ball players, and maybe a politician.

Such girls are not in the minority.

Sudy like an ice-breaker. Many of you would think that the veteran sugar baby’s field is oversupply, the fact is that many rich but not good at flatter charming girls and has ordinary appearance guys pay for the chance to talk to you even though you wouldn’t look at them on the street.

They have a great personality and can make anyone laugh, they are easy going and know how to have a great time no matter what situation they are in, more than just a pretty face.

Dating with these girls is more simple and delight than you think, you do not even have to think about artifice so much and you just straightforward, honest, down to earth, and had better have some sense of humor.

Many veteran sugar babies I have seen usually smiling all the time and good at express their passion through eye contact, if you are interesting, they’ll wink back. An easy going approach works best. Also, someone who has a positive outlook always a bonus point.

Sugar daddies who in a position of power or highly visible in the public eye need a near perfect baby being a shining female companion while attending the important party, keeping their secrets while keeping them satisfied.

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