How to Handle the First Dinner Date

Any first date is loaded with pressure, sugar daddy first dating is the same. Should you order the garden salad or opt for a cup of the pungent French onion soup? Do you go in for a kiss, or end with a hug? You never quite know how to make things progress 100 percent smoothly, but you can do your best to ensure the date is survivable. We’ve thrown together our top five suggestions to ensure your potential Sugar Baby sees the light of a second date.

sugar dating first dinner

Don’t Eat with the Speed

Don’t eat with the speed of an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. The way you dine is a metaphor for the way you make love to make sure you don’t do so in a way that brings to mind a lower primate, or in the case of us gals, an epicurean version of Lorena Bobbit. Do eat slowly and sensuously and make eye contact. Remember that dining together is a form of foreplay.

Don’t Go over Your Limit

The first dinner date is not the time to drink and party like you did in college. This is a meal that is to be shared between two mature adults. Sugar Daddies, avoid any behaviors that could incite an argument if you clearly see that your date is getting a bit tipsy. Do not keep the drinks coming if your date is an obvious lightweight. Be respectful, order a cab for her, and reconnect when she’s back to her usual self. The last thing either party should want to do is say or do anything that could prevent a good thing from happening before it’s even started.

Do Be Discreet

Paying or tipping should always be done as smoothly and as subtly as possible. Do not make clumsy, boarish errors such as arguing over how much each person owes (read: you’re cheap), using large bills to pay for small checks (read: you’re showy), or gregariously grabbing the check out of the waiter’s hand to demonstratively pay with your credit card. Such behavior makes people feel beholden and uncomfortable. Just pay the check, move it to one side, and be done with it.

Do Plan for the Best

If things go well, then what? Say you’re having an amazing night that you want never to end. Great! Unfortunately, the lights are up, the tables are empty—and the waiters are yawning. It’s time to leave, and nothing makes you look cooler or sexier than knowing a great bowling alley/wine bar/pool hall just around the corner! Now is the time to mention that your former roommate bartends two blocks away to see if your date’s up to continuing the fun. Being prepared can help stretch a good time into a great evening.

At the end, if you are the newbie sugar daddy, before starting the first dinner date, you need to find your sugar baby.

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