What is a sugar daddy

Sugar Daddy is a gentleman who offers financial and material support to a younger sugar baby in exchange of companionship and joy. Sugar Daddies as their name implies indirectly play the role of a father, but not to sound odd, there is a touch of romance to it. Basically, they are successful men who are looking for someone to share their extraordinarily lifestyle and build a romantic relationship with mutually benefits.

millionaire sugar daddy

1.Busy But Playing Harder

Most of sugar daddies are always busy about their business. This explains why they do not have enough energy and time to maintain a long-term relationship, so they choose to find a sugar baby to play with and have fun.

elite sugar daddy

2.Elites in Work and Lifestyle

Sugar Daddies may not all be business millionaires, but they must be elites in various professions, such as doctors or lawyers. Although they might have crazy hours in job, they can still find balance in their rest time and make life extraordinary and fun.

sugar daddy treats sugar baby

3.Respect Sugar Babies and Treat Them Right

Sugar Relationships based on terms on both sides. Sugar Daddy is not looking for a prostitute but a young man or woman who owns their thoughts and knows what they want. And the arrangements don’t follow the same rules, so sugar daddies can give the surprise in different ways.

young sugar daddy

4.Not All of Them Are Old or Even Older

The misconception that surrounds Sugar Daddy dating is much. Thinking that a Sugar Daddy will always be older is not true. We’ve heard about Sugar Daddies who are starting out at a very young age. Have you met with a Sugar Daddy who is just 30 years old? Don’t be shocked when you see one.

Tips for Finding a Sugar Daddy

Seek Sugar Daddy in Right Place

Sugar daddy usually appears in the workplace and some luxurious parties, which is too way too hard for an ordinary sugar babies to get in. Luckily, there are a lots of sugar daddy websites to go. And before you become an experienced sugar baby, it is recommended that you go to some websites most famous and safe like below.


Identify Fake Sugar Daddies

Although there are a lot of successful men put their profiles on these sites, most of them are salt daddy or scammers. You need to know how to tell whether a sugar daddy real or fake quickly, and know how to get avoid of scammers who try to catifish on you.

real sugar daddy profile example 1


Say Hi:

Hey there

Self Description:

Easy going divorced dad of 3 kids. Retired early. Spend most of my time between London and Cape Town. Love to travel and enjoy the finer things in life. Looking to meet someone similarly inclined


Avatars Tell the Truth

Real-life photos as avatars are required by most sugar daddy websites, which means you can see some information from these photos, including the environment they stayed and the clothes they wear, which don't have to be luxurious, but they must be decent and tidy. Besides, be careful if you see some pictures that look like magazine models.


How They Profile Self Description

Generally, a real sugar daddy will give a brief introduction about his career and life. Also, many sugar daddies have plans to have in the near future, so they will write about the city where they have a party or travel to recently. Remember that, most of sugar daddies don’t say how much allowance they’ll give in their profile, they are not here for charity.


Run When POTs Say Those to You

When a potential sugar daddy sends you a message saying that he will make you his sugar baby and how much allowance he will give you, don't be happy too soon, there is a good chance that he is a scammer. A sugar daddy will chat with you step by step, just like a normal dating, and when it comes to allowance, they prefer to talk about it when you meet in real life.

Below are some profile examples of real sugar daddy who are verified by the platforms.

real sugar daddy profile example 2


Self Description:

Yes I'm serious about a relationship, long distance might be alright to start with but I'll need more eventually 😘😍



Self Description:

Open minded gentleman, outgoing non-judgmental. I love life and I'm extremely happy and positive.

real sugar daddy profile example 3
real sugar daddy profile example 4


Self Description:

I'm looking for a special lady to spoil and enjoy life with. Please be sincere, I won't waste your time, please do the same. If you are not verified, please don't contact me.

Advice from Professional Sugar Babies

1.Be Persistent on the Hunt

"You’ll have to sweet talk an army of salt daddy and scammers before you meet one you could imagine having fun or even having sex with. When you finally find a potential match, pick a swank restaurant so you know he really has money."

2.Know Your Roles ,and Play With Others on the Side

"These guys are good at making money, not having a girlfriend. So take advantage of that and just enjoy the exciting experiences he’s paying for together. And being a sugar baby means to be fun, happy, busy, sexy, and mysterious. Other feelings freak sugar daddies out, so if you are not in a good mood, put your fake smile on."

3.Make Requests in the Right Way at the Right Time

"Ask him to spring for a personal trainer and regular spa days so you can look your best for him. Wait until he’s in a good mood to send him a sext with a link to those expensive underwear and says I’d wear only those. Before any trip or party, show him your worry about not having the right dress. Shopping may be your idea of a romantic date, but not sugar daddy’s, so don’t try to arrange your meeting in a mall, aim to put your name on his secondary card."