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How to Date a College Sugar Baby

Being a student is a lot of fun. But being a student can also be tough. Yet, so many college girls are turning into sugar bowl for the high tuition fees. As for sugar daddy, they prefer to date a college sugar baby, because they are much younger and more vibrant than the older. However, recently, I’ve been receiving what seems like tons of questions about how to date a college sugar baby.

date a college sugar baby

A college sugar baby is expecting something great. You wouldn’t be an ideal sugar daddy unless you can show her a good time, impress her, and make her feel like a princess. Here are some tips about how to date a college sugar baby. Hope it will be useful.

Dress Appropriately

First impressions can make or break your relationship with a new sugar baby, so keep that in mind when you’re picking out your outfit. Pick something that’s classy and elegant, but that still reflects your personal style. And dress according to your plans.

Rent out a Theater and Watch a Movie

Simple, but effective. Going to a movie allows you to get close, laugh together, share popcorn, and have something to talk about when the date is over. But, movie theaters are not just for the average date. A sugar daddy date can take an average movie theater experience and make it awesome. You can simply buy out all the tickets, or talk to a manager to see if you can get a deal on the entire theater. If you pick a movie that she likes, she will have a good time. The empty theater and ability to laugh as loud as she wants will impress her. And the fact that you took the time to rent out an entire space for her will make her feel important.

Rent out an Entire Dining Room at an Upscale Restaurant

Dining with others can be distracting, even if it is at an upscale restaurant. For the first sugaring date with a sugar baby, you want to keep her attention while you impress her so that she can get to know the real you and quickly decide if she wants to go further. Just remember that while everyone likes to eat, some people may not like certain foods, so don’t pick a restaurant that only serves fish or ethnic food. Pick one that caters to all tastes and diets to really help her enjoy herself.

A Weekend Trip

A lot of sugar babies want to go on trips but can’t afford to, which is one of the reasons they are seeking a wealthy man.

For a first date, you don’t want to pick a chalet in the mountains because that is just too private. Keep it fun and take her to Vegas where she can play the slots, take in the shows, and enjoy the food with you. One weekend will be enough to get her hooked on the feeling that you can provide to her, plus it allows her to get to know you much more than a few hour dates could.

In the end, dating a college sugar baby is not difficult than traditional dating, just pay attention to take care of her feeling and be a gentleman.

For sugar baby, you should know how to date your sugar daddy.

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