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The Best Gift from Sugar Daddy and What in Return?

294 Answers

Sugar Baby / 21

The best SD gift would have to be a shopping spree! Clothes, lingerie for him later, makeup and things to make me beautiful. Provide that stuff for me so I can focus on bettering my career and still letring me be independent. And in return for dnt SD, one night where he can do whatever he wants to do to my body. I am the present, I'm his little Sugar Baby!

2017-11-14 16:34:14

Sugar Baby / 23

A gift I would love the most from a Sugar Daddy, is to make memories. Having money is nice, but not without a good memory behind it. So, if we were to take a trip, I would hope the both of us could go so we could make it a good memory for each other. If we went out to dinner, it would be a great for the both of us. Trying new things. So I believe that memories and experiences are the best gift.

2017-11-14 17:11:37

Sugar Baby / 21

The gift I would love to get from a sugar daddy is enough money to move interstate and go to tafe and live in an apartment with my friends. I'm aiming to do that in two years! In return I would decorate his bed with rose petals and light somw candles, I would cook him dinner and wear a really pretty bralette and panties set. After that I would maybe give him a massage and shower him in kisses

2017-11-15 18:19:42

Sugar Baby / 29

The best gift would be the opportunity to be my best self. In return I could make a man very happy. People are always at their best when they have less stress and more motivation and support. This would give me the opportunity to be a great woman who is positive, beautiful, and communicative. In return I would be able to have time for enjoying each other’s company, cooking amazing meals (I’m great in the kitchen), and doing what I need to do do make my man happy and proud.

2017-11-15 19:26:02

Sugar Baby / 25

The absolute best gift I could receive would be an endless amount of gifts for my needs with the occasional want granted. That way I could receive the medical assistance I crave and also do things like travel. However aside from medical bills, and things more realistic, I would love to travel. Even a week long vacation somewhere would be lovely. I haven't been very many places outside of small town southeast Missouri, but I cherish every visit I take to a new destination. I would just about worship my SD or SM for any of these gifts. Their thanks would be in the form of me...anyway they wanted me.

2017-11-16 20:13:21

Sugar Baby / 21

I think the best gift that my sugar daddy could give me is respect. However, the best physical gift would have to be money. I'd give him respect back and as I got to know him then I'd buy him things that are personal to him and that really mean something to him. I'd also give him whatever he asks for, within reason of course, as long as I feel a connection

2017-11-17 04:28:07

Sugar Baby / 32

The best gift that a daddy could give me is land. I'm very passionate about living off grid in the future, in off grid land is actually pretty cheap. I'm not saying that that is what I want, I am simply saying what would be the most extravagant gift that could be given to me. Land before jewelry. Land before expensive shoes I don't need. Land before a purse that cost a couple hundred dollars that I do not need. I like to do with what I need

2017-11-17 12:09:50

Sugar Baby / 33

Honestly cash...smh I feel bad about even mentioning it lol. Yet I'm looking for mature xompany that can provide dor themselves and not being me down. I can offer happiness. Mu company, my presence, my touch, you will love me, I'm easy to get along with and climax in multiples. I can cook even though I don't eat meat, but my sugar can get whatever his heart desires

2017-11-19 04:16:40

Sugar Baby / 28

I would love underwear, money and dates out! I like to give something back, so why not use the sexy underwear to tease your sugar daddy? Or go on a date that your sugar daddy enjoys and make it the best evening for him? It's not all about getting things, but also about giving a little bit back to thank him for how generous he is to me all the time ♥️♥️

2017-11-19 12:49:42

Sugar Baby / 25

The best gift that I could get from my SD or SM would be promising stock , money , as well as time and compliments . The reason those things are important to me is because they all go towards a better future all around . I know the compliments may seem overrated to some but I think it goes to show how important expressing to a women how beautiful , intelligent, and ambitious a women is could make them feel slightly special inside even if they already knows those things on their own !

2017-11-20 16:45:34

Sugar Baby / 22

I would love to just be taken care of. want and need for nothing.Not have to work all the time and be able to do what I want because I have the funds for it. and in return I would attend to his needs how he desires, I'm a people pleaser and I get pleasure out of others pleasure. so I would like to take care of him as he takes care me just in a different way. one that im actually capable of

2017-11-20 19:57:51

Sugar Baby / 26

I'd go for trust. I wouldn't really call it a gift but I'd love it if my sugar daddy was comfortable enough to trust me. In return, I would never break his trust. Thanks nce we trust each other I Believe gifts can now come in. My point is that as much as it's a sugar relationship, I wouldn't Like it if it was based only on material stuff. I want a person I can connect withon deeper levela

2017-11-20 20:45:18

Sugar Baby / 51

I just want to not have to struggle and worry about monthly bills. I work my own career but my income fluctuates thruought the yr. I JUST WANNA BE COMFORTABLE!! I NEED LESS STRESS. And let me tell u, I would CATER to my Sugar Daddy. He would not WANT for anything sexually. My SugarDaddy would get spoiled daily if he makes time for me. Every meeting would start off with a super blowjob from start to finish with swallowing and no mess to clean up. 😄

2017-11-22 01:31:04

Sugar Baby / 21

The most valuable thing my sugar daddy could do would just be financial assistance, not anything too outrageous, just some help with getting back on my feet. I recently lost my house, car, and job in a series of unfortunate events, so any help i can get goes a long way. In return I can offer anything within my abilities that my sugar daddy wants, including (but not limited to) companipnship, intimacy, some sexy exciting fun(Im into almost everything;)), going out and having a good time together, and once i get back on my feet, i will be able to offer much more

2017-11-22 10:47:49

Sugar Baby / 26

The best gift my sugar daddy could get for me, I would have to say a car. A really nice and cute custom car, with custom seat covers, and a nice custom steering wheel cover. Oh & I cannot forget pretty sparkles in the paint 😍 What can I say ? I'm a girlly girl, lOl ! I have a vehicle already but would love a better one. I can see it now.. Driving to L.A with the top down

2017-11-22 12:18:22

Sugar Baby / 28

The most valuable gift a daddy or mommy could give me is financial assistance to help my dreams come true. I grew up in some rough circumstances, and I had to mature fast in order to survive. I feel like I missed out on a lot, and find myself feeling so empty a lot because I can't let my creative side shine. If I had more support my life would be more manageable, and I could start pursuing some of my wildest dreams and desires. In return, I would satiate any of theirs.

2017-11-22 19:30:28

Sugar Baby / 36

Right now, I have my eye on this super cute Michael kors purse (Grayson in vanilla to be exact) I would absolutely love for my daddy to surprise me by having it sent to me secretly. I'm very childlike in the fact that I love for my daddy to surprise me with gifts without any warning. Money to pay bills is always an awesome gift, but I enjoy things that take some thought an effort on my daddy's part.

2017-11-23 18:18:48

Sugar Baby / 22

My one hope to gain and give to my shuggggs is sincerity and oldschool romance or simply a partna to be there for hard times and the good i want to get away from my life its gotten very bad and overwhelming i support 3 adults all in one trailer and my dog i am hustlin and only due to court issues i wanna change and fix so i can truely b free to enjoy everyone and thing around me i wirk so hard independantly that i dont have time to eat most days and want to know wjat its like to be able to relax and befreee <3

2017-11-23 19:50:20

Sugar Baby / 21

The gift I want most is the money, I can use that money for school because that is very expensive, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help with that. Also I can use that money to treat myself and make sure I look good for him. In return I would make sure he is happy, create memories together, travel places together and have fun together.

2017-11-24 08:15:42

Sugar Baby / 23

Obviously the best gift would be money for getting out of my debts. I would love to finally be able to just be debt free and NOT worrying about if I'll have the money to pay every time. Although holding a full time job, receiving financial aid, I sill can not pay for schooling on my own. It's hard, even when you work hard. I'd repay by doing what they ask unless I'm uncomfortable with it. Enjoy their company and spoil them when I can!

2017-11-24 20:03:27

Sugar Baby / 21

The best gift I could receive from my sugar daddy would be enough money to purchase some new personal items. Mainly a new computer and drawing tablet, but other things as well. In return, I’d be happy to return the favor to him in any way I possibly could (as long as I was comfortable with it, of course, but I’d be willing to be a little flexible).

2017-11-25 00:14:46

Sugar Baby / 28

Well I would like the gift of honesty, friendship and communication first and fore most. If my sugar daddy wants to pay me for being sweet, caring, loving, cuddly, good listener and great companion, ill take it. I would give my sugar daddy what he asked for, but i also like to give soft back scratches, play with his hair, give alot of kisses, and maybe even cook for him

2017-11-25 08:10:23

Sugar Baby / 28

The best gift I can think of from my sugar daddy wpuld have to be supporting me and giving allowance. I'd consider moving in and be his house boy toi to play with whenever he he wants.Id do anything to please my daddy because it's my job and in return daddy would give 750allowance a week pay bills also gifts and vacations would be amazing.if your that kind of daddy hmu

2017-11-25 15:37:21

Sugar Baby / 23

From my daddy I would like something so special but not to much like some clothes, electronics, and the money they give me though all I really want from my daddy is money and attention I would send them a bunch of sexy pictures in some lingerie I bought and I would talk dirty to them and be really or I might go bust them and show them myself in person I would make sure to give my daddy extra attention after I got what I want

2017-11-25 17:37:17

Sugar Baby / 21

I️ would love to receive money from my sugar daddy. I️ work hard going to school and working so if I’m pursuing you whenever you want to be perused I️ will love money. I️ never really recieved gifts because I’ve never been a sugar baby yet but expensive gifts and smalll dates would be extremely acceptable. I️ can’t complain and I’ll always show my appreciation

2017-11-26 06:56:01

Sugar Baby / 28

My biggest gift would have to be of course money. So that i can finish paying for school and be able to move into a new house eventually. And not have to work two jobs along with going to school and still maintaining a well social life and family person. Working drains all my energy and when I’m not working in either studying or tending to family..

2017-11-26 10:31:53

Sugar Baby / 31

For me the best give I could receive from a SD would be the money to start my own business. Owning my own company is something that I am very passionate about. The feeling of not having to work for someone else would be one of the greatest feelings ever. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck with very little left over each month to do something extra if I wanted to. I want to be able to ensure that my future is secure.

2017-11-27 18:36:39

Sugar Baby / 21

My favorite gift would of course be money I mean who doesn't like that but I would like shoes and jewelry. Also I would like purses and makeup even lingerie maybe even a new phone if he lets me get one a nice new one. Things I would return Weird letters, photos or objects that might have a camera or recording device in side. I don't do hand made because somethings break me out

2017-11-27 19:11:15

Sugar Baby / 21

Despite sugar daddies or mommies love of spoiling their babies. I think the gift I would most want from my sugar parent would be genuine affection. Some spend money just to get sugar in return. I don't want someone who only wants my nudes Or to fuck me. I want a sugar daddy or mommy to genuinely enjoy seeing the happiness on my face and to enjoy being with me when they treat me to things. The most important gift they could ever give me is their genuine affection interest and appreciation of me.

2017-11-27 20:14:59

Sugar Baby / 33

The best gift I can receive from my sugar daddy is LOYALTY. Most guys with money will be attracted to the next pretty thing that cross their paths and just like that you are a thing of the past. Give me a generous guy that's loyal and I'm set for life! Won't have to worry about them sharing their bodies or money with any other female besides you. LOYALTY is something that can't be bought and the most important thing in any relationship.

2017-11-27 23:41:18

Sugar Baby / 26

Honestly, I hate to sound stingy, but that would have to easily be cash. Theres so much I can get done. So many goals and dreams id like to persue to get myself higher in this world. I also have 2 young ones I am responsible for. Although, depending on the person, certain experiences can be nice or certain items that maybe hold a value. But again, id prefer anything to further me into becoming the business woman i want to be.

2017-11-28 14:51:21

Sugar Baby / 21

My biggest gift from a SD would be land (preferably in the tropics) and materials to build an earth quake proof home and seeds of all types of fruits and vegetables to plant the food on the land that i wish to give to those in the world who are hungry and starved those who have no say in the world. Soon no one will be left hungry and life will be at peace.

2017-11-29 05:08:27

Sugar Baby / 34

I guess I really like for my sugar daddy is dedicated time to where we can really indulge in each other and listen to each other's needs and fulfill those needs when it's necessary I would really like that the time we have the uninterrupted and undivided so that when we are together it is only about making each other feel good and feel good where we are at in our lives

2017-11-29 14:49:09

Sugar Baby / 30

And all words of the famous Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend besides money and in return I would give them anything they ask for the most freakiest the most weirdest the most unusual fantasy that they could ever dream of or what all I would have to do is ask and they will receive because you treated me as the diamond that I am will only get you to the golden gates

2017-11-29 18:57:10

Sugar Baby / 27

The gift I would likke most from my sugar daddy would be enough money to finish my college education. I was in school to become a Certified Nurses Assistant in Arizona, then had to move to Washington one day before my final! The advanced class I want to get in to here is $1,000. No matter what I WILL make my dreams cone true! If I had someone to help me with that though, I see absolutely no reason why I wouldn't do the same for them. Whatever their dream is, I would do everything in my power to help them accompllish it. Just like they did for me!

2017-11-29 20:37:20

Sugar Baby / 24

The best gifts my sugar daddy could give me is honestly respect and money. I would one hundred percent appreciate any money he gives me but i would like to feel like more than just someone hes paying off. I would like to be close friends with my daddy. The money would be amazing becuase i really need it at this point in my life but i would also love his friendship.

2017-11-30 02:17:38

Sugar Baby / 28

The perfect gift from my Sugar Daddy would have to be the most predictable answer, CASH. We all have bills, debts, ongoing costs etc. At least with cash, my Sugar Daddy gets to see the perfect gift I wanted, might open up his mind for the next gift hahah. I would reward my Sugar Daddy, with whatever he wanted sexually. I'd be your own little slut, on the end of your knob xx

2017-11-30 08:48:28

Sugar Baby / 21

I hate to sound like such a prude . But the best gift that I would love from my sugar daddy would have to be a token of gratitude , and piece of jewelry every time I see him. Like a charm bracelet with a new charm to put on it every time we meet. Something along the lines. Of course it wouldn’t have to be hella expensive . I just think that it’d be very sweet and a kind gesture to let your sugar baby know that your sugar daddy is thinking about you. It’s cute I guess. Other than that, theirs always the time and affection spent with ones sugardaddy/sugarbaby.

2017-11-30 18:05:07

Sugar Baby / 30

The best gift would be land preferably a huge plot where I can start a farm... I don't know if it's my inner Ol' Mc Donald screaming from inside but living in such wealth is worth it I'd also like for him to turn my business idea into an enterprise as well as help me start an NGO for young single mothers. In return I'll give him my loyalty and shares so that even if all doesn't work out he still gets rewarded and indirectly thanked every month in his bank account

2017-12-01 13:25:59

Sugar Baby / 23

The most expensive gift A SD could give me. It will be a trip to travel and get to see museums around the world. Because I’m so passionate about museums in history I think It will be the best gift ever receive just to travel just to see things from the past and I how things were back on those days because that’s what I like and in return, I would like him to enjoy me with this place that he took me because It won’t be fun without him because he paid for it. He could give me money and It will be the best thing ever but why not use the money into something that I like in life like travel and see historic places

2017-12-01 19:51:54

Sugar Baby / 30

The best gift I would like from a daddy is just time. I don't really need much material things. I probably sound like a bougie princess, but I guess I was just blessed to be able to get what I want, when I want. I'm looking for experiences and insight; call me boring but I'm completely satisfied if I could pick the brains of an older successful man and learn form them (God i'm so booorrrinng) And I'm totally not telling what I'll give in return, if u would like to know, just msg me :)

2017-12-01 19:59:57

Sugar Baby / 26

The gift i want most from my SD would honestly be a car and financial stability. Just get get from A to B. Somthing i can use for work or school. My cars frame recently fell appart. I lost my job. And just struggling to make ends meet. A car could make a world of difference. What i wpuld give in return would be anything he wanted. I would travel the world for him in that car. Cross country meeting and your lonley? I will be there ❤

2017-12-01 23:25:28

Sugar Baby / 31

Dear Daddy, can I please has a new Lexus suv in white? I really need it to go to school and drive my cute friends around. I promise to be a good girl and work hard on my art and jewelry and use the vehicle to transport all my wares to sell at the markets. I'll give you all the things you like and let you have kitty fun time whenever you want, as long as I'm not at school :p and if you are really awesome and get me insurance I will bring my friend over to help thank you. xoxo Love your kitty girl

2017-12-02 07:39:34

Sugar Baby / 24

The gift I want from my sugar daddy is pay off my student loan and credit card bills. I hate the thought of being in financial debt just to get my education and be an adult with a credit score. What I would give in return is that I would be his arm candy, hang out with him, go on dates, accompany him to parties and stuff. I refuse to be paid for sex because then it makes me feel like a prostitute which I know I am not but to avoid the feelings I'm not doing it.

2017-12-04 14:09:08

Sugar Baby / 22

The most valuable gift I could receive would be an honest gift, like a beautiful ring or something I could keep with me and use as a way to remember my Suagr Daddy. The way it’s guven would play a big part in its importance to me as well. So if it was something genuine and from-the-heart it would be valuable to me. I do enjoy the sums of money, but not like something with that level of attachment.

2017-12-04 20:22:50

Sugar Baby / 30

Besides time the only gift i would love honestly is MONEY. I'm not real big on materialistic things such as clothes jewelry etc.. I also would love the gift of a CAR .especially when trying to get back and forth you work everyday it's a hassle. . but yea, money is the only gift ib really require ans desire. Everything else can come with time . . ..

2017-12-06 13:52:02

Sugar Baby / 22

My SD could provide me a studio for me to do my art in.❤ It'd be the best gift ever as art is my passion, I'd never abuse the fact I had it. It'd be a whole night them and I, we'd go out to eat then when we got home have a nice steamy shower with one another. Then we'd spend the rest of the night with eachother until morning. I hope my SD likes to be a little freaky though.

2017-12-06 17:30:04

Sugar Baby / 22

The best thing a sd could do for me is put me on my feet . I need a way around so i can go back to so i can start my carrerr i need land i need a home of my own to live in . I need help paying for my medications . I need money to pay my bills just until i get on my feet and in return id give my all . My whole heart . Pay it forward in my book i just need help.

2017-12-06 17:31:29

Sugar Baby / 31

The best gift I could get from a SD would be a place to visit in Maui and enough money to get there when ever I wanted. I have missed living in Hawaii. I would repay my SD the best way I know how and dependent on what he likes. But if he went with me I would take him to my favorite sexy places. If he didn't want to join I would let him enjoy all of my new tan lines and the pictures I took for him while I was gone.

2017-12-07 08:53:21

Sugar Baby / 21

Money, of course. I am the typical broke college student, and I’m desperate. That being said, i would give anything in return. Even if the guy just wants someone to confide in and talk to, I’d be his gal! If a guy is willing to help me out, I’m willing to help him in any other way he needs. I got his back and he’s got mine. It’s a give and take relationship, for sure.

2017-12-07 19:02:24