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How Would You Spend the Allowance from Sugar Daddy?

1626 Answers

Sugar Baby / 27

The allowance from my sugar daddy would be spent on school and travel. Although it sounds a bit cliche school expenses can be very costly and can add up. Books can range from 80-300 dollars and a single class could run up to $3000. Also, I️ love to travel and my allowance would definitely go to taking trips so I can visit monuments, eat cultural food, and enjoy my twenties.

2017-11-14 08:41:57

Sugar Baby / 23

Well I do actually feel bad if I ask for too much but I would use the money towards my rent and bills so that I can continue my education. I can't ask my family because they would hold it over my head and use it to guilt me into staying as their perfect little girl who won't ever grow up. I want to escape and school lets me do that. So to bluntly answer I would use the money to escape.

2017-11-14 10:07:06

Sugar Baby / 58

The money I would receive from my sugardaddies will be used for different reasons, first for finishing my school, I'm going to school for my license in Nursing, then I will be able to save money towards my own place because at the present time, I'm staying with my Mother since I injured myself and now have to have physical therapy before I can get released to go back to work again

2017-11-14 15:07:42

Sugar Baby / 22

The money that my Sugar Daddy gives me is special! So I'll save most of it and spend the rest on things that me and my Daddy will both enjoy, such as; lingerie, toys, clothes. I think that it’s special that my Daddy is giving me an allowance, so I’ll only do special things with the money that is given! That’s really my personal opinion. I know other Babies don’t think the same way

2017-11-14 15:48:49

Sugar Baby / 25

The allowance given to me would be used to pay off fines I've recently built up. 1st would be to pay my bank account off that I owe $400. (My fault) 2nd I would pay people/friends/family that I owe. 3rd I would pay off my traffic tickets, and probation fees. 4th I would like to help pay the rest of my sisters fees for school. 5th I would build my credit up paying ahead on my phone bill. 6th I would pay for my mom to have a home to call hers, and my dad as well. (Seperated) I have a list I could go on, and on, but these are my needs/wants for the time being.

2017-11-14 17:06:13

Sugar Baby / 51

From reading other responses. I really didn't expect anything but a way to mean geniune men of course everyone needs a little help every now and then.I just miss caring for someone and know I can make someone very happy.i am a fun sized girly female who is just tired of being used,beaten, and disrespected.come find me already and explore together.😍

2017-11-15 06:03:11

Sugar Baby / 21

I would mainly use the allowance for something that makes us both happy, sticking to a set of ideas that we can both agree too, allowing the relationship to avoid dips and fallouts due to one party not agreeing with what the other has done or spent the allowance on. It shows an aspect of trust, determining weather the team is functioning as intended. That's what I feel is important in a general aspect of where and how the money is spent!

2017-11-15 07:46:22

Sugar Baby / 30

Any allowance would first cover bills. I am also a student, so paying for school and taking care of myself while in school is a high priority. If these things are covered, I also wouldn’t mind taking better care of myself in the beauty and wardrobe department. Traveling would be excellent as well since I have never left the country. I don’t even know what to expect. I’ve never had a sugar daddy.

2017-11-15 19:20:16

Sugar Baby / 27

Hypothetically speaking since nothing is currently working out for me.. I would so use sugar daddy money for the basics like bills and gas and stuff so I can live more comfortably with my own income. I used to actually despise using other people's money to buy myself personal belongings, can't say I don't still feel that way a little but when it comes to bills and stuff, that's a different story. I think bills and paying for basic needs is total bogus so using someone else's money for that is a good feeling.

2017-11-15 19:44:26

Sugar Baby / 27

School, school, school. I have a job, so I can handle taking care of my bills and my daughter but as for school? It’s not easy, so all of my allowances goes towards it because it’s whats important. The job I have now is not enough, and if I could get through school? I would be golden. Though I must admit, every once in a blue moon I do buy make-up. Can you blame a girl?

2017-11-15 21:35:30

Sugar Baby / 21

Any money given to me I plan to use to pay for my college tuition and living expenses. Once those priorities are taken care of any extra money would be used so that I could not only have the necessities but live comfortably since I come from a history of financial instabilities I always found myself making little lists of things I would be able to do one day when I had the money. I want to be able to spend money without having to think about if it would have been better spent on food for the week

2017-11-16 03:47:13

Sugar Baby / 22

I just graduated high school last year and am working my way towards college. The money I would receive would be of great use considering my dad has recently become a single parent. Due to a complicated matter such as the marriage to my mother, he has huge money problems and can’t even afford a vehicle for me to be able to work, or go to school. The money would be a great help in paying a car payment, groceries, bills. It would be a way for me to help out my dad so he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

2017-11-16 10:11:29

Sugar Baby / 22

Hello everyone, so me as a new sugar baby (heyyy message me!) would spend the money my sugar daddy gave me pampering myself, doing my nails and hair so i can look pretty for my sugar daddy and paying off some college tuition fees. I would also be able to help out my single mother of 3 kids! Family is first of course! So any sugar daddies out there?

2017-11-16 11:47:25

Sugar Baby / 28

More than anything I just want to pay my car off. It was ten thousand and I’m not even close to being done paying for it. Other than the car I’d like to have some extra cash to save up for college to help me out a little bit. Probably would update my wardrobe and get my nails done though, typical answer haha :) with the holidays coming up I’m definitely going to need help with shopping, too.

2017-11-16 12:19:57

Sugar Baby / 22

The money I’d receive. Would be going to support my family and self. Towards rent on a place. Currently still with my parents I need a few extra bucks would be extremely helpful. Currently saving up for my own vehicle and once I get that I’m gonna to be needing some income for gas. Full time college student so paying for things I NEED are difficult most of the times.

2017-11-16 14:16:53

Sugar Baby / 22

The money I receive from daddy goes towards keeping myself clean and well kept in order to please him. I spend it on cute clothes and makeup, all so I can look my best for him. I also use it to buy food and other daily essentials. Any large gift should come from him. My allowance is spent on bettering myself for him and making sure I look good enough for him.

2017-11-16 14:39:54

Sugar Baby / 39

My allowances would be divided into biills, savings, and splurges. I handle my own but the extra would be nice, because I have goals and dreams to fulfill like paying off my student loans, paying off my car, getting ahead of my bills and having money to go places and do things i can't afford right now. Money would go to savings so I can have the house I dream of, my kids savings for school and more as well because everything I have done and do is more for them then me. But also with the right mentor investments so that I'm not getting money that doesn't just disappear

2017-11-16 18:52:14

Sugar Baby / 25

The allowance that I️ would receive from my sugar daddy would be mainly used towards my bills, living expenses, & school tuition. Possibly on clothes & getting my nails done every now & then. I’ve worked hard my whole life & basically raised myself. I️ have my own apartment at 23 with no help, in a different state of where my family lives. I️ believe I️ deserve some spoiling 😋

2017-11-16 20:07:13

Sugar Baby / 36

The way I would spend my money from a sugar daddy.. It would be spent on myself first of all because I never get to spoil myself and I would love to buy things for myself to look nice which includes clothes and makeup and perfumes to smell nice. 💕 Then I would spoil my kids and buy them the necessities and. Whatever they wanted to buy. That would be amazing

2017-11-16 21:11:58

Sugar Baby / 30

If I receive money, I would be practical about it. I have to pay off my loans for my student loans and car payments. I also have vet bills for my fur babies. I always told myself if I ever won the lottery, I would pay off my debts and then save money for my Siblings, who I care about the most. If there are gifts, I hope I will be smart about that as well.

2017-11-16 23:00:00

Sugar Baby / 25

I use the money I make from my sugar daddy to put towards my school loans, living expenses for myself and my daughter, and once the bills are taken care of, who’s to say I can take the allowance my sugar daddy spoils me with, and spend some on my daughter? I have saved so much for her future already and have made sure that she has everything she will need.

2017-11-17 00:56:40

Sugar Baby / 21

At the moment a lot of the money would be saved up for future finances I.e cars and uni. However, I would spend some of it on clothes for myself and on presents for those closest to me (especially since Christmas is coming up) i would also like to buy some Pandora for my mother as she's given me everything i have today so the least i can do is give a little something back

2017-11-17 04:23:59

Sugar Baby / 26

Well this is any easy one to respond to. My allowances would definitely go towards paying off my debt, so that I can get my credit back together. I'm hoping to have my own house by the end of 2018, I'm claiming that 🙌🏾. In addition to paying off previous school loans and current ones seeing as I'm going for my second bachelors. School is friggin expensive 🙄

2017-11-17 06:27:37

Sugar Baby / 32

The money would go toward any debt that I had, and once that was dealt with it would go toward the careers I'm trying to build. Once that was done it would have to go toward some land for me to make my own . Yeah I would want to take care of my necessities first, before I even do you or even think to deal with luxuries. I'd like to think of myself as a smart baby as we all should 💯

2017-11-17 12:06:09

Sugar Baby / 22

Honestly I'd pay for a better education and live life the way I deserve to. Getting to college with the amount of money I currently have will be near to impossible and I'm going to use the money I get to ensure that I will not have student loans. Also plus I'll become the fashion queen that I can't currently afford to be but will eventually become.

2017-11-17 14:44:18

Sugar Baby / 30

I think like most people, the financial aspect would go towards paying off bills or school courses. (I pay from my pocket without loads so the cash is nice to have). Since I am debt free right now any financial aid that I receive is put into a travel fund for myself as I’m an avid traveller. I’ve also taken up photography so it goes to that equipment as well!

2017-11-17 19:24:32

Sugar Baby / 31

I will use it on important matters, like paying for my bills, food and transportation. Keep the rest for savings for them to know you really appreciate their generosity and effort earning those money. Not all people will be given a chance to meet such persons whose willing to share their blessings. Money can't buy anything but can provide eveything.

2017-11-17 19:38:12

Sugar Baby / 25

Any allowances received would go towards my debts, I owe my parents quite a bit of money and even though they don’t want me to pay back all of it, I feel like I need to. Especially with my mom going through what she is going through, they do so much for me, they deserve so much more. After that and all my other debts were paid, I would start going back to school.

2017-11-17 20:19:30

Sugar Baby / 27

I would spend my allowance on my appearance. I like to look good. Especially for my sugar daddy. I would use it to buy lingerie. To get my hair done. to buy sexy clothes or shoes. Whatever my daddy wants my daddy gets. I also would use it for the time my sugar daddy and I spent together. To make sure that we would have a fun and special time together

2017-11-18 06:08:56

Sugar Baby / 20

As i am still in school, I have to pay for tuition, this is very hard as i am constantly working. Hopefully i will get a job after i graduate so i can finance my own life. Most of the money would go towards that and making sure my stress levels dont get too high. My sugar daddy makes sure that I spend it all on myself as he says i deserve it so i would also buy some clothes as well.

2017-11-18 09:08:17

Sugar Baby / 24

Most of the money would go towards my everyday expenses. Rent, utilities and other important thugs. I'd provably start with tuition though. After ive saved a descent amount is probably treat myself because I haven't done that in a while. Honestly, passing off bills and getting necessities is what I'd use the money for. I just want to be comfortable.

2017-11-18 12:30:49

Sugar Baby / 31

I would use it to put towards bills and schooling and maybe even put some in a savings account for emergencies. As if right now I think I would use it for the repairs i need on my car.. I need brakes really really bad.. the snow is about to fly too! Nothing worse than feeling unsafe. I just haven't been able to find a sugar daddy yet.. hopefully he is out there.

2017-11-18 13:30:32

Sugar Baby / 33

Not sure if i answered this but here it goes. Mainly daily expenses and savings. For me trips aren't as important but would be a sweet bonus. My main focus with the allowance is savings and building towards my future. I have goals in terms of trying to build a brand and the allowance and status of being a cub would help me in the long term while learning things sexually in the short term

2017-11-18 13:44:18

Sugar Baby / 46

I would use the money pay some bills. But a portion of the money would go towards sexy clothes, shoes accessories to flaunt for my sugar daddy. Would also put some towards my gym membership I already have, in order to stay in great shape. Also a tanning membership would be purchased to keep myself looking and feeling great. Any left would be used to pamper myself such as a massage, or soak in the hot tubs.

2017-11-18 14:06:20

Sugar Baby / 41

The biggest part would be used to give myself and my child a better life until I get through school and/or advance in my career. I would also use it to take my child on vacations to places I know he would love. Last thing would be buying myself a good, dependable vehicle to get me to work and school. This would also come in handy for the trips I would take my child on.

2017-11-18 16:05:29

Sugar Baby / 42

I would most definitely use it towards bills and living expenses. I need that to be taken care of so that I can be free to take care of my financial future and my businesses. I know I can't and really I don't want to be someone's sugar baby forever. So I'm making sure that those funds are being put to good use. My ultimate goal is to have my business be so lucrative that I can take care of my parents.

2017-11-18 16:52:33

Sugar Baby / 39

Most sugar daddies are wealthy men.. I will use the allowance given by sugar daddy to pay up my bills, food and my monthly expenses and keep it for my savings too...I will use it to buy good clothes car at whenever I am with my sugar daddy... I believed they will love to see us in a good dress beside a good characters.. I would like my sugar daddy to understand my needs.

2017-11-18 20:49:18

Sugar Baby / 21

The money I get would be used towards my college fees, medical expenses and helping my dad back at home. I’m a big family person and making sure I give back to my dad is very important to me. And even though I am on an academic scholarship for college, the extra money would help with textbooks and other organization dues and what not. It’ll all have a good use to it and of course the usually treat me day to get my nails or a tattoo done.

2017-11-19 00:56:22

Sugar Baby / 33

It kust depends, im a student, with 3 kids it will het spent as needed. Music is my therapy ao I will invest in competing my albums and shows. Save for a rainy day. Find out what my sugar likes and spoil him (if o can afford it) lol like he spoils me. I love to travel amd haven't been to many places, trust any blessing touxhed by my hands is prayed over before spent.

2017-11-19 04:07:12

Sugar Baby / 32

Well I'm a person who love to save. So as long as I don't need anything or have to spend it I would most definitely put it away. For when the time comes when I want it. The money I get I won't wast it buying all kind of unnecessary things that I don't need. Yes I would probably get few things but my money is being put away for the future because you never know what can happen.

2017-11-19 04:15:37

Sugar Baby / 46

I feel like my allowance from my Sugar Daddy should be used to improve my situation innlife. It is a gift and I I honor that gift. Being a business woman in a corporate world does not equate to a reasonable middle class income. As a single mom and Cancer survivor my priority is to be financially stable and have the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. My allowance helps me continue to be a home owner, cover my monthly living expenses, and travel. I'm really quite practicle but sometimes I just want my Daddy to treat me to some of the finer things in life too. 💋

2017-11-19 08:58:20

Sugar Baby / 31

Depends on my situation at the time. Everything goes in the bank so whether it goes towards bills, shopping, or partying, it's all a contribution that is greatly appreciated. Unless the SD sends money for something specific then It should be used for anything baby needs. I would prefer not to spend this money on bills lol but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

2017-11-19 10:07:59

Sugar Baby / 28

If I were to receive an allowance from a sugar daddy, I would put it towards bills and looking after my daughter. It's hard getting through the month, and I want to make sure we're both looked after!Also, a lot of it would be spent on sexy outfits that I could send pictures of to my sugar daddy... Gotta give him a treat back for spoiling me at least! 😘😘

2017-11-19 12:47:30

Sugar Baby / 25

I would first pay bills and take care of what I need to and save up to open a nail bar. I’ve always wanted to open one. After I get that squared away I’ll probably save up and pay my grandmas house off, so she can have peace of mind. Other then I’ll go shopping, buy my niece and nephew some cute outfits and a new motorcar. And most definitely buy a new puppy.

2017-11-19 15:23:12

Sugar Baby / 28

Honestly when my sugar daddy sends me an allowance it all depends if my bills are already paid then I would put it in the bank and actually that myself to go shopping, and then if my sugar daddy isn't married i would send him something with the money he sent me just because he sent me money it doesn't mean that I couldn't spend a little on him also. To me it's the thought that counts no matter what. But my bills are first, I have too make sure my household is straight with whatever my sugar daddy gives me.

2017-11-19 17:40:38

Sugar Baby / 24

Rent and bills come first. Next I'd buy some things that would really improve my life - a new phone, better laptop for school. Then, I would put some away in savings and investments - Bitcoin and tech stocks. Next, I would make some donations and help out friends in need. After alllll that, I'd start buying other things for myself. Clothes, makeup, video games, and books.

2017-11-19 18:44:01

Sugar Baby / 26

I would spend my allowance on books for classes and gas for my car. I'd probably use the allowance to get my nails and feet done, but anything dealing with school would have to come first. I'd probably pay a bill or two or three lol. I'd definitely spend it on groceries because I love food and I definitely enjoy cooking. A new wardrobe would be nice too.

2017-11-19 21:01:39

Sugar Baby / 26

To pay my debts to my ex, to pay my healthcare insurance, to pay my college tuition, to pay my rent, to help my biological parents with their debts, to help my broke adopter parents by sending them money every month, to help this little girl, a victim of tsunami in my country that i promised i'll send her money for school every month. Other than that, i'll use it for my healthcare. Then i'll spend it for fun, if all of my responsibilities already done

2017-11-20 01:03:50

Sugar Baby / 29

To be honest I would spend the money on bills first then for luxury items. I had my bachelors degree in business and I work full time in the beauty industry so it’s not as if I’m homf all day praying for a sugar daddy. I’m trying to become an independent woman and move out of my parents house so with an allowance from a daddy im able to focus on my career goals instead of working jobs I hate that will not advance me in my career.

2017-11-20 13:13:34

Sugar Baby / 25

The money that I will receive from my sugar daddy will go towards starting my business in having my own hair salon which has always been a dream of mine .i also hope to use this money to start a savings account for my future that I will be able to use when need be . Traveling will also be a must the world has so many hidden beauties just waiting to be seen and some material things lol ..

2017-11-20 15:06:59