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How Often and Where Would You Meet Your Sugar Daddy?

283 Answers

Sugar Baby / 32

I Meet my sugar momma every night , we cheers together we walk in park we play silly games at the beach then we go to cinema we watch romentic movies which make our mood romentic then we come back to home and we do great dinner made by both of us then we go to bed and be some naughty then I woke up with my wet pents and yell oh shit I again dreamed

2017-11-14 12:19:22

Sugar Baby / 51

I plan to let him run the show so whenever he calls or whatever he needs.I Don't have any commitments anywhere except to bring pleasure to a special man.I am not materialistic .I just love pleasing my body and a man has just what I need.I am so excited to try this cuz I feel it's gonna cut thru the chase and just b yourself,b honest have fun and create memories

2017-11-15 05:50:19

Sugar Baby / 39

I’d like to meet up as much as he would like.Being comfortable is key. The more we meet the more comfortable we become and as far as where we would go for dates, that would solely be up to both him and I however I am comfortable and down for anything providing the company is right. We can just chill at home and enjoy each other’s company. Doesn’t always have to be lavish!!

2017-11-15 06:36:19

Sugar Baby / 32

I wouldn't mind seeing my SD as often as possible lol me every weekend are so forth.i would cherish the time with him because he probably be busy so when he has free time or he makes them to see me I would appreciate them. Time is everything you can borrow it used it but once time is gone you can't ever get it back. So make every moment counts when your with your partner sugar are not.

2017-11-15 17:35:59

Sugar Baby / 24

A two to three times a week, or several times a month. Depends on our schedules and what ever life brings in our way. I would love to meet up more if I wasn’t stuck in my own personal life that needs my attention. If he feels more comfortable being around me then we’ll meet up more often and vise versa. In the start our smeared should be getting to know one another. Such as getting coffee, or just sitting down at a park and getting to know one another. Even going out to eat and talk about nothing would be a good time I feel.

2017-11-15 19:09:40

Sugar Baby / 39

As often as we both are able and comfortable. I have very limited time that is free and I don't want to waste it especially if I make extra time it has to be worth it. But if we hoth connect and enjoy each other and want to be around then I will try more and hope they do the same. If not then as little is fine to, I have been single and doin me for my son and me for awhile now and am fine with doin it longer just would like to find more joy in life and what's out there when I have time.

2017-11-16 18:47:54

Sugar Baby / 26

I would like to meet him whenever he needs my attention. As long as he is comfortable with me being around.i am a person that likes to cuddle and talk about stuff so i won't mind if he wants to see me everyday. And it won't matter to me where he wants to go on a date, because i'm single and i will never be ashamed for walking or having fun with him.

2017-11-16 21:30:05

Sugar Baby / 21

At the start I think maybe once a week and in a relatively public place. As the relationship starts to develop I would meet with my sugar daddy as much as he wanted me to, as long as it doesn't interfere with my education. I'd also start to meet him in private places where we can be alone, like a hotel. And when we're really close I'd meet him at his house, if that's what he wants

2017-11-17 04:26:07

Sugar Baby / 32

I would start off with just weekends because my life is busy it can get hectic sometimes , But one square close and everyone is that understanding of what we have to deal with. I would then try to lean a little bit and make A way for things to go more frequently if you so choose is that that's what he wants. I don't see a problem and bending just a little bit for your sugar daddy, because I'm pretty sure that he'll be bending for me as well

2017-11-17 12:03:23

Sugar Baby / 30

Typically these types of relationships are ones that you don’t get together everyday on. Usually it could be anywhere from once a week, twice a month or once a month. It all depends on the arrangement that you and yours have agreed to. The norm for myself however, is twice a month. Sometimes I go a couple months without seeing him and we pick up right where we left off.

2017-11-17 19:21:15

Sugar Baby / 23

I'm a very affectionate person, everyone is different.... if you want to hangout a lot then absolutely why not. Keep daddy company while having fun myself. I'm also one to like to be alone but yet adore you. At work or busy I rather be at daddy's house cooking or cleaning so he has less stress. Do what benefits him the most, support me and I'll give you the world.

2017-11-17 19:51:51

Sugar Baby / 31

I would like for the person to be comfortable around me so the more the merrier. With meh its not about where we attend the date, its about if we are enjoying each others time. I enjoy spending quality time, it's the best way to actually get to know your sugar daddy/momma. Show meh a good time and never switch up and we will go along way. Trust is everything 😗

2017-11-18 11:15:35

Sugar Baby / 42

At least twice a week but really anytime he wants. I know he's busy with prior engagements and work but I want to at least be there for him to unwind with on his weekends, nights and days off. I'm not by any means clingy but I'm hoping he knows that I have no issues with helping him relax, unwind and distract him from his hard day. I want to be an asset to him.

2017-11-18 17:52:25

Sugar Baby / 33

At least twice pf week ig its sexual, I have an addiction lol. Whenever and as much as qould like to be in my company. I have daughter's so time has to be shared, but maybe you will become a deiend to us all. I like attention, afgection, honesty and genuone people, I don't wNt to meet representatives. But it can last as long as sugar is enjoying himself, happy and of course satisfied

2017-11-19 04:03:13

Sugar Baby / 33

Oftern, whenever,possible and wherever. Take me where you want to go and you will have neauty,and grace wherever we go. I like nea things and adventures. Show me something I never seen before. We can go and do whateva your imagination can create. I will keep you engaged and find out what makes you happy. And loving, they don't call me wet dor nothing.

2017-11-19 04:12:43

Sugar Baby / 28

I would want to meet once a week, maybe build it up a little further. It's hard juggling a busy work life, social life and dating life, so I would make sure I find time and really dedicate it to my sugar daddy. If they can spare the time to see me, I can definitely do the same back! It's easier to get to know someone when you take it slow and build it up over time x

2017-11-19 12:44:49

Sugar Baby / 26

Maybe like a week every month. I believe that we both have our responsibilities outside of this romantic thing & i don't want each other's presence to disturb that. and i don't care anywhere in the world where we'll meet 'cause what matters the most is the person, not the location. Though i'd prefer him to visit me 'cause it'll be cheaper for both of us & easier for me. I don't want him to spend too much money on me

2017-11-20 00:57:25

Sugar Baby / 36

If I found the right sugar daddy I would do whatever it takes to make him happy to keep me happy. That's what this is all about isn't it? So with that said I'd do whatever it takes to keep my allowance coming in and keep him happy & paying & proud 2 be MY SUGAR DADDY!!!!! I don't understand all of this completely because like I've said before this is my first time considering it but I've seen what girls do for a whole lot less and they hate themselves for it. So as long as my sugar daddy is going to pay for what he wants I'm willing to go the extra mile.

2017-11-20 12:46:57

Sugar Baby / 25

That’s something that definitely needs to be discussed. As long as it’s talked about and we set a mutual agreement on I‎t. But the more he wants to see you seems to me like the more comfortable he/she is with you. Which in turn could be beneficial for the sugar baby and daddy ;). I personally don’t feel like you could see them too much whenever I‎t fits best for both of us.

2017-11-20 13:12:38

Sugar Baby / 24

I would like to see my sugar daddy as often as he would like , I want to get to know my daddy in every way possible and make him feel as speacial as he is making me . I want him to be by my side through thick and thin . As well as me for him . I would love to take him and go anywhere he would want to go . Your sugar daddy should be your main concern (:

2017-11-21 19:26:25

Sugar Baby / 21

I put a limit on it only if he does i would love a daddy with time to spend on me everyday and that is dependable in that so it wouldnt matter where the meet up would leave us in the end we could start at his house then end at dinner vice versa i really like bowling so that would surely be top 5 dating sites and olive garden also anything that he agrees to

2017-11-21 21:21:41

Sugar Baby / 34

I met my sugar Daddy on here. He was sweet and nice. Our first meet was like something off a movie, it was all that and more. He said he wanted to see me 5-8 times a week. I have only seen him 1 time. He's still nice but I don't think will be seeing one another again only because it felt more like a first date for us than a Sugar Daddy slash Sugar Baby Date.

2017-11-22 07:41:40

Sugar Baby / 23

I would meet my sugar daddy often but at times when we are both free. I would meet him anywhere as long as am comfortable with him. Also I would meet him at times when he wants me to as long as am gonna benefit from it and have fun. The most important thing in a relationship even sugar relationship is being able to make time for each other so I will try my best to make time for him as much as he does

2017-11-22 16:17:38

Sugar Baby / 25

I would love to meet my sugar daddy as much as he would like to meet me because im supposed to take care of him as much as i would like him to take care of me. As long as it’s talked about and we set a mutual agreement on I‎t. But the more he wants to see you seems to me like the more comfortable he/she is with you. Which in turn could be beneficial for the sugar baby and daddy

2017-11-22 17:39:57

Sugar Baby / 26

A couple of times a week, or when sugar daddy wants me to be present, I would be there for him just as much as he is there for me and we both get to benefit from the "date" . If he needs someone to be there with him . I'll be there :) it also depends on what the arrangement that you have with the sugar daddy. Some SD only want you around one a week or ever other week. So it's really up to him!

2017-11-22 22:43:05

Sugar Baby / 25

For me I would love to see my sugar daddy as often as he would like. Being that you are seeing a sugar daddy who can afford to fly out of as many times as he likes is a huge perk & makes it easier to see each other. I thought that long distance would cause issues with seeing my sugar daddy, but he always makes the effort to either fly me out or come see me.

2017-11-23 18:24:14

Sugar Baby / 42

I'd be willing to meet every night if he or she waanted to. I love having daily affection. I'd also be willing to go anywhere they want to go. Public or private dates my sugar daddy or mommy will have my undivided attention. I'm really good at making the one I'm with feel like the only around, like the luckiest person in the room. Thats how it should be.

2017-11-24 02:06:40

Sugar Baby / 21

Vería a mi sugar daddy una vez al mes porque vivo lejos de la mayoría de los sugar daddy’s en esta pagina, además se hablar inglés pero no fluidamente así que complicaría las cosas en la conversacion física. Si lo vería sería en otra ciudad donde nadie me conociera ya que, solo tengo 18 años y estaría mal visto donde vivo. No querría estar con el más de una vez al mes. Y si lo estoy es para que me lleve de compras.

2017-11-24 13:23:08

Sugar Baby / 24

I would meet with my sugar daddy as often as I can and there’s no limit to where we could go out. We’re supposed to be enjoying each other’s company. And if my daddy has the same kinks as I do, that’s even more reason to see each other more frequently. As long as all of our work is done we have all day and all night to play. The real question is can daddy handle all the fun?

2017-11-24 20:08:39

Sugar Baby / 21

I personally don’t have much of a preference as to how often I meet with my sugar daddy. I’m very flexible when it comes to scheduling, and there’s a decent chance I’ll be available most of the time. While it’d probably be nice to go on dates in the evening, I don’t really have a preference. I’m content with anything, as long as we have a good time and are able to enjoy each other’s company in any way.

2017-11-25 00:08:30

Sugar Baby / 24

I love attention and dates so as often as he wanted to meet up with me would be perfect for me. Ideally, depending on distance, I'd like to see him at least twice a week. As far as where, I love quirky dates. Drinks for a date at first is good for getting to know each other, however I think the second or third date should be a little more personal. For example, I love books, so a book store date would be amazing; or even a jazz bar date. Perfect.

2017-11-25 07:18:34

Sugar Baby / 23

I believe that it really Depends on our arrangement. I can meet some like once every month while others I meet twice a week. Sugar daddies just want to know that you're being honest and playing them, so be genuine. The Know your worth and their worth. I also always always meet in public places too. Always make sure that you're safe, never put yourself in danger. It's so easy for people to take advantage of sugar babies.

2017-11-25 11:26:02

Sugar Baby / 21

As often as our schedules would allow. Let's be real here, no matter how much time you want to spend with that person, you still have a life. I personally would want a few times a week but it really depends if we're both available at the same time. Where we date isn't really an issue for me, just as long as we're spending time with each other and sparks are flying

2017-11-25 14:37:43

Sugar Baby / 27

You should meet as many times as the couple wants to. It's different for everyone. No two people are alike. Some times sending a few days/dates a week or one night a week depending on peoples schedules and time frames. Experiences and moments are better than minutes and time. Time spent is better than anything above all. It's all about open communication.

2017-11-26 15:24:14

Sugar Baby / 23

I don't think there would be a specific time of the week we would meet. If daddy wants me to come over or take me on a date or anything in that matter I really wouldn't care what time of the day it is. He could be bored at 12 am and wants me to come over to watch movie and cook with him. whatever daddy wants, daddy gets. If its vice versa I'm fine(:

2017-11-27 10:31:41

Sugar Baby / 21

I'd let him decide how many we hang out or spend time with each other in general. I mean I probably be ok with 3-4 times out of the week or two weeks out of the month... If we really like each other and have a really good arrangement then no problem with spending that much time with him or her. Now where the dates may take place doesn't have to be really fancy just comfortable.

2017-11-27 18:59:44

Sugar Baby / 29

Bueno todo dependiendo del tiempo que se haya acordado con anticipación en el arreglo, puede ser una vez por semana o una semana completa cada dos meses, que es cuando visita mi país, al final me gusta salir a las citas a lugares agradables, un lindo restaurante para comer o posiblemente también en privado, todo depende del arreglo. Lo que si es que siempre trato de pasarla muy bien y que él también disfrute así como yo lo hago ☺️😉

2017-11-27 21:49:41

Sugar Baby / 30

Starting off at least a couple nigths a week but as things get heavier I’d say at least four to five times would be great for me. But it also depneds on whose doing the sugaring. I mean does he/she have a wife/husband , kids, family ? All sorts of things can play into factor. But send me a message and we can figure it out together, so I’d hope lol 😘

2017-11-28 04:59:38

Sugar Baby / 24

I'd meet him as often as our schedule allows us too... I wouldn't mind two three times a week... I love to be loved on... So... That's a big plus for me... As for dating... We'd probably go here and there... Mainly my house.. a 🕯️ lit dinner... Netflix and chill I guess... Not really a romantic person... But I am in love with romance and all that it possess...

2017-11-28 06:41:05

Sugar Baby / 29

I have not had any luck with this app to find a sugar daddy, but If I find one I would see him as often as he’d like. I’m very outgoing and adventurous so I wouldn’t mind the last minute plans. Even if it were just dinner. I like to get out and try new things. I’m not looking for a relationship so seeing each other everyday might be out of the question. Unless he understood the no relationship thing .

2017-11-28 08:36:18

Sugar Baby / 40

I would be willing to meet my sugar daddy often as he would like as long as it doesn't interfere with my family life. As a mother, my children and their happiness will always come before anything and everything. Afterall, they are the reason I became a sugar baby. I couldn't afford to keep up all of our lifestyles after their dad left so I work my ass off to pay for theirs and give a little sugar to get mine!

2017-11-29 01:28:45

Sugar Baby / 21

I will love to see my sugar daddy 4 times a week and if he wants to be around me more often that would be okay to if he is treating me right why wouldn't I want to see him I would love to go on dates with them and travel because you would never know if you and your daddy will have a actual connection being with eachother could make y'all even closer

2017-11-29 16:59:14

Sugar Baby / 29

The more comfortable I am with him the more dates we would go on the more trips we would take and things we would do the better he was to me the comfortable and sometimes wilder I would get with him its all about being yourself and being honest if we like u we like u so we will do whatever it is to please our SD so hell I've lived with mine so whenever he came home I was available

2017-11-30 19:26:32

Sugar Baby / 37

The more the better...if we seen each other regularly then we both could get what we want out the situation,especially if there's a significant amount of attraction to one would definitely keep the spark and the relationship hot and's definitely important to see your sugar daddy as much as possible...keep him interested and wanting more

2017-11-30 23:22:43

Sugar Baby / 28

To me I would meet him anytime he would like to if he is keeping me happy and satisfied then I'd keep him happy and satisfied it's a two way street he got me I got him that's how it works I'll keep him satisfied in every way and I'll meet him whereever he chooses it's about us pulling too and meeting half way with everything we do just like in a regular relationship

2017-12-01 10:35:51

Sugar Baby / 22

Being in school full time and not being able to drive meeting up with my sugar daddy is rather difficult, but I want to meet all his needs so that he can meet mine. It can be hard but I believe that you should have a mutual agreement on how often you should see each other so that you both can get the most out of your arrangement. I would say a couple times a week.

2017-12-02 10:13:59

Sugar Baby / 33

I would like to see my sugar daddy as much as possible. As long as we are communicating, respecting each other's time I believe we can make it happen as often as we could. I wouldn't mind having dates in any state anytime, any place. It could be simply dates, or expensive dates. It don't have to be the same ever time. I'm open to whatever is going to have the most fun.

2017-12-03 06:40:04

Sugar Baby / 24

With me working full time, more than likely once or twice a week. Weekends would be his if he didn’t have any plans. I would be open to more time together if. i wasn’t working so much. Spending time with someone you’re compatible with is unlike any other, and if it came down to it where we had an incredible connection and i just couldn’t shake him (and he was willing to help money wise) it would be more.

2017-12-03 06:51:29

Sugar Baby / 30

Meeting my sugar on a regular would be ideal for me, especially during the weekend an possibly some mornings, for a morning wake up! 😘😘 Looking to meet imy sugar in semi public places, just because I love affection and attention! Some private meet up would be okay as well. But I would definitely want people to know my sugar exists an that I’m not hiding anything from him !

2017-12-04 03:54:57

Sugar Baby / 22

all sugar daddies do not expect sex. i was a sugar baby all through high school and 2 years after i graduated college (which my sugar daddies paid for). getting money for sex is prostitution no matter what 'sugar' title you try to give it. if you cant get what you want without giving up sex than you do not need to be a sugar baby. if you really want a sugar daddy you need to be careful and dont just pick the first man that offers to be your sugar daddy. treat it like regular dating. date different daddies until you find the one that is right for you. treat it like a regular relationship, dont have sex unless you want to. i dated MANY sugar daddies until i found the right one (the right 3 if you want to be technical)

2017-12-04 10:07:34