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What’s Your Most Attractive Part/Character to Sugar Daddy?

643 Answers

Sugar Baby / 22

I'm a princess and my daddy is my king. We're royalty and will not be treated as anything less. A key part is making sure daddy knows and really feels like the king he is. If that means waking up to breakfast and a little surprise every morning, then I'll do it for him. If that means I always look my best so he knows what a treasure I am, then so be it. A happy man = spoiled woman

2017-11-14 08:14:33

Sugar Baby / 25

As far as physicality goes l believe my most attractive feature to be my face, or to be more direct, my eyes. My eyes are large in proportion to the rest of my face which gives me a doe like appearance. They are a deep forest green and my eye lashes are naturally long and curly. Basically, they’re the first thing you would notice about me. l also have natural high cheekbones, full lips, and straight white teeth. l often find myself suffering from RBF (Resting Bitch Face) but when l smile I light up a room.

2017-11-14 11:04:58

Sugar Baby / 30

This is always such a loaded question... By I feel that I'm self aware enough to be able to answer. I'm confident in who I am. I know what I want from life and in not too scared to admit my faults. I'm also insanely beautiful lol I love my eyes, my lips, and my body. I'm a bigger gal but men who don't typically find big girls attractive go for me because I'm laid back, I'm funny, and I've got a mouth on me lol they're not afraid of me being fragile

2017-11-14 12:19:40

Sugar Baby / 49

Me eyes seem to make men claim it's like drowning in the ocean when they look at my eyes and have had a few that just can't look at them. I'm greatful I have them they are my best feature. Almost got me to model in my younger years but I'm not the model type. I can't see myself half naked in front of anyone unless it's in my room not on set. Nobody should see me but the man I'm with.

2017-11-14 13:40:59

Sugar Baby / 23

Most attractive study in anybody is how much they treat You! 100% respect loyalty and honesty is what makes you beautiful! You could be 10/10 and a bad personality drops you to a 3/10! Be fun happy and flirtatious and you'll leave them wanting more;) its the whole point of being a sugarbaby:* you are who you are and thats all that should matter to them! Enjoy

2017-11-14 18:39:17

Sugar Baby / 25

The most attractive part of a me is my body and my mind , “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” & “ Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean, and the highest peak, empty of all thoughts. Always keep your body filled with light and heat. Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.”

2017-11-14 18:51:55

Sugar Baby / 30

I would say I stand out because I am a genuine respectful person not looking for a constant money transaction. I need to know my SD and I have a connection and have a mutual understanding of what our expectations are before we proceed. I'm very patient in dealing with all types of people. I also enjoy every experience and relationship I have to the fullest! Happy women are beautiful women!

2017-11-14 21:23:35

Sugar Baby / 23

I think, based on what others have told me, it’s that I am genuinely unique in a way that is not forced. I have always, from even being a tiny child, dressed for myself, played by my own rules, and been lighthearted about all of the things I do. I seek to not only change the people I come into contact with for the better (not in a controlling or forced way, just introducing them to new things) but also to change and learn myself according to what the other person has to show and teach. I’m observant, too.

2017-11-14 23:13:02

Sugar Baby / 35

My most attractive trait is probably laughing and enjoying every second of life because there's no room for negativity. Of course I have my moments like others do but I'm very upbeat. I also can spark up a convo and it can lead anywhere into god, politics even sex but bottom line is I like to be me which is a simple yet complex woman with a stubborn yet fun aspect yet knows when to be serious !

2017-11-15 09:43:07

Sugar Baby / 40

I think mine would be I'm a very sweet and caring person I love making people happy and make them smile a lot of people like my eyes to I'm just an easy going person you gotta be able to have fun with that person you have to have a sense of humor be honest with everyone. Cause losing is a big turn off I just really enjoy everyone's company and I love sweet guys

2017-11-15 13:15:43

Sugar Baby / 24

Honestly, the most attractive side about me is that I'm not willing to give into demands. I know my worth and I know who I am and what I want. I'm super nerdy and I'm a niche sugar baby and I come across as picky (which honestly isn't all that surprising). I'm hard to win over and I don't mind genuinly befriending a sugar daddy before or after money is involved.

2017-11-15 16:00:43

Sugar Baby / 21

I think the most attractive thing about myself is that I am very true with myself. I don’t change for anyone and I am a very strong but also passive aggressive character. I love to get attention along with give a bunch of attention as well as being on a no strings attached type of basis. I feel as if I stand out with how easily I can get to know someone and treat them with a bunch of value.

2017-11-15 16:32:14

Sugar Baby / 22

My main attraction to anyone most likely is that I am not desperately trying to drain them of funds and I can hold an intelligent conversation. So many sd's are used to girls throwing themselves at them sexually with nothing to back it up only for the bank account. However I have brought myself back to earth and understand that even though they can pay for everything they are still people.

2017-11-15 20:26:21

Sugar Baby / 23

There are levels to appeal, and I find that I have at least one ourstanding trait on most, if not all, levels of my appeal. First and foremost, I am beautiful. Brown skin, curly hair, full lips, slim waist, wide hips, 34 DD. All natural, none perfect, none uniform or traditionally pretty and I own and love that. So so sugars.Secondly, I am well spoken and outspoken, abrasive, but rarely belittling or unkind. I am secure in myself and worth, the value of my thoughts, time and energy.As the levels go deeper and fondness and trust builds, so do my positive attributes.

2017-11-16 02:06:11

Sugar Baby / 36

I feel that my most attractive look has got to be my pretty face. Amazing lips. Stunning eyes. And Damn all that together is the whole package just need them boobs. Please daddy's who are reading this. I am an amazing women and I'm looking to be spoiled. So break out your wallets and lets have a few dates and drinks and see where things take us.....

2017-11-16 04:27:21

Sugar Baby / 25

I get told I’m funny by a lot of guys. Almost as if that’s an uncommon thing for girls. Lol but I must agree I do find myself hilarious. Beyond that my voice, lips, and eyes get the most compliments. I’ve been told my voice is very soft and appealing. My eyes are a shit brown but I guess the shape is enticing. And my lips are allllll natural. I like to think the best quality is my personality at least that what my mom says ;p

2017-11-16 15:10:00

Sugar Baby / 30

The most attractive thing about me physically would be my eyes ( they are light brown and capture the light in such an irresistible way) and lips ( I have a very defined cupids bow). But my mind is also very inviting. Im open minded,non judgmental, and love to learn. I enjoy experiencing new things. Going on adventures. So..not talking adventurous side is very very attractive.

2017-11-16 16:00:25

Sugar Baby / 21

I believe that the most attractive part about me us that I out the lives of innocents who are unable to defend themselves I.e. endangered animals in front of my own. I think this makes me stand out as some people find it hard to understand that animals can feel things and have relationships like we do, never mind pit their lives' before their own m

2017-11-17 04:21:52

Sugar Baby / 25

Im honest. I dont like fake or lie about myself or others.. And i say if something is bothering me. And that is what make me special. My smile and cat like eyes shine and make me look mystical. Im tall so that make me different and some man just love that women is longer (and thous legs baby ;) ) im funny and almost always happy (lots of that beautiful smile) :)!

2017-11-17 06:20:48

Sugar Baby / 32

I would love to say my eyes , Let's just be honest here we are dealing in a very very shallow pool here. Men are attracted to women visually at first, so to say oh my insides are beautiful. How was the sugar daddies know that without having to be intrigued with their eyes first . And the eyes are the window to the soul, sometimes minds can be a little mesmerizing

2017-11-17 12:00:12

Sugar Baby / 33

To my i would say my body type. I'm a like an athletic but not body builder type and i find that being that works best for me. Some women associate body builder types with huge, inflated egos and often turns them off. I always stay active and doing so often lends me the opportunity to have women i date engage in said activities for a heightened bonding experience

2017-11-17 19:20:25

Sugar Baby / 38

I think my most attractive part of me would be that Im very in tune with feelings so I get very touchy feely and loving and every touch I feel or give is sexy and hot and can really get into it and do lots of crazy things .I throw out all inhibitions and don't think about all the stupid stuff that ppl think about that end up blocking their mind to be open and welcoming to a crazy wonderful hot sexy did I mention crazy? ...experience! Lol that just jade me so horny just thinking about all that yummy fun! Lol

2017-11-17 20:46:53

Sugar Baby / 22

The first thing people notice about me physically would be my eyes, however mentally I believe the part of me that stands out the most, would be my thought process. I am a strategist, mentalist. I can solve puzzles, problems, within the matters of seconds. I can get to the point of understanding someone better than they can even understand themselves and I believe that is what sticks out the most for me.

2017-11-18 09:24:07

Sugar Baby / 28

Physically my curviness is unique, sort of... beyond the physical I am incredibly honest and sincere. I also have a caring nature about me. I tend to be incredibly nice and sweet. There's also this inoccense about me that's intriguing. Especially giving the fact that I have a very sexy look. I try to be classy but it's really not one of my favorite looks lol I love wearing tight clothes and showing cleavage, and that's what I'm going to keep on doing.

2017-11-18 09:40:30

Sugar Baby / 26

I am extremely caring but my big boobies do help I love dressing up for my daddys I’ve had a couple that liked me dressing up and acting like different women each time we hung out so I feel like I’m super adaptable to anything one thing that sets me aside is I never get to attached I always let my daddy’s know they are free to seek more baby’s they only need to use me when they need to I have my regulars and then I have my once every so often ones

2017-11-18 15:43:26

Sugar Baby / 18

The most attractive characteristic of me is that I play video games and I don't mind getting my hands dirty. I'm not very girly either and I don't mind doing something as long as it's fun. I love going to new places. Plus I'm a super chill person who gives everyone respect as long as I get it in return, I treat people the way I want to be treated because that's how I was raised

2017-11-18 19:14:45

Sugar Baby / 33

With me is about showing respect and make others feel comfortable around me , humour helps aloat i am sure nobody likes to be grumpy . Next will be the confidence and knowledge, with that comes the abilty to help others in different situation , coming with ideas or just be a good handy man .most of the people my age don't have much abilities besides office work.

2017-11-19 02:58:59

Sugar Baby / 23

The most attractive thing about me is that I'm very easygoing , I'm not fussy about anything and I always find a way to make things work. The best thing about me I'd say is my personality, I'm a very caring person and I can light up any dull room an people appreciate that, especially in times like these. I'm very mature for my age also, so its always good that I am able to have a conversation with someone and not feel like I'm lost..

2017-11-19 03:56:50

Sugar Baby / 33

The most attractive thing about me is my heart I'm loving and generous. I'm a cancer do uour research we awesome. Lol I'm laid back, a vegetarian all my life. I exercise so I feel good from the inside out. I'm petite, sweet, freaky, and loyalbut can be an assholewhen hurt. Yes I'm drop dead gorgeous, beaity shines from within. I love music and pleasing others

2017-11-19 03:59:11

Sugar Baby / 21

Mainly a sense of humor. Its very difficult to talk to or connect with someone if they lack the ability to laugh at themselves or others. Kindness is alsoextremely important to me in finding a desired Sugar daddy. Many times you'll find men on this site who purposely want to waste your time, or present themselves to be something they arent. I feel like its difficult to find someone genuine.

2017-11-19 07:55:05

Sugar Baby / 23

I think the most attractive thing about me is how witty I can be. You won’t expect my replies because I live unexpectedly and I love to surprise. I’m very observant of the people around me and what makes them tick and smile and even what makes them bite their lip. If I can find someone who can keep up with me then it’s a match in sugar heaven, honey.

2017-11-19 11:13:44

Sugar Baby / 30

Wonderful personality i can adapt to anyone i seem to make people feel comfortable around me you can be yourself without feeling judge on who you really are im like positive energy when i come around i bring nothing but good vibes lol i speak positivity things all the time i enjoy seeing others happy and at peace. On top of my amazing looks is to die for 😜

2017-11-19 22:53:43

Sugar Baby / 26

I think its my intelligency. I believe that an intelligent person is sexy and that is how i want to attract people, for i find that thing sexy as well. Also my obsession towards one animal. I find its cute though a little childish. But some people like that, right? Also my humour. My jokes. My collection of memes, which i believe you will like if you are not an uptight person

2017-11-19 22:56:34

Sugar Baby / 28

I think that inner beauty us the most attractive feature of them all. Why? If you have a nice body, killer hair, and a awesome mind- that's cool. But, inner beauty will complete the circle. Plus, you'll get more friends that way. Or, in this case, daddy will come to you. We all want that to happen. So, just work on your inner beauty, then the others

2017-11-20 03:50:37

Sugar Baby / 27

My most fantastic part about me are my eyes, they stand out from the crowd. I always get compliments off them. A lot of people will stay inner beauty etc, but everyone has that one thing they like about themselves. I don’t really like anything else about my self really but love my eyes. Always give me that little confident boost that you need every now and then when I get a compliment about them

2017-11-20 07:01:23

Sugar Baby / 31

What people see and love about me would have to be my kind and generous heart. Also my weirdo side. Not one person can say anything bad about me, except that I'm a bit**h sometimes... But only when I gotta be................:p also I'm sweet and always forgiving, no matter what I don't like to lie I'm 100% truthfull no sugar coat no sprinkles no nada.... Just blunt and honest.

2017-11-20 12:27:21

Sugar Baby / 23

I think something that makes me stand out is the way i care for others, in my personal belief it’s SO important to show you care and let someone know how much they mean to you and how much they mean to you, it’s always nice to hear reassuring things and just the fact that it’s not heard a lot is sad , but with me that’s not the case at all i make sure it’s known

2017-11-20 14:43:36

Sugar Baby / 26

I think for most people it's about the personality and not the appearance. I am very energetic and love talking about life in general, my bubbly-ness and energy spreads around the room I'm in and it's something people mention a lot. With my appearance I'd say my eyes, probably one of the most common answers, yeah, but I really like my eyes. They give me that innocent look! ;)

2017-11-21 04:09:10

Sugar Baby / 24

I feel for me it would be my eyes, I receive a lot of complimemts and people tend to say I give off a seductive look without even trying or they can stare at them all night long. And if its not my eyes it would be my awareness of things around me or direct eye contact when spoken to, great with listening, conversational wise and being submissive...

2017-11-21 04:46:29

Sugar Baby / 29

I would say my inner beauty. That always outshines the outter. My lips and eyes are the most talked about thing, if I had to choose. My personality is very addictive and fun. That is always talked about, and character. Otherwise the body is great on the eyes and the hair also. You don’t find many people nurturing their natural beauty very much. Natural hair, no makeup and a fit body is always a plus

2017-11-21 23:56:19

Sugar Baby / 25

Definitely my personality. I have been told by many people that I am different. I'm fun loving, always smiling and I go out of my way for people. I am very caring and old school! I love corny jokes and I can always put a smile on someone's face. I am very soft spoken and I tend to be a little shy, but once you get to know me, I'm just fun and happy all the time!

2017-11-22 05:36:10

Sugar Baby / 35

I like to think every part of me makes me different from others... I just go with the flow of life so some days my eyes are my best feature others my bubbly booty... But most of all my personality...that I hope to have stand out at a constant... I love ppl n I just want them to love me to... There's nothing wrong with I'd have to say my best feature is me...

2017-11-22 07:53:40

Sugar Baby / 26

I really love to talk have meaningfully conversations with people getting to know them I'm really super easy to talk to I really love the idea of astronomy and yeah the idea I love to meet new people see new places try new things I'm a really open minded person that just loves to have fun I also love making jokes and making people laugh it makes me happy

2017-11-22 09:32:17

Sugar Baby / 26

My most attractive feature physically I would have to say is my eyes, they don't lie 😉.. They're extremely chinky and alluring. I could bring you to your knees with a subtle stare. My absolute most attractive feature however, would have to be my personality; it's addicting, fun and honest. There is no such thing as too much of me, overdosing is what you want to do 😍

2017-11-22 12:01:54

Sugar Baby / 28

I absolutely love to make people laugh, and am huge into humor. Honesty, integrity, and loyalty above all else. Who I am deep down. I know I'm not perfect, because nobody is, and I won't pretend to be for anyone. Nobody should. I'm extremely open-minded, easy-going, down to earth, and motivated. As for physical assets my chest is definitely a "big" one, haha.

2017-11-22 19:20:46

Sugar Baby / 47

What makes a person attractive is sincerity. Anyone can tell someone what they want to hear. Being real is the most attractive thing anyone can be. Those that don't know how or want to have something to hide. Secrets. Inecurities. Not good qualities to have in my opinion. Also what makes someone attractive to me is who they are, not what or what they can do for me

2017-11-22 23:50:08

Sugar Baby / 23

Alot of people enjoy that i original and myself i am a leader never a follower i am very non judgemental brutally raw honest andvalue old school romance most say they dont love or care about anyone and ive warmed and melted and re shappeed many hearts and souls creating unconditional friendships and more im deep on my vibing level with ppl one onone not so much around others i getshy n stutter haha

2017-11-23 19:45:44

Sugar Baby / 34

What makes me stand out is my ability it to know whether someone is being real or being fake. Also im the best there ever will may seem arrogant but i am what i know and whether or not you or anyone else for that matter agrees or not thats neither here nor there its all in how i view myself that matters so bring ot cause there aint no one like me and no one will ever be me. Just know.....

2017-11-23 20:53:59

Sugar Baby / 42

Although I have a big heart, I'm compassionate towards a humans my breasts are what get the most attention. Im a 38KK! Yes really big. Theres no hiding them. Men and women alike always stare, ask to see them or touch them. My breasts and I have a love hate relationship. Love the attention I get from them but hate the pain the cause my neck and back.

2017-11-24 02:02:22

Sugar Baby / 28

Im not arrogant, but I think I have plenty of great features.I think my smile is my most admirable feature! My smile is so contagious. I don't like to see others unhappy so if I can make you smile just by giving you one I feel even better. Plus, I think I have a gorgeous smile. My dimples are commented on a lot and my teeth. I mean I believe I am adorable. Plus, I have the personality to match!

2017-11-24 09:58:54