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Do You Want to Be a Live-in Sugar Baby? Why?

264 Answers

Sugar Baby / 26

I'd love to be a live in sugar baby if it's not a problem for my daddy. I want to be there for him full-time and vice versa. We just have to get to that point of wanting to live together. It has to be a mutual suggestion. Either way I also wouldn't mind if my daddy is the one who comes over to my place instead. Or if he gets us our own little love nest. Just as long as we can be together somewhere comfortably

2017-11-14 21:48:08

Sugar Baby / 20

I would be fun to try out being a live in sugar baby. Of course its difficult because you do have to have a lot of trust and faith in your sugar daddy to feel safe and feel comfortable living with them. Overall though, it would be a easier relationship if it was live in and would be mutually beneficial to both parties in a variety of different ways.

2017-11-14 22:48:09

Sugar Baby / 21

I would love to be a love-in sugar babe! It's better then just bring far away and also I'll have the chance to be with daddy a the time and do whatever he wants then and there. We'd have much better times together and not just make it feel like it's a one night thing!. There is so many opportunities within being a live-in baby and id do whatever daddy wants.

2017-11-15 13:38:22

Sugar Baby / 26

I think being a live-in sugar baby would kill the fantasy. I like being chased and I feel as though living with a sugar daddy would kill that aspect of the relationship. I can appreciate the appeal however it isn't for me personally. I feel the dynamic of the relationship would be totally different and jepordize the underlying foundation the relationship was built on.

2017-11-17 08:49:26

Sugar Baby / 33

Answering from a male perspective if i had the opportunity to live with a sugar momma i might actually take it(assuming we have great chemistry of course) i would take it slow before that thought comes to mind but assuming all systems go I'd say go for it if not for a little while. Life is to be lived and not second guessed so if the chips fall favorably why not?

2017-11-17 19:23:37

Sugar Baby / 29

I am a hard and firm no on this question. I value my independence too much. I also feel like I would have to companion every day and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. I think that I would feel trapped in a situation like that and I feel it would ruin the relationship that we have. I think that it is so humble to those who offer it though in order to help those struggling out, but I’m just not struggling so I wouldn’t need it.

2017-11-17 19:27:41

Sugar Baby / 27

Loving with a sugar daddy would honestly make me so extremely happy. One in particular anyway. I would live so worry free and stay focused on the one sugar daddy if he treated me so well. Which means the sugar daddy would absolutely and positively need to prove himself in order to live in with him. And even then must continue to show that respect I desire.

2017-11-17 21:47:09

Sugar Baby / 32

It isn't my goal, it isn't something that I would be completely opposed to either . I do have children , they're my priority in the loves of my life . The situation Would have to be completely favorable to them. As long as the respect is there, then everything will be fine with me. If the situation was right, and I had the right sugar daddy, then I would love to be a in-home sugarbaby

2017-11-18 10:16:29

Sugar Baby / 30

I would love the opportunity to being a 💜live in sugar baby💜. But I would need to have a solid foundation and strong relationship with my sugar daddy/momma because I have 2 children and they would also have to be family oriented. However, that is something that would need to be discussed in depth before any decisions have been made because I do value my Independence and saftey of my kids.

2017-11-18 11:24:45

Sugar Baby / 29

Id have to say No, the fantasy of this whole thing would disappear. Relationships fail when to much time is spent together and I have to much of my own life to live.. To many things to do. And id always be stressing about what if this ends.. I would have nothing to go "home" to. Plus I have children who need protection. They don't need to be brought into my life style.

2017-11-18 12:23:21

Sugar Baby / 39

I am not opposed to being a live in sugar baby, it would be nice to be pampered and pamperer as well. Live in a nice home, work outside, relaxing more,but i am a mother first, and foremost so my sugar daddy would have to be someone I would want around my kids but also a one on one relationship as to show my children role models of adulting. But I also would want my independence, can't feel like I'm trapped like I have no way to leave if need to.

2017-11-18 15:41:45

Sugar Baby / 25

I thought about being in a live in sugar baby. The one thing that would be the biggest thing is my children because I'm not going to abandon my children for some man I don't care how much money he has or how good he looks. My children will always be my world to me and that's what I want from a sugar daddy. If the sugar daddy can live with that then yeah I'll be staying sugar-baby.

2017-11-18 16:59:52

Sugar Baby / 42

Not at first, let's be honest we need to see if we could get along at least. But as time goes on and we're having a great time, why not? So long as we each understand what the other wants and can come to an agreement I don't see any issue with it. With the right sugar daddy I would love to be there with him to travel and see the world together, it'd be awesome.

2017-11-18 18:03:13

Sugar Baby / 28

Im shy but i woulsnt mind trying it at lease once. But that might be just me. Im very new to being a sugar baby. Any advice would be very helpful. Where what when how? Any advice is fine at all. Im getting the understanding sugaring is a lifestyle and if i was lucky enough tofind a sugar daddy i was honestly hapoy withthat would be ny all time dream.

2017-11-18 18:49:28

Sugar Baby / 25

I do not think I would be opposed to the idea seeing as though I’ve never done I‎t! But I‎t all depends on the dynamic of you and your sugar daddy’s relationship. I just don’t see myself sitting around all day waiting for someone. So I would definitely have to find something to do to keep myself busy or occupied until Daddy comes back home to me :)

2017-11-20 13:14:47

Sugar Baby / 29

No I would not want to be a live-in sugar baby due to the fact that I would still like to maintain a social life. I have family and friends that I’ve know far before I ever met a daddy and I do not want to isolate myself to please a man. Some daddies preach that they want to help, but st what cost? Your family, social life, independence? The list goes on. I would rather have my own living situation separate from my daddy.

2017-11-20 13:16:23

Sugar Baby / 27

I would not want to be a live-in sugar baby unless the house was really nice. Presumably, being a live-in sugar baby entails a lack of privacy so, I would imagine, privacy is more achievable in a bigger place. It would be like a sexy game of hide and seek. Living with a sugar daddy is obviously convenient but i would want some assurance about my belonging to the place before there can be any misunderstanding that I dont belong.

2017-11-21 17:30:16

Sugar Baby / 29

I would honestly enjoy being a live in sugar baby. I have been in past relationships where I have been a House Boy. Cleaning the house. Doing other things around the house. And cooking for my men. I enjoy being a stay at home sugar baby. I also love dressing up in expensive clothes. Including underwear and doing chores around the house in said clothing. I also love going out with my sugar daddy. I haven't had the chance to do this in a long time so I actually look forward to doing this and just having the experience.

2017-11-22 17:01:49

Sugar Baby / 58

I would really consider being a live-in sugarbaby, especially since I love to travel, but if I did live with him, I would like us to have a good understanding as far as what is expected of me while I'm living there, considering I live a neat, clean place, I do do well with clutter, I want to please him, as well as hopefully he would be able to compromise, it's not easy living with people, there must be good communication

2017-11-22 18:57:39

Sugar Baby / 27

I would prefer the opportunity to be a live in sugar baby. For one, it’s a more open and trusting relationship. I also feel like it opens the door for you to be spoiled even more since you’re more accessible to them. I think they would feel more open financially since they aren’t paying to upkeep your separate bills so the gifts will be more specified to actually spoiling you.

2017-11-23 13:01:29

Sugar Baby / 31

I would consider it after some time and effort has truly been put forth. I have children and I would need to feel that they are safe and cherished also. I would also only consider it if it were to actually be a serious SD/SB companionship that we both respect and trust. I would live to get to a point where that would be an acceptable option in my life with someone.

2017-11-23 23:24:47

Sugar Baby / 21

Honestly, it’s my dream to live with someone who can support me financially, so that I can pursue things that I want to without having to worry about keeping my butt off the streets. I would love to be someone my sugar daddy/mommy could come home to and have at their finger tips, to command and enjoy to their content. If this can happen as a live-in sugar baby, I would be ecstatic to be one.

2017-11-25 00:18:05

Sugar Baby / 21

No because I like having my own space. Also if the sugar baby/daddy relationship ended then I wouldn’t have a place to stay and I’d have to go find somewhere. I’d prefer to have my own place that he financially helps me with and I can the night with him at his place whenever he wants me to. If we lived together 24/7 it would be more like a traditional relationship when that’s not what it is.

2017-11-25 14:37:39

Sugar Baby / 27

Although I really appreciate my independence, if my SD suggested moving in or offer me a key, I wouldn't deny it. I want to be able to satisfy my SD with his every request and vice versa. But we will both have to agree to the living terms and not just him or her. Home is where the heart is, if he wants me home then I would like to be home as well.

2017-11-25 14:43:42

Sugar Baby / 33

No. Only because I know that's why half the daddy's are here. Trying to hide from whatever is at home or work or bringing them down. Being a live in would be cool but I sure don't want the confusion that comes with living with any kinda mate. It's not my preference. Beside, if I live away whenever we meet up daddy will miss me more and be all over me showering me with love and affection and gifts and time..

2017-11-25 21:21:53

Sugar Baby / 34

I don't want to be a live in sugar because where I live ppl depend on me to they've become my second family so if I leave they'd rely be lost without me. The longest I've been away from home was like a weekend. I love where I live and the ppl that I share my uhh one with so moving completely out it would be out of the question. Now going an sees spending a few days away that could be arranged

2017-11-26 09:07:19

Sugar Baby / 32

I don’t feel as if me being a live in SB would be ideal, just because I have a child and I don’t there to be confusion on his part. I really don’t want my child knowing anything about this part of my life. He is so innocent in all of this and I would most definitely like to keep it that way. So with that being said I wouldn’t mind being with my SD on weekends that my child is with the other parent.

2017-11-26 09:26:35

Sugar Baby / 29

No, I would NOT be a live in SB. This relationship is not a pretend house wife situation you both have lives outside of the relationship and as such those need to be respected. Personally, I don’t see this being a eternal relationship so unless there is marriage on the table and the relationship evolves into something serious with real emotion but then it is no longer and SB/SD/SM relationship.

2017-11-27 18:45:24

Sugar Baby / 21

I would consider being a live-in sugar baby. But there would have to be a major foundation of trust placed. I don't trust easy, so I would have to really get to know my sugar daddy before I even began to think about live-in. But after the trust issue is out of the way it would be wonderful! It would mean more time with my sugar daddy, and being able for him/her to take care of me and I would be able to do more things to take care of them. I really like the idea. ☺

2017-11-27 19:13:53

Sugar Baby / 28

Honestly I would but then again I wouldn't. I would love the chance too live with him because it would truly be easier for me too please him while I get what I want because I'm a big ass baby and I love getting my way. I wouldn't mind greeting him at the door with the beverage of his choice while wearing something sexy. Listen to him talk about his day or simple leaving him be while he unwinds from work. And of course dinner would be prepared. Now here's the kicker I NEED my damn space ! Men and women alike tend too cling too me because I'm such a caring and giving person that they ALWAYS want to be around me. I'd truly have to have my feelings involved inorder for me to do such. But too each is own.

2017-11-28 01:27:17

Sugar Baby / 26

Honestly, it’s my dream to love someone who can support me financially, so that I can pursue things that I want to without having to worry about keeping my butt off the streets. I would love to be someone my sugar daddy/mommy could come home to and have at their finger tips, to command and enjoy to their content. If this can happen as a live-in sugar baby, I would be ecstatic to be one

2017-11-28 10:35:30

Sugar Baby / 26

Being a live-in sugar baby would be pretty cool. However, you’re pretty much trapped financially by the person your servicing, you’re pretty muxh under their graces in every way, shape and form. That could get overwhelmkng and boxing for any one who is mostly independent and just take the sugar daddy lifestyle as mostly a benefit for the sugar daddy

2017-11-28 19:06:37

Sugar Baby / 29

In this life, I have experienced living on my own, living with an ex partner, and living under my parents roof. All was a struggle for me. My passion is cooking and cleaning and being submissive to a king that will treat me like a queen. Women were created to be gentle and be a mans peace, I would love to be a mans peace when he comes home after a long day of work

2017-11-28 19:53:29

Sugar Baby / 21

Depending on the circumstances I would love to be a live in sugar baby. Living in a nice place and living a nice day to day life doesn't seem bad to me at all. I would at least make sure I have been a sugar baby to that sugar daddy long enough to feel like I can trust them. Other than that it would take me some time to get comfortable enough to live in.

2017-11-29 14:26:34

Sugar Baby / 30

No... where I'm from that is called "vat en sit" (which means take and stay that way) I will only live with a man I'm married whether he's salt or sugar, spice & everything nice. Besides when having sex there's a drug-like hormone released which makes women bond with her partner but unfortunately this doesn't have the same effect on a gender that's not flooding with estrogen men want time apart they want space they want freedom... give it to him

2017-12-01 13:16:31

Sugar Baby / 21

I don’t think I would ever be able to be a live in sugar baby, because of my current situation with school full time and preparing for college. There doesn’t seem to be time in my schedule or life to be a baby full time, or move in with someone. Maybe things will change in the future and I might want to be a live in baby, I guess I will just have to see where life takes me.

2017-12-03 05:17:33

Sugar Baby / 33

I am definitely open to the idea. I think this style of dating makes things start very straight forward and aside from some listed incomes 😉easy to be honest. So transitioning into a live in situation shouldn't be as eggshell based as a "normal" one. It could open the doors for so many more experiences and exploration of each other. That last sentence could fall into so many different levels.

2017-12-04 06:10:06

Sugar Baby / 26

Being a live-in sugar baby is such a fantastic thought that it’s almost just that: fantasy. To find a Daddy or a Mommy that I sincerely, whole-heartedly trusted and respected enough to move in with seems like a dream. To stay at home and do the things that make me happy while he’s away at work, cook for him, sleep together every night... It’s definitely something I would consider, if I ever met the right one.

2017-12-04 06:24:58

Sugar Baby / 25

I do enjoy my own private time and being alone but at times it gets lonely,I'd enjoy being a live in sugar baby with a "daddy" who is 40 and above to limit drama. It is way easier in that I cater for his needs before work and after work. Its not always all about the sex,but being a good listener,a friend, drama free,making your daddy feel they can trust you with their life because you tend to understand them.

2017-12-04 13:02:16

Sugar Baby / 25

Being a live in to an awesome sugar daddy is every sugAr baby’s dream,while there is two ways to looking at this the pros and cons and anytime always go for the pros which are full time sugar life and attention,with your finances taken care of,regular shopping and pampering,as opposed fo the cons which is limited freedom,no excitement as you might have to do the same thing all over again as per your sugar daddy,there might be other better sugar babe opportunities which you might not be able to access as you are restricted!

2017-12-05 12:48:52

Sugar Baby / 22

My answer would be a no because once you start living in, you start to have deeper feelings for the person. Don't get me wrong, if you both feel that way then there is no problem but if not, it becomes one sided and if one person decides to see other people, it just becomes a mess. Plus once you move in, you basically see them everyday and get into the routine of being a bf/he. No longer a sugar baby.

2017-12-05 13:04:44

Sugar Baby / 26

Yes of course!! Nothing makes me happier than having someone to snuggle up to at night, and to see the SD in their natural habitat. Plus, I don’t really believe in the whole “I’ll pay you $300 to have dinner with me”, that seems very forced and uncomfortable. If I’m going to soend time with someone, we had better be both comfortable, happy, and trustingz

2017-12-05 13:49:14

Sugar Baby / 28

I would LOVE the opportunity to be a live-in sugar baby! My goal as a sugar baby is to live worry free and satisfy my daddy, and living with him would make it so much easier for the both of us😊 I would keep myself busy all day while waiting for him to get off work and then I could help him to relax. We would be more comfortable with each other and be much more aware of each other's needs and how to satisfy them.

2017-12-05 19:43:26

Sugar Baby / 21

If the opportunity showed its self I’d hope on it as fast as possible cause honestly I still live with my parents and it’s hell so living with someone who I can show affection to and just be my true authentic self is pretty ideal. Eventually I guess I’ll find the right sugar daddy who is willing to make me his live-in boy and treat me right all the time.

2017-12-09 06:51:12

Sugar Baby / 28

I'd LOVE to be a live-in sugar babe!!! 😆 That way I could make sure my sugar daddy gets taken care of as well. Also we'd be able to spend more time together. Guys get so caught up in their work that they don't take such good care of themselves. It's not all about sex. There's a lot more a woman can do for a man besides spread her legs and men think that's all they want but that's not at all the case. What they really want is someone who cares enough to baby them for a change: Like cooking breakfast for them before work. A woman that doesn't leave in the middle of the night because they got paid for sex. And believe it or not men like to get flowers and cuddle.

2017-12-09 14:09:24

Sugar Baby / 29

It would have to be something discussed in depth as I have a son my child’s safety is my main concern and who ever he is around has to be a good role model if I’m going to live with them If I choose to live with someone it will take a little while and a bit of convincing I’m a bit of a complicated person and I’m sure everyone has their likes and dislikes so it will be important to make sure we’re compatible

2017-12-10 10:58:43

Sugar Baby / 28

To answer the question I would say no...I like my space and I dont want to feel as though I'm totally depending on my sugar daddy...I would love to be able to basically live there on weekends but throughout the week I have my own separate life and things I need to do but I think having equal space gives you more excitement when you guys get to see each other

2017-12-10 11:37:03

Sugar Baby / 28

I would LOVE the opportunity to be a live-in sugar baby! My goal as a sugar baby is to live worry free and satisfy my daddy, and living with him would make it so much easier for the both of us😊 I would keep myself busy all day while waiting for him to get off work and then I could help him to relax. We would be more comfortable with each other and be much more aware of each other's needs and how to satisfy them. My biggest thing is my safety.

2017-12-10 19:57:21

Sugar Baby / 38

I don't want to be a live in Sugar baby because I don't want to be under someone's thumb all the time. It's very importance me that my daddy only sees me when I look my best and where IA live in sugar baby there would be times when he would see me without make up or when I was sick and what not. Also I am a lady 1st and foremost and ladies need their personal space and personal time so that they may be the best sugar baby but they can be for their daddy

2017-12-11 23:42:51

Sugar Baby / 35

That's the dream for one day, but very far down the road. To move away from my family would take a lot of trust that it's not just a fling. My family really depends on me, and I am always hate to help them. Hopefully down the road my Sd understand what my family means to me, and that I have never really been far from them. It would have to be one special Sd for me to move

2017-12-12 08:15:49