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For Sugar Daddy: Why Men Came into Sugar Relationships

Have you ever thought of why there’re sugar daddies? What leads you here and what are you looking for? Don’t you realize what benefits you can get if you become a sugar daddy? And here actually have various types of reasons a rich man become to be a sugar daddy.

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Why Men Became Sugar Daddy: For Women

Men who live relatively barren, no serious relationship, no marriage, no children to bring up… They don’t need love at this moment, whether it’s because they have no time or just wanna ‘hook up’. But for some psychological or physiological needs, men need women. Sugar daddies are men who have all the normal needs before they are the sugar daddy, they came into the sugar dating for, of course, women.

What Kind of Women They Really Want to Look for?

I’ve seen many types.

  • Women who like a friend, it’s like there are many things can talk with, always have next sentence. That’s also one of the reasons why you always prefer women who have a good-looking, nothing can be better than talking like-minded gorgeous women while she always smiles you back and makes eye contact with passions.
  • Women who like your ‘daughter’, I mean like a little princess that you can’t wait to spoil her like a pretty doll, in a good way. I know some of the girls dreamed of being a princess, and girls like them may think it’s better to be with a wealthy king instead of the prince who have no money. Gotya.
  • Women who can be your sex partner. Feel little bit awkward to say that I know a guy once he summed up his ex-girlfriend, buddy calls, and sugar baby – money and struggles, money and herpes, money and relax. He was busy and being stretched to the limit because of his emotional girlfriend, he was enjoying with buddy calls but eventually quit, “Can’t believe there can be a woman like a ‘girlfriend in my way’ and it just needs some money you can definitely take good care of her! Gosh, Dream Girl!”

Why Men Became Sugar Daddy: For Leisure

Men are used to running the world and filling their lives with activities and occupations. They are always absorbed in themselves, their life, their hobbies, their ambition… Wealthy men are generally successful men, do you remember staying at work too long when things were growing in their business? If there was a woman waiting for you at home, the truth is you often forget about this. Hurts and stresses have always lit the fuse and screw everything.

Sugar daddy may need women who like them to be on the mission, the focus and dedication of men on the mission is an amazing sight. For ‘wife’ it just goes too far sometimes, but for the sugar baby, it’s just the right fit. Occasionally you need to be the alpha-males I think, and we know it caused so much pain out there. But sugar babies won’t mind that, they can see and talk about their sugar daddies, means you, talk about how great you are. (If the allowance are good, glad to say that)

Men need to find a balance between busy work and dull life. If you do not want to give out your true heart at this moment, coz I know it’s hard and tired sometimes, and sometimes hurt, or if you just tired of your formalistic marriage and want something new in a positive way, I think you will prefer an easier way to relax and enjoy leisure. Sugar babies will give their sugar daddies companies and pleasures without complaints and too much emotional demand, only need money.

Why Men Became Sugar Daddy: For …

  • I’ve heard a notion like, men often have difficulty dealing with intimacy, particularly when a relationship appears to be out of their control. So sugar daddy dating relationship is an action that they can understand.
  • Men who want their lost youth. Everything was great when they were young, the life, the girl, the ambition, they cannot bring his youth back but they can feel it again when they are with sugar babies.
  • Men want to control. Who will ignore your chauvinism and treat you like a lord except for your sugar babies?

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