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What My Parents Think of My 53 Years Old Boyfriend/ Sugar Daddy?

This is a post based on a real answer from a gay sugar baby youtuber. When he was asked, “what your parents think of your old boyfriend/sugar daddy?”. Here is the answer:

gay sugar baby youtuber

“My mom was an unmarried woman when I was born. And my dad was born in Africa. My mom is an American. My dad is Lebanese Muslim. He came here to go to school. And when he graduated from school, he got my mom pregnant. Then he had to go back to Africa because of some family issue. But later my mom found out that he was marring his cousin there. So, of course, my mom got heartbreak, and also very shocking because it had never happened in a Muslim country. And my dad had never planned to come back. So I basically don’t know him. And my life is obviously got nothing to do with him.

On the other hand, my mom is an American and growing up hard. When I was 17, I got kicked out a lot. And my mom found out I was hanging out with an older man Mark. What funny is she used to be with an older guy for their money? I actually didn’t do it for that. The truth I’m with Mark is because I know where to go. I was literally homeless, and my mom was like rather sleeping on the street than being in someone’s house. She was really bizarre in that situation. That’s how I was dating Mark. Even though I knew we were dating by the way he expressed it. But it doesn’t affect me at all. Just because you are a parent, it doesn’t make you necessarily in a doll or a good person.

I was regardless of what my parents think. If I could ever have a kid, I would love him unconditionally. Even they did something unforgivable. That’s what you should do when you have kids. I live a happy life with Mark. All the matter is what I think.”




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