What is a Typical Scammer in a Dating App?

And How Do You Deal With Those Scammers? Let’s check with their opinions:

“Typical scammer has the same pattern on their profile, stated about how much amount they can give, and makes you contact them first, then they said they need your bank account information. Be careful all.”

“Typical scammers that I run across ask for bank information. they say their last sugar baby stole from them so they have to be careful. one person even asked me if I would go and buy $100 steam card and that’s what they would use for my allowance. they said it was because they were in another country and couldn’t access cash app and they were blocked from using PayPal. if they require bank information or want you to buy a bunch of cards they’re probably a scammer. they bought someone’s information online or stole a credit card and are using you to move money essentially. “

“More often than not wants to take the conversation out of the app and offers a daily allowance before you two even meet. I always stop talking to them and block them. “


“From experience, a typical scammer will ask you to text them from a number or will have that number in their bio. When conversing, they will automatically set up an allowance amount and ask for your bank information. DO NOT EVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR BANK INFORMATION!! A scammer asked for mine and I told him that many sites tell me not to(plus its common sense). Once I said that he never texted back, LMAO. To deal with scammers, REPORT THEM!! “

“I would say he would do someone that Bragg’s and boast too many talks and speaks only on themselves and their achievements and we’ll turn around and ask you for personal information, trying to manipulate you think they’re trying to help you as in asking for bank account information to send you money, or only tend to be able to speak are communicate at a certain time, gives false information, and most of them reveal themselves my talking too much.”

“Mine always demanded pictures, but never wanted to go on an actual date.”

“A scammer in dating sites ask for bank account information, say they will spend x amount of money now and x amount daily … will ask you to go get some sort of gift card for x amount and send to them.”

“So far, everyone that is fake always wants to get on KiK or WhatsApp.. they always, always have the (200/300/or whatever amount per day or week on their profile) & they don’t want to talk on the phone but the bold ones will and typically Never sound like the person in the pic would probably sound like or whatever ethnicity they claim to sound like. Wow, I am absolutely tired of this and wish Sudy would block them All!”

“The typical scammers that I tend to see as a sugar baby are those of daddy’s or mummy’s who offer some ridiculous amounts like £500 A day and then saying that you needed to buy an Amazon gift card or a Google gift card in which you needed to show them proof that you have bought it. On the card, it would then give them login details which then allows them to hack you. It hasn’t happened to me however I understand the premise of this can happen to other baby’s on this site. They just need to be educated around the matter Xxx.”

“A scammer is usually someone who asks for your bank account, and more interested in knowing that information than you. Refuse any other form of payment, or don’t want to meet up face to face or show any proof their authenticity. I deal with it by blocking them and reporting. Because trying to scheme anyone into giving up their personal financial information for laundering or identity theft is a serious crime.”

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  • Do real, legit daddies and mamas ask for a fee? I’ve been asked that a lot by lots of men online. They want a fee first then will make their first allowance payment. I am so so in need of financial help that it seems tempting but I am so scared of being scammed

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