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Transgender Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby

What was it like to transition? Must be very unforgettable. Except for transgender people themselves, rare people understand them at first. Some have been receptive, others feel indifferent, but there is much quantity with a strong dissent. It’s different now, I always think that transgender sugar daddy&sugar baby’s debut proves that the public start to consider it an acceptable thing, at least getting used to it.

transgender sugar daddy sugar baby

When Transgender Steps into Sugar Bowl

Things Won’t Change if They ain’t SD & SB

People who are general will never understand what is special, ordinary lifestyle makes people follow the prescribed order and have no passion. What’s worse, hormone replacement therapy and extreme pains followed surgery, fears, disappointments, wake up in agony… Those things that most people have never thought before are happening every day for actual transgender or who wanna a transition. People can’t see there are a group of human beings who were born to be special, and which must be gifts instead of worries, it all depends on how you think about yourself and your life.

Things won’t have any change no matter they come to sugar bowl or not. They may develop a sense of inferiority and feelings, do nothing to change themselves, the feeling of inadequacy will haunt them throughout life. They may turn to confident, love themselves, sugar relationship is just one of the right ways which will let them feel comfortable. 

Transgender Sugar Baby Story

A 21-year-old transgender model gets herself a 61-year-old sugar daddy to pay for the surgery. Yes for so many years thought herself born in a wrong body, the thought of injecting herself was frightening, especially because she was unaware of what the outcome would be. Finally she able to have gender reassignment surgery, thanks to her sugar daddy boyfriend – who is also her ex-fiance. Having dated for just over a year, Anastasia and her partner broke off their engagement at the start of 2017 but still date and are on such good terms he is paying for her surgery.

Another transgender sugar baby, Nicole A. Said that her first “sugar daddy” was fascinated by her journey, and he thought she was more beautiful for being transgender. “My experience as a “sugar baby” has taught me various lessons, and I am thankful for the opportunities it has presented. The generous men have gifted me with something more valuable than money, and that’s the confidence to see my beauty within.” Nicole add.

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