The Best Sugar Daddy Websites/Apps of 2019

Top 3 Sugar Daddy Misconceptions

Let’s clear some things up about sugar daddies: they are rich, but not just old men, they are not always looking for sex. Here are some of the more notable myths that should be taken with a grain of salt. Or in this case, sugar.

sugar daddy misconceptions

Misconceptions 1: All Sugar Daddies Are Old

While many sugar daddies are old, there are a lot of young, successful businessmen who prefer sugar dating to “normal” dating because they find it to be more efficient and more conducive to their busy lifestyles. About 28% of sugar daddies are entrepreneurs, a group that includes startup whiz kids who reached multi-millionaire status before 30, and older serial entrepreneurs with countless business success stories under their belts already.

 Misconceptions 2: They Are Just Looking for Sex

Wrong again. While sex can occur in a sugar relationship, it should never define the lifestyle. Sugar Daddies often seek companions because they lead busy work-schedules. Others simply enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful, vibrant muses. It really depends on what the Sugar Daddy wants—to each his own.

Misconceptions 3: All Sugar Daddies Are Married

This simply isn’t the case. Many sugar daddies are divorced, or simply single. Some older men like the idea of dating a younger woman because she’s less likely to want to settle down right away and build a family. Sugar dating is definitely not exclusively a married man’s game.

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