Tips Being a Perfect Sugar Daddy

Being a sugar daddy is not as easy as many people think.  Being a sugar daddy is a skill that many men can only dream of mastering.  Here are three things sugar daddies need to keep in mind.

perfect sugar daddy

Perfect Sugar Daddy  Should:

1. Avoid Bringing up Her Past

Hurting your sugar baby’s feelings is the do the thing you want to do.  If you want to keep her around, bringing up and blaming her for events that took place in her past should never occur.

2. Have Good Manners

While your relationship with your sugar baby is based on companionship, fun and monetary compensation, rather than romance, good manners are still vital. If you want to keep your sugar baby happy, fun and positive, then make sure that you have good manners. Open doors for her, compliment her, don’t be late for your dates, and show her that you are a gentleman. By doing this, you will show her that you are kind and confident and women love that mix.

3. Meet Your Sugar Baby’s Needs

One thing a sugar daddy needs to avoid doing is making promises and not keeping them. A sugar baby expects her sugar daddy to keep his word.  Sugar daddies who break their promises to their sugar babies experience shunning in the sugar daddy community.

4. Respect

This tip doesn’t apply to all men since some are very respectful towards women. A Sugar Baby deserves the same courtesy as any other women, meaning being chivalrous when it’s called for. Treating someone poorly because you think the money entitles you to that is completely inaccurate, and mostly just rude.

5. Teach Your Sugar Baby to be Independent

One of the most valuable lessons you can teach your sugar baby is how to be independent.  You can still give her money and supply her with other things she may need, but teaching your sugar baby to be independent is a prize within itself.  The perfect sugar daddy will teach his sugar baby how to explore new avenues in life and provide her with the tools she needs to succeed.

Being a perfect sugar daddy is a little difficult for you? Maybe you should learn to be a good sugar daddy first.

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