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Sugar Daddy Discretion: How to Protect My Privacy?

The perks of having an arrangement go without saying, but the stigmas require a level of sugar daddy discretion. In order to protect your privacy, here are some tips for remaining discreet.

sugar daddy discretion

Be Care for What You Post

Before you agree to your first sugaring date, be very careful what you post in your profile, as this is public information and can be viewed by anyone: your exes, your employer, co-workers, friends, family…you never know who might stumble across it. Naturally, profiles with photos get more views and you want to include recent pics of yourself, but I recommend blurring or cropping your face to completely protect your privacy. Once you meet someone you are interested in, you can take the conversation offsite and exchange personal photos privately via email.

Create a New Email Address

Signing up and communicating with people can both be done from an alternate email address. I recommend using one that’s not your work email. Your information is completely safe and encrypted on the site or app, so there’s no concern for your privacy to be threatened. However, when you do start talking to someone new, your information remains private until you are comfortable with her, and are ready to share.

Have Private Photos

Not only does this entice women to see a bit more of you, this is also the safest way to have pictures on the site. The images are only viewable from accounts whose permission you have granted. If you ever decide against sharing them, simply un-share and that person can no longer see them.

Get a “Sugar” Phone Number

Smartphones open a world of password protected possibilities, Google Voice is really great for this. It’s a free service that allows you to choose from a database of available numbers from all over the US. You can then link your Google Voice number to your real phone line and all the calls made to your Google Voice number will automatically be re-routed to your phone. This is a really functional way of separating your anonymous online life with your real one.

Be Honest with Your Sugar Baby

Telling anyone you get involved with about your situation is vital to keeping things discreet. They need to know your availability, when to call, and when not to. If you are married, have kids, or have special circumstances, chances are they will be more than happy to accommodate.

How do you think about these tips? I hope it will be useful. Otherwise, sugar daddy also should know some online dating safety tips.

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