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Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, What’s Your Story?

Here are some stories about sugar daddies and sugar babies. If you have any ideas, leave a comment and tell us your story.

sugar daddy story

Story 1:

I am not but I have a friend who did through seeking arrangements and I think her experience is unlike anything you would expect.

She was in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend and needed some extra money while going through college. She logged into the website and received a numerous amount of messages from different suitors. One gentleman, who was about 65 years old, made her an offer. The age difference was quite a

The age difference was quite a turn-off, but the generosity of his offer struck her attention. He would pay for her to go fly out to her boyfriend once a month as well as give her a weekly sugar baby allowance of $250. The only interaction the two would have were to go to dinner and get their nails done… basically, hang out 1-2 times a week and explore the town in a way that would resemble what two good friends do. There was no physical relationship. I found it odd, but she related it to a relationship that you would have with your “rich uncle.”

Story 2:

Sugar baby here, and throwaway for obvious reasons.

I was a college student in NYC, and to be perfectly honest I don’t really have many financial problems. I have an ample amount of financial aid that covers my tuition, but what I hated was relying on my parents for money. I used to work in high school in LA, but when my savings from that went dry I looked for other jobs but found that it was too difficult to both work and go to college at the same time…

I used to toy with the idea of being an escort actually, as I find no problems with sex for money. But I hated the idea of being in potential danger every time I had an outcall and the long night shifts that I would have to work as an escort.

That’s when I discovered sugar daddies. I read so many articles about them and found that most girls would find a long-term daddy. This sounded too tedious to me – most rich men don’t want to think that you’re ONLY after them for their money, and like some level of attention and spoiling. I am a pretty emotionally detached person, so in my profile, I specified that I was not looking to be anyone’s girlfriend.

It’s surprising how fast the replies come in. I learned to be smart at separating the guys into categories… some were creepy, some wanted too much from me (vacations, spending nights, etc), some simply didn’t offer enough money, and some were very unattractive (yes, shallow I know. But the whole site is shallow). Finally, I agreed on $1500 to be paid bi-weekly directly into my bank account by a daddy named Adam*. I saw him for the first time at a nice dinner, and I could tell he was charmed by me.

He hadn’t booked a hotel room or anything that night, and I could tell he didn’t feel comfortable with me going to his place so we parted with a hug. I saw him again the week after and he had booked a hotel room where I slept with him. Funny thing is after that I never saw him again. He stopped responding to my text messages. My hunch is that he realized that I treated the whole interaction as a transaction – which was completely true.

I came back to LA for the summer and realized again that I loved the easy money of being a sugar baby. Look pretty once a week and get paid to have sex. So I did it again, this time settling for a dude named Ben*. He paid me 800 dollars every time I saw him (usually once a week) and the sex was pretty fun.

I broke it off as college started again, but I have to say that I would probably continue to have a sugar daddy in the near future. The only thing I dislike about it (from my experience anyway) is having to act interested and be funny and cute in conversations. Obviously, our visits wouldn’t just be me walking in the door and sleeping with him – there was some conversation first. I learned a lot about both of the sugar daddies I had, but the pressure to be interesting is slightly too much for me.
Story 3:
I’m not officially a sugar baby but I am in a strange relationship with an extremely wealthy man. At first, I had a problem with how he spoiled me until he explained that it made him feel good to spoil me. At 25 I get exposed to a whole new world. The best restaurants, the fanciest wines, and hotels so grand I thought they only existed in movies.
He has made it clear that marriage and children are never going to happen and that I should just enjoy the experience as long as I want. He is also one of the smartest people I have ever met and he has made me a profoundly better person by just being in his person. He is my mentor, teacher, protector, and lover..and oh boy what a lover. I have grown in my job because I am able to give it my full attention and also because of the advice he has given me. I have had him cool it with the gifts because it made me look like a sugar baby. Chanel bags and a Rolex were a tad too garish for me. He is taking me on a luxury chartered flight around the world in January which is totally awesome. The downside is knowing this will never end in marriage or children.
I am quickly falling in love with him and I don’t know what to do. he just recently paid off all of my school loans behind my back because he didn’t want my life to have extra stress.
–From Russian women dating

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