What Career Do You Expect Your Partner to Have? Why?

A career is certainly not a purpose definition, so long as they are happy and love what they’re doing then it’s alright, so long as it’s not self-destructive. It will never feel like work if they love what they do, it will always be fulfilling dreams and fun all the way. “

“I expect my partner to have whatever career brings them pleasure, whatever career the exceed at, and whatever career helps them to feel successful! it’s important to be a support to your partner and to acknowledge their successes. it’s not my job to belittle or tell them what they need to do, but rather to praise and appreciate what my partner can do in this world and can do for myself as well as meet their needs and return. so to answer the question I expect my partner to have whatever job they set their sights on. “

One they can find some sort of enjoyment or fulfillment from, why work if you don’t feel these things? Why exist for nothing but money? “


“I expect my partner to have a career that they take joy in something that they have a passion for because you will both benefit greatly from it more than you might as opposed to being in a career that they just settled for and don’t take seriously or take pride in doing. “

“One that they can go to and it doesn’t feel like a job but as if their doing something that comes naturally to them. With no inconveniences with his/her career. “

“I would expect a partner to be stable in their career due to age and maturity. The reason why I am not getting any younger and would prefer to not work at all. My passion is home beautiful. I love to cook and be more of a caretaker. I would love a beautiful home to take care of a beautiful man next to me in it. “

“To be honest I hope that someone I meet has the job of an author or an artist. I like creative types and if my future hubby has one of those jobs then that shows me that he has a creative side and I can relate with him more. And that whenever we talk I won’t expect the same answer every time. I only dated one other person who was creative. It was the best time of my life. They were more kind-hearted and easier to relate with than anyone else I’ve been with. They had a story to tell that was not just their own but mine as well. Sometimes I felt like I was floating in the stars whenever I was held. It truly is a different experience. “

I expect my partner to pursue a career that makes them happy and fulfilled. life isn’t all about money and money isn’t anything if you’re miserable. I’d encourage you to follow your passions so that your career doesn’t become a damper on your life or our relationship, I just want you to be happy. “

“I don’t expect them to have any career, in particular, just expect them to have some sort of a career. I want to be with a man, I’ve dated so many guys that we’re supposed to be men but really we’re just boys who play too many games. I want to just be with one person n have a family, I’ve already got kids to bring to it so we’re off to a good start 😁 But I kind of miss those old fashion values of the man who provides and the woman stays home to make you’re housing a home. “

” I would like my partner to be a surgeon or do what they are passionate about and excel in it. I work with surgeons in the medical field and I just find it so attractive that most of them are wonderful at giving people their quality of life back, physically. I love a man who is sexy and educated and powerful ♡ “

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