What Is The Main Difference Of Dating Elite & Rich Singles And Normal Dating?

“Traditional dating always demands emotional labor. Relationships are supposed to be enriching, to bring solace and comfort- not gray hairs and stress! Dating elite means you are setting standards- not only for yourself but for your partner. Your expectations are clear, boundaries easier to communicate, and the pressure much lower. Enjoy the sweeter things in life, it’s better for the soul.”

“dating a normal guy you put more time working and building up for that dream date or vacation somewhere with an elite it’s like hey grab your bags your passport let’s go.”

“normal man always wanna go Dutch on paying for the date and most want sex after the date as I owe them something. Where I think dating an elite would be more mature and would pay for the date himself and he would be a complete gentleman that would get me to smile every chance he got.”


“Rich guys are always better to the girls they are with. You don’t get treated like they only have you around to have sex with. Plus you actually do things besides sit around in a cheap ass bar. And who doesn’t love being spoiled 😘”

“I think the biggest difference in dating more elite people is the age gap. Casual dating, I find my self going to a local place and meeting people that are closer to my own age and economic status. With dating the elite, I feel less like I have to prove myself, or be fake because both parties already know what the other is looking for and what they are bringing to the table.”

“dating rich elites is fun adventurous.. there is a mutual understanding of one,s boundaries so there is less drama,u can date various people aswell unlike normal dating.. too much drama.”

“Normal dating, they don’t understand my career and pressures of it. Dating someone elite, understand better.”

“It unlocks new opportunities socially and in terms of new experiences. Socially- I already knew how to communicate with the “Elite”, because I did ballet for years as a kid and a teen and my mentors would also invite me to the premiere performances of the ballet showings, and my mentors would have invites with a plus on to the premier after-parties to the “Founders Hall”, which consists of a gathering of a bunch of “Elites” who donated lots of their money to the ballet and my home towns performance hall with the whole sugar baby thing it just put those communication skills I have learned growing up to the test; Opportunity for New experiences- I have never traveled or been out of my home state before I started doing this. So that’s a plus. I mean besides the social mannerisms (a lot of the time), and more money to do more, new or exciting things, and assistance, it is almost like regular dating. But just better.”


“Dating elite guys will for sure open more doors for me.but high expectations, because of their wealth. But dating a normal guy is much better because you don’t have to expect too much..and you don’t need to pretend .you can act free as a bird. without hesitations. can go out without luxury .just enjoying the beautiful sunset walking hand in hand is the best memories I will going to cherish..”

“Normal dating apps aren’t full of scammers! Normal dating apps give a free [full subscription] trial. Normal dating apps give you more options. Sudy does not!!! It gives you the same generic computer-generated fake scammer profiles day after day after day after day. After day after day after day after day.”

“Elite men have more confidence and knowledge in general. You can better your life just by listening to them. They have had more experience, so their stories and lifestyle add an interesting element to dating. They also aren’t timid about what they like 😏 Dating normal men usually adds stress and questions as they express their insecurities.”

“Dating Rich can improve your all-around lifestyle and to me I feel that you benefit faster and more so than if you were to date normally which causes extra work more time just a different experience than dating rich it also depends on the person your dating as well that could play a big part in my opinion.”

“Normal dating involves a lot of feelings while dating elite and rich singles is more about mutual agreements. I say this because for example, in Normal dating, I wouldn’t let my man have other girls but when dating an elite and rich single, I wouldn’t mind if he had other girls as long as they don’t interfere with me getting what I agreed upon with my guy.”

“There’s no beating around the bush everything is straight forward they know EXACTLY what they want and have a lot to offer as to normal dating you deal with all the emotions and drama and at the end of the day when it’s time to settle in you still harvesting whatever the argument was earlier that day instead of enjoying each other’s time. When dating an elite it’s no strings attached nobody feelings get hurt.”

“In regular dating, I have met men that made me fetch them around (on my motorbike), pay for my own drink (it was only US$1), or expect me to have sex with them just because they met me once. In elite dating, all the expectations are set out clearly from the start, and it’s a win for both parties. Although I haven’t met anyone from this app yet, I am optimistic that it will be a happy experience (:”

“The difference in dating an elite is they tend to be a lot more carefree. Little things that might cause stress or problems in a normal relationship tend to disappear when in a relationship with an elite. The possibilities are also endless! Not saying normal relationships are boring, but with an elite, there’s never a dull moment! They’re always so creative and adventurous, even chilling at home can be taken to a new level. The experience is just something completely different.”

“Rich singles tend to have more confidence in themselves and don’t try to make me solve their problems for them. In normal dating, I often feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I’m a financially successful woman for my age, and I don’t have a problem being generous (sometimes too generous). With rich singles, I don’t have to worry about that. I can relax and be myself!”

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