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Some Misconceptions in Sugar Dating

There so many misconceptions about sugar dating that so many people are making. Many people are making the wrong judgments over it. Just because of the fact that this is an older man looking for a younger woman. Which brings me to our topic of the day; Misconceptions in Sugar Daddy Dating.

sugar daddy misconceptions

Misconceptions 1: Short First Meetings

“A Sugar Daddy invited me to meet for coffee as our first sugar meeting. Should that be a red flag?” Not necessarily. Sugar daddies are businessmen. Why would a businessman commit more than 20 minutes to an hour of his time when first being presented a new investment? You should view this in the same light. The first meeting is to measure chemistry and to “check out the product” a.k.a. to prevent getting “Catfished”.

Misconceptions 2: One Night Only

This is another common misconception, or possibly wishful thinking in some cases, but many believe that sugar dating provides a direct line to a single night of fun between the sheets. There are sites that cover this kind of thing, but most sugar dating sites or apps are genuinely aimed at romance and partnership. People who pay regular monthly fees to access a dating site are unlikely to confuse the issue, as they’ll most likely have read into it all before committing. Misunderstandings may happen on free sites, but you can usually identify and avoid these at the first hurdle.

Misconceptions 3: Money Talk Is Taboo

“I’ve heard through blogs and other SBs that SDs get turned off when you bring up money.” Every person is different when it comes to this. As a rule of thumb, Sugar daddies know what their end of a mutually beneficial arrangement entails. If one has develops a bad attitude when you try to discuss allowance, know that you are probably being played. Reply kindly with something like, “I enjoyed spending time together, but I am looking for an arrangement that involves financial assistance at this time.”

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