What Have You Learned From Dating Elite And Rich Singles?

“I have learned that all these people atentos looking for a company, some are looking for friends, others are seeking pleasure and others simply to know the love of his life, but first of all we are people and I learned that everyone is a great person, that although some people only look for pleasure, they feel just like us and seek to be loved by someone.”

“I’ve learned that it’s not all about outward appearances and that to keep their attention, you have to be well-spoken and be able to hold in-depth and knowledgeable conversations.”

“They always want the best of you and it’s really important. That way, you can improve and become a better version of yourself.”


“Sincerity, honesty, authenticity. Be real, be who you are. The good ones exist.”

“Sincerity, Sincerity, Sincerity! this is the most important. For the falsehood will one day be uncovered unless you are very good and can do it all the time. But is it worth it to be so tired? It’s not worth it. The reason I want to date the elite is to be happy, not to be an actor. Life is not easy, or do not let their already miserable life more unfortunate.”

“I’ve learned they can be truly interested in someone for who they are and not what can be done for them. Other guys, especially ones my age or younger, seem to want someone to just take care of them without the give and take of a real relationship. Both people should be partners and take care of the other’s emotional, physical and mental needs.”

“I’d say you always have to be your self because that’s what they’re going to be attracted to, and be honest at all times, I think is the best advice I could get. Everybody is different an has some amazing things to offer and you can learn a lot of someones always so be open to meeting new people don’t be afraid ❤️”

“Honestly, I don’t want to be a trophy… I want a guy who is genuine and kind… Some guys are a little egotistical… But others are open-minded and hilarious! It varies depending on who you are. I really do enjoy a real guy! Who doesn’t? I want a guy who can laugh, smile, hug me… Just basic relationship stuff.”

“Confidence and work ethic is the key to maintaining a life truly lived. Dating rich has opened me to opportunities to grow culturally and personally, applying those acquired sights/skills to my work and seeing it pay off exponentially just by taking advice from those who’ve been there. Invest in yourself and those around you and it will increase.”

“Be your Self , Love Your Self, Be Confident, Keep A High Standard but Don’t Forget that we’re all here For The Strongest Drug Of them All (L.o.v.e) So It’s Primarily important to Be Humble And Kind, I passion at Heart 💪😎❤️ I’ve been “Loved” Before but it turned Out To Be Greed, self Center, and obsessed With Control, if you are Here For Love then Let It Be ! Looking for My Other Half-open Minded & Down To Earth, Family Oriented.”

“I’ve seen money change people, break families apart. I’ve seen the money creation power and there’s nothing more of an orgasmic adrenaline rush than knowing any and everything is in your control. My exact point is we’ve always had the power within ourselves without the money and glam had us categorizing ourselves. Please remain humble because human decency is becoming extinct.”

“Being rich requires a ton of energy and I loved energetic men. nobody gets rich by sitting around hoping that money would fall from the sky. guys who are rich wake up before the sunrises. and work their asses off. this takes a huge amount of energy and staminal wanna be with someone always on the move, not a man on the couch all day.”

“I have dated a range of wealthy men. All of which are very kind and sincere, with no hidden agendas, straight forward, and determined. I know for myself I enjoy dating someone successful because someday I will in turn be. Learning now tips and trips in getting ahead in life is an incredible asset to have. Be yourself. These individuals are not looking for anyone fake, if they were they would have found it by now who probably knows more about how to finesse. Be up front with what you are looking for. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s, common courtesy. Respect is mutual – everyone wants it but isn’t willing to give it. Good luck!”

“They are polite and very kind people. you can have more fun with them because they know the finer things in life. they know how to behave and how to treat a woman. that‘s very important to me. I want to feel respected and loved. not every man can make you feel this way. but rich men are a good choice :)”

“Honesty. Just like that, but also a hard think to find. But, it is possible! After an honest relationship like dating a SD, another way it just not enough; two honest people with each other dating, sharing the part of their life both are agree, give the chance to have great experiences every day you meet, more fun and open mind to experiment are the consequences of an honest agreement. It seems like a relationship who stars in a site like this one it’s not possible, but I found more open talks than other ways to meet people.”

“I have learned that they truly care about you! They want your best interest and theirs! They want to make you happy and want to see you smile! They want to have fun and to have someone to have fun with! They want someone who is an amazing asset to have on their side and someone they can always talk to!”

“I have learned that looks are not everything, that wealth can be obtained from all over the world and not just in the form of materialistic things but as education, happiness, friends, and experiences. Education is important and can help you reach any goal you strive to. And that remaining optimistic and always striving for the best and to be the best will take you far in your endeavors.”

“Always be yourself, never change yourself or pretend to be someone else against your heart just to satisfy your boyfriend. The false appearance won’t last forever, and the one he falls in love is not real. Your heart will suffer for the lies and the whole relationship is fragile. It’s unfair for both you and your boyfriend. The lies will lead to distrust and hurt both of you.”

“Keep the ability to study. As technology and science develop, there is always something new to learn about. And elite ones are usually people who know things more and faster. So if you want to catch up with the era of information, keep studying. And if you have any interest, just go ahead and do it.”

“Be picky but tolerant. Maintain a high standard but don’t be mean. That’s what I learned from my elite friends. As lovers, I guess you can learn more when you are dating. As I only dated one elite 1 years ago, one thing that I learned from him is never stop reading and learning, self-building is a life-long work. You don’t how sexy a man is when he’s brainy, as well as girls.”

“I used to date a rich man who was only a few years older than me but who was very mature, organized and thoughtful. In the course of our relationship, I learned not only how to take better care of my other half. And I became a more hard-working person than before, I began to read and study, work hard, and make the reasonable planning for my own lives. Anyway, he made me a better person.”

“I had only one date with a rich man, and then we became boyfriend and girlfriend. In this relationship, I learned the most about how to improve myself, how to make myself better and how to make myself more confident. Although the final we break up, but from this experience to see my own strengths, so that we could have more confidence in the face of the future. Thank you, darling.”

“Be true to who you are. It isn’t any different than dating anybody else. Honesty, integrity, and loyalty should be the fundamentals of life. Not commodities to be distributed, no matter how much money a person has. That’s just being a decent human being. I’ve been on both sides had money and been broke. Dated someone with money and one who’s broke. They say money can’t buy happiness. Oh so right! “No, but money can make miserable more comfortable than broke” Dead wrong. Miserable is miserable. one is material and the other a mental state. I will take a positive mental vibe over the most opulent any day. Mental happiness and clarity should be valued over 1 red penny. I will say that having money generally gives people more time together. To get to know that person more fully over a shorter time period. It always offers different experiences. Not better or worse. just different. But wth??? Nobody gets out alive! I’m old school.”

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  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Well written I roughly enjoyed reading all this I feel like I am on a similar path, but I care deeply for this man. He helped me be proud of being a nerd and always willing to learn, and it’s okay not to have enough but to strive to be someone. I hope things go well for him and me.

  • Que bonitas experiencias, estoy atrapada en ésta lectura. Me agrada y me emociona. No tenía ni idea que ese tipo de relaciones existía.
    Ahora solo quiero saber si éste tipo de relaciones tan interesante es para jovencitas!

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