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What Do You Think The Main Quality That People With Wealth Or High-Class People Have?

“A confidence and strong work ethic, they also understand you have to take time to have fun and relax a little! All things in moderation. There’s a time to bring the serious tone of the day and leave the drama behind, it’s not needed! “

“The opportunity 2 travel to places and see things the average person with an average income wouldn’t not necessarily having strain or stress. but also having to try to filter out who is trying them just for money or who is genuine, I myself growing up learned the hard way most people are only out for what they can get out of you. “

“I think it simply is the class and drives to have the mental stimulation with someone over just always wanting a sexual attraction to be the only intriguing asset being looked for.”


“I think they would have the greatest amount of patience. Dealing with people expecting them to be their title or the amount or their pay. You could be rich and middle class and still have to deal with people. Patience is key, I promise that.”

“Chivalry, subtlety, and delicacy to me are the best qualities… 😉”

“They have self-control and they treat well all kinds of person.”

“Typically they share two common traits 1. Perseverance 2. the ability to connect with anyone there is some luck involved though at the end of the day, hard work and an ability to empathize with others and connect on an emotional level open doors that skill alone wouldn’t.”

” Wealthy people usually have more range on where they are going in life and what they really want out of a relationship. The wealthy even might have more a grip on the be worldly than anyone even thinks.”

“Honestly, Wealth and high class have nothing to do with the quality of a person. A person who is “poor” is just as an equal quality person as a wealthy high-class person. You can be a JackAs* and be any class of person wealthy high-class JackAs*, or a high middle-class JackAs* middle class, low middle class or a “poor” JackAs*. I for one am not attracted to “wealth” or high class, but I do love to dress very nicely in very stylish shoes or boots, I’m more attracted to a person’s personality more than anything.”

“Having more money means having more influence and power, wealth allows a person to be considered untouchable. To a certain extent of course. I think that quality is highly intriguing in an elite, as long as they have a moral compass that matches up with mine. And by that I mean our vibes would need to be on the same wavelength if that makes any sense.”

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