What’s The Best Gift From Elite And Rich Singles To Younger Generations?

“I think the advice and mentoring is a really good gift to the younger generation. So we can learn more about how to be successful, thinking from a new perspective, and know how to survive in life. “

“Attention is the main thing younger babies need most. A smile, a hug, hand-holding. Simple stuff to tell them that you care. “

“For me what comes to mind, would be a unique wild adventure, exploring the world in an unusual, fun way. outside of the box perspective of seeing the world! 😍 ! “


“Teach her how to fish, instead of giving her a fish 😉 “

“As a young student, it would be best to have the intellectual and financial support that allows personal development. Also to be able to have the experience of traveling to different places to have a global vision of the cultures around the world. It would be very cool. “

“The best gift they could give to younger generations is that to teach what is right, the materials we needed as young ones, financial support, help us with our studies to pursue our dreams. Because younger generations would really want to finish, it’s the biggest achievement we could be proud of. “

“A kiss. ❤”


“Giving them a very good future or an opportunity to be someone in life. In these days EVERYONE wants to be seen or maybe heard. and by good future, I mean putting them in a position where they can be financially stable and live a life not worrying about the bill. it’s not about being rich, it’s about living comfortably and being able to provide for your family with worrying about something you’re in debt for. “

“I am not a materialistic person, so a mentor and someone to just give advice would be the best thing! “

“Wisdom. As cliché as that may sound, it’s absolutely true. You learn as you age, think of how much more you know now just from when you were younger. Now imagine 10 years from now how much you will have learned. Growth is beautiful. “

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