What Kind of Dating Do You Want to Have for the First Time?

What Kind of Dating Do You Want to Have for the First Time? Let’s have a look at what they say:

“I would like to do the kind of dating that always leaves me with butterflies. Or even better yet makes me smile throughout the day, thinking about what we did the night before or on our date. I don’t want to be in a dateless relationship or understanding. “

“Anything that’s gets you talking and is a great way to break the first date shyness. Doing something that gets you to show how you are and when you’re most comfortable. Go hiking or for a walk or going skating. “

“A date where you can laugh and look at one another in the eyes! Simple but elegant! Fun but serious at the same time. “


“I like driving out of town to the forest, going for a private walk through the greenery. Then I get takeout food and park my car by the water and continue our conversation. Sometimes it’s fun to park at the drive-in theatre. If everything goes well maybe I will give them a kiss before going separate ways. “

“Just a quiet, serene place where we can talk and get to know each other. Be ourselves and hope for the best. “

“It kind of dating I would want on a first date would be to do something that the other one stated that interest them and see how they react, their body language, their knowledge about what they were so passionate about can also reveal their motives I personally am not that picky as far as a candlelit dinner and the moonlit walk on the beach does not interest me. that can be ruled out oh, I like to have fun and would love to be around someone that has a sense of humor is up to doing something crazy and fun because you only live once. “

“My ideal first date would be having a nice romantic dinner and talking getting to know each other. The first impression is the key whether he/she is the right person for you.”


“First dates are for studying your date’s body language, attitude, and personality. first dates should involve a dinner ( to see how they interact and treat the Waite staff) A drink or 2 to calm the nerves and a walk for uninterrupted conversation. First dates are quick briefings so I think you should try 3 dates with someone before deciding yes or no. “

“A strong connection is all I need. someone who makes me feel comfortable with who I am. The place we go to doesn’t matter. “

“First date: Definitely something casual and comfortable. I want it to be something I would feel like I would do on any other given day. It would be really nice to end such a good day or evening with maybe a drink and a meaningful conversation. 💜 “

“To go on a spontaneous adventure that includes lunch and/or dinner and a movie. But, conversations and chemistry are important too.”

“A first date could be anything to the simplest things like dinner and movie to the most amazing and unforgettable things like a late-night walk on the beach next to the ocean.”

“something real connection vibe laughter a lot of yummy food lol but most of all respect if it happens it happens.”

“Great conversations over dinner. Laughter and fun.”

“Find somewhere to eat that neither of us has been to, and depending on where we are we find some mundane outing activity that’s simple so we can entertain ourselves while getting to know each other better.”

“Maybe get food. Maybe go for a drive. Maybe stay at home. Who knows haha. You don’t have to spend money to have a first date in my opinion. If u don’t get it, don’t do it lol 😂🤷‍♀️ Chillin someplace with someone u would want to get to know should be good enough for anyone 😊💯🙃 I just like to have fun 😁💖”

“A picnic on the beach, or taking an adventure either a drive or hiking.”

“Personally the 1st date means so much to me. Especially if your trying to get to know one another it’s really important you take the 1st date seriously. The first date doesn’t have to be all out but it should be nice & comfortable for each other.”

“The first date must be something casual, bcoz important for me to get comfy with my partner.”

“I’m the type that wants to walk through a park and just converse. Everything from growing up, to what you do now, to what you want in the future. Lay it all out there… If they stay, awesome. If they don’t, at least you didn’t waste any more time :)”

“I don’t have an ideal first date, I’d really just like to spend a lot of time laughing and learning about each other. I’d like to spend the first date comfortably building a bond.”

“My first date would be a home-cooked meal I prepared my self. So he will know I can handle the kitchen. A great selection of wine of drink. from my special experience, he will be comfortable enough to let his guards down. to interact with each other. I’m open to any conversation so he will know are arrangement is real.”

“What kind of dating for the first time? well, any that I haven’t had yet…? I’ve just had normal relationships, not like I mind.”

“My idea of a first date is common attraction and making sure what one another wants to get out of it or if they just want to get to know you and see where it goes. a date to dinner or to the beach or to the movies is a start.”

“I’d love to experience traveling together and enjoying new things together. Or being with someone that shows me all of their favorite spots for the first time. I’m into guys that like to amaze their women.”

“I would love something spontaneous, that only flows without needing to raise it.”

“I am old fashioned so I love for my date to take the lead and put some thought into it instead of just asking where I want to go….take me to your favorite places and make new favorite place memories.”

“I don’t have a kind of dating in my mind, only I want to have a good conversation, a fun date. I adore the surprises.”

“Honestly I would love something out of the box like a hot air balloon even though I’m super scared of highest.”

“The first date, in my opinion, should be like a meetup. Keep it casual, feel each other out. It could be anywhere & it could cost nothing but the best plans involve dessert. They shouldn’t be pressure but there should be lots of smiles. 1st impressions tend to make an impact on the next chain of events. Respect should always be present from both sides. The date should be comfortable as possible, nervousness is expected but hopefully, excitement will override that feeling.”

“Definitely a nice walk along the beach, forest too maybe. Anything with beautiful scenery.”

“I think my perfect first date is in a nice place (not need to be the extravagant and expensive place) quiet it so we can hear each other, my dream first date is with someone that make laugh all the time, but like the real laugh and not the fake one to make a compliment.”

“A date whereon all the things there is great chemistry, zero times, an open mind and that culminates with a passionate kiss.”

“I would like my first dating is dinner in a pleasant and quiet restaurant. To relax and we can talk about our preference. Also something fun and spontaneous.”

“Well it would be really nice to find someone who is open-minded enough to really understand me, cuz its hard at times… and I’d love it if I could find someone who I could just be totally honest with n in return was completely honest with men treated me with respect instead of just being hurt in some form or another. I want someone who makes me feel comfortable who feels comfortable around me, I want a best friend and a man and a lover all in one.”

“I’ve longed ever since I was young about getting ready for big nights out, elegant views, fine dining and the elite social. A candlelit evening filled with romance and thoughtful glares and deep conversation, a real sense of intimacy and connection complemented by beautiful surroundings.”

“Something easy-going was you can talk and get to know each other, like dinner, walk or coffee.”

“A nice dinner with some wine than a nice walk thru the park or on the beach.”

“In my head, the perfect first date would have to include actually going out and looking nice and done up.”

“A dinner date, a sweet romantic place with a good ambiance where you could talk anything under the moonlight, laugh share your thoughts and plans in life..”

“Just in a park or any other place to walk and talk.”

“I don’t really mind what kind of the first date I would want to have because people have different taste of things and with me, I would say anything exciting and something new would be great for me because I love to know to allot about what the other person has in mind.”

“It may sound a little cliché, but I would love something casual. You know like we meet up once every week or so. I give you all of the attention & affection you need. And in return, I get spoiled like the princess I deserve to be. My mind runs a million times a minute so we’d never run out of things to talk about. Tell me how your day was & your plans for the US in the future.”

“I’d like something simple on the first date. Start with a trip to the bookstore, followed by a frozen yogurt or ice cream. A nice ending would be sitting near the water and getting to know each other better. Another nice first I would also love to do is something active like a workout or light hike, anything adventurous.”

“Take a walk, sometimes the simplest date ideas are the best and most romantic ones. Have a romantic dinner, go hiking, do an escape room. I am always open to new adventures and fun times. so I am not really a picky person. because hay life is short, just go for it and have fun.”

“The ideal first date is going to a small cafe and getting something to eat having a good conversation then either going to the beach or going to the movies. the way to end the date would be by cuddling around a campfire with blankets wrapped around us while eating something small and talking about something deep and meaningful.”

“I really don’t care where it is..as long as we have a good time, good conversations, mutual respect.”

“As long as the company is good it does not matter. We could be relaxing or adventuring. So long as I am with someone who is honest, kind & true to themselves the time will be great no matter where we are. I want someone who is the “real” them, not just a front they put on. Getting to know each other and seeing if that spark is there is always the first step.✨”

“A first date should be minimalist. It should be casual drinks in a nice quite corner of a bar(at a time that still severs food) where we can hear each other. Personally I don’t like to sit directly opposite the person I’m talking to so I would choose a round table to move my chair accordingly to how comfortable I feel or a table with a sofa. We would share a nice bottle of wine throughout the evening and if the conversation was flowing well I would order some tapas to ensure neither of us is getting too drunk. No one should get sloppy on a first date. Number one priority on a first date is that we feel comfortable.”

“I want an old fashion type of date, where I get dressed up and the man comes to my front door to pick me up. We go on a romatic date, doesn’t have to anywhere expensive. We have a great conversation. Then maybe go sit at a nice. place and just relax and enjoy the company of one another. Then go home.”

“This might really sound stupid but honestly a FaceTime call or Skype because it’s safe for both parties you able to be comfortable and just be your self I love talking to people about life politics space relationship religion etc it’s just fun to be able to connect with people and see people’s views.”

“Dating is more complex than traditional dating when your a Sugar Baby 🌹🌹🌹🌹 Doesn’t matter what career a Gentleman is in just as long as they’re happy doing what they love ❤️ Dating in this world shouldn’t be self-destructive Nothing we hate waking up for ☀️ Men all over this site make it seems easy but in reality when they’re not taking care of a Baby, they work 80 hours ⏰, travel 1,000 miles for ✈️ and put the muscle into to do a job well done 👍🏼 Then those are the gentleman who should be appreciated more and taken care of. Take off their shoes, lay them on the bed and give a slow back massage, and kiss 💋 They can be a million miles away from home and they seek your company to lessen the loneliness and make life exciting and enjoy your company. Dating in this world is more special. It’s a way of connecting new bridges to men who want a specific kind of arrangement with you and are willing to help you and benefit you ❤️🌹🎓🧸🛍”

“I honestly don’t mind, a simple picnic in the park would be nice. As long as there are food and good conversation. I’m not looking to date but if it comes to it then so be it. A good date would or should consist of a good time for both people and hope for there to be many more. Oh and just putting it out there … I don’t drink! lol”

“The first date would be something relaxing and casual like drinking coffee, wine or simply go to a bar and get to know each other well and depending on the location we could just walk around the beach, play mini-golf, go to some museum. I personally enjoy going to places where is not fully crowded and everything is pretty chill.”

“I think the first time should be anywhere public so that we can talk, and see how things go. It could be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just walk around.”

“The important thing is the company, a real person that can make you feel happy, and the place could be a restaurant where you can hear the waves of the sea, or a disco, cause dancing can say much of you.”

“Candlelit dinner on a yacht or five-star restaurant while drinking wine having an intellectual conversation with your hand playing upskirt gazing in my eyes telling me how devoted you are to your sugar baby and I tell you how devoted I am to you and how much I want to make you happy. Our first time should be memorable and set the passion of fire that burns throughout the course of me being your baby.”

“I think having sushi is perfect, but I’d settle for coffee too. I think the first date should be rather simple, somewhere public face/face. You should not get into a rush to do a lot because you have never met, it could get really awkward very fast. Then someone will wish you two only grabbed a coffee..”

“find a bar have a drink seaside is the best.”

“I think that goes for coffee and have a great conversation to realize if it is chemistry between us. Could be a walk too. The point is to know each other a little bit before start dating in a serious way, or before deciding what kind of relationship it’s going to be. I don’t think that movies it’s a good idea, for the first date or meeting, of course.”

“The kind of date that finishes in making love. I mean, most of us are here because of S3X, well, at least I am 😂 and it’s okay if you are here for something else, that’s fine. But let’s just be honest for a while… Anyway, having a good company is always good. I think it doesn’t matter where to go or what to do.”

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