What Do You Think The Attraction Of You For Elite And Rich Singles?

“I can’t be your bond girl, but I can be the girl by your side. I’m someone who’s always willing to learn new things, and I’m a very curious person when appropriate. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been called adorable by many people. I’m down to earth and I get along with people super well. I am the breath of fresh air you need after a meeting with beautiful perfect stunning women in red lipstick and formal dresses with high heels. I am your natural girl next door, who would greet you with a smile and try my best to take care of you. I’m also a very playful, flirty and affectionate person, so expect lots of physical contacts if you’re into that. I’m also from a lower-class family, so you’d have lots of fun introducing me to things that you think are normal and seeing my eyes widen in awe and shock. 😂”

“I grew up in the wrong part of town and we struggled often when I was young. It always pained me to see my family stressing over money and having to go without some basic necessities. I swore neither me nor my future children would ever suffer in that way, and this lifestyle allows us happiness, but more importantly, security.”

“I think its that I already have a background in many arts. I can read, compose, and play music. I definitely can’t speak for all guys but I think a lot of elites want someone mentally stimulating not just a pretty thing to look at (even though its part whether some want to admit it or not). When someone brings a concept to me I do not just giggle it off, I can ask questions or respond. The mentality has a lot too.”


“I think life is to fill you whit different experiences and experience new things… So it really doesn’t Metter not that others think about this so long as you feel comfortable and don’t hurt other people. We shouldn’t live off the stereotype that society sets, we should enjoy. We must get used to being judged but this or that so we can’t let them stop us from doing anything. And if someone asks me for my opinion on this topic, I will simply answer… If it doesn’t affect you, let me do it, I like this and I’m feeling good 🌼”

“If you’re into short little boi lesbians then I’m your boi hehe. I think if you have an attraction to cute spunky and bright musicians with a spiritual guru side, then the attraction and possibilities are high and endless. you also gotta love that I’m short because I’m insecure about my tinyness. I’m just a 24-year-old submissive boi in a girl’s body looking for my perfect half😘”

“I don’t know what elite and Rich singles mean exactly but I know that I really need some financial help. I love to have fun and just want to know that gonna be ok and not have to work when or how I’m gonna get my next meal. I know that sounds really trashy but honestly, I just need a partner or someone that’s going to take care of me. I’m beautiful, and down to earth thanks.”

“I like to know I can be taken care of I want to know if I get sick that I can get well and be not a burden I want my kids to go to a good school and know that the can go to college if that’s what they want I want to know my loved ones have food on the table I want the life I didn’t get. Honestly, there isn’t much more than that :)”


“It will always be different for each one and it depends on what they are looking for, usually they want somebody interesting, somebody who can make them forget their hectic and most of the time problematic people around them and have fun, but it will depend on the connection you have at first. It is different for everyone.”

“People who have high standards can be upfront without judgment and wasted time sorting through the pile of non-elites I like knowing that I’m fishing in a pond of like-minded people who don’t wanna go wasting precious life energy thought or time on a possible experience. Unless it’s satisfying and worth time money and effort.”

“A rich and elite individual, for me, signifies determination and ambition. I’m particularly attracted to those who generated their wealth themselves, as opposed to inheriting it. Someone working from the ground up to achieve their goals demonstrates a special kind of person – one who is willing to go the extra mile to be successful.”

“Most of the rich and elite men have a lot of interesting histories to tell, because of their trips, their jobs or their business, so the most attractive quality for me is the interesting talks that they can offer to you. Plus if they know how to treat a lady that would give them an extra point. What can I say only my point of view.”

“Honestly, I’m not the hottest chick you have ever seen. 😂 But, I am very intelligent and open-minded.. I enjoy reading, writing, sketching, drawing, painting, photography, and etc. I’m a hopeless romantic- so I can provide genuine love and support for my romantic partner/rich singles. I would actually like to have my own happily ever after!”

“I’m very motivated to please. I work hard and I want to make people happy. I want a man who is good at his job and can see me for what I am rather than some dead beat who is going to use me. I want to enjoy the finer things in life with someone who appreciates me for the woman that I am. I want to please someone who wants to please me.”

“I am intelligent, I can take hardship, I love to please, and I am confident about the way I look 😉 I am knowledgeable in many fields, but I am always eager to learn from someone more knowledgeable than me. I can also adapt to the taste of many – I can be a smoldering rebel or an elegant princess. I listen and learn.”

“I have an addiction to travel and the best seat concerts (never the lawn, ew). And I love traveling to see my favorite artists, Charlie Puth being my main man. Someone has to pay for it, and my credit cards are suffering, tbh. I miss my excellent credit score. I don’t believe in depending on any man for essentials, but when it comes to the fun stuff, I’m all in!”

“It’s not that I’m solely attracted to “elites” or “rich” men. It’s just that I think having a relationship with a man of that nature can bring new networks and opportunities and heck even lifestyle into my life when I don’t necessarily have the right connections currently to help get myself out there. It’s not that I’m a total gold digger and only go for the more wealthy kind of guys… instead, it’s more just a plus when I’m dating. And also a plus when making new friends and connections. Especially if that person cares so much as to help bring you into their more posh form of lifestyle.”

“I am tired of dating deadbeats. I want to know that you not only have a job, but you’re successful at it. I want a quality date and not a cheap, Tinder date… where we end up going Dutch. I want to see and experience new things. I want someone to show me. I have limited time too and I am hoping this will help weed out the creepers.”

“I would say confidence and the drive to achieve greater in life. It’s great to know that neither is solely looking to use the other, but there’s a connection between the two and I common goal to strive for the best. These qualities are very attractive and are what I look for in a partner on this site.”

“What makes me different from the rest is I’m on this app because I want to be, not because I need the money or anything. I know how to hustle and make my own money and I love love love looking good while doing it. Being an exotic dancer only means I can give you what most of these other girls can’t. Ready for your private show daddy?”

“I’m your own personal version of the movie almost famous. I’m here, I’m around, but I’m unattainable. I’m different from your average, stick up pretty girl look for a rich guy to pay the bills. I’m an amazing time looking for adventure and fun you wouldn’t find in your every day upper-class gal. You’ve been waiting for me…”

“Cause they can make you happy, they can help you financially. Take care physically and mentally. With money out of the way, you can focus more on the person and me, not the average everyday struggles. Dint have to save change anymore when you can fly wherever your heart desires. Loads of stress would be lifted.”

“I am a very ambitious fun-loving person. I can make any situation what you want me to make out of it or what I want it to be. I am sweet and a pleasing personality. I am pretty much very adapting. I can take you about anything and everything. I can also make you forget about your worries. I am beautiful and sexy, that can make your wildest dreams come true(in the bedroom) Bottom line I’m simple and sweet with a Latino kick ;)”

“I’m likely a departure from the usual girls in upper-class circles. I’d like to think I offer something offbeat and exciting to people. I’m adventurous, fun, creative, sensual and a little bit weird! I take some figuring out but am never boring or stuffy, maybe I’m judging the wealthy way of life but I’d imagine those qualities are refreshing in a person.”

“I’m very beautiful, smart, and caring. I’ve been told easy to talk to and sweet. I like having fun and giving happiness as much as possible. I like to make others happy and I hate to disappoint. I like experiences more than items. I think perhaps they are attracted to those qualities of mine. I assume they want someone attractive, smart, caring, fun, and happy. I don’t think they want someone who is hard to communicate with.”

“I’m pretty and educated. To be honest, I’m very confident with my look, I have a very attractive appearance and character. The good taste is also very important, I’m an elegant lady with high degrees. We will have many common topics and similar lifestyle when dating elite. And the most important thing is I don’t date them for their money, I’m and independent woman with my own career. I believe the law of attraction.”

“I am young and generous, caring and trustworthy, outspoken and easy-going. I really want to meet someone interesting here to experience the beauty of the world and do adventurous things with me. I love reading and traveling. So we can read a lot of literary masterpieces, go to concerts and travel around together.”

“I come from a middle-class family, over the past 24 years I’ve always received a good education and now I’m completely independent, financially and mentally. I think my situation is the best for those rich singles, a girl that is not looking for their money, on the other side I can understand them better and even offer my support. The most important thing, I’m pretty.”

“Stature, good dress taste, and educational experience. I have a good attitude towards life, we will certainly have mutual attraction, and can have a lot of common topics. Thanks to my family, my sister is married, my sister is my idol since childhood and my closest family. My brother-in-law is upper class. I know how they get together. So I have a lot of confidence in myself.”

“Besides being good-looking, thanks to my mother for making me well educated and temperamental, which can allow me to have the confidence to communicate with these rich people. Second, I can be completely financially independent, although some wealthy people may wish their other half to support them wholeheartedly, which I don’t object to. But I think they might prefer to see an independent and complete person before getting married.”

“Although my childhood family is not rich, I get a lot of love from my parents and brothers and sisters, I also learned to give my love to others. My friends always say that I am a warm person, good at listening, I think these are the reasons I attract others. In addition, I am a funny person, I am good at discovering the beauty of life, and I will not feel lonely with me, believe me.”

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  • Please write more about falling in love with SD and SB! This was so educational and it honestly, I feel like im on the same page. I keep telling my SD not to pay for my Uber rides or anything I want him to know im all for him I want him to show me the way.

  • Quiero conocer más y porque no lograr contactarme con alguien interesante.
    Si pueden explicarme, gracias!
    Dulces sueños!♡

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