Do You Think Education Would Be An Important Element Of Getting Into Higher Class?

“knowledge is power, so of course. You rarely and I mean, NEVER see an Einstein in poverty or lower class. That’s not to say that everyone who is upper class is intelligent, some are merely luckily enough to enter this world with a head start while others have to use the “knowledge is power” and work hard to earn their way into it. And of course, others are lucky and can slide up with lucky lottery winnings, slip and fall lawsuit cases, pure luck. And then again, just because some can afford more luxurious living standards doesn’t mean they don’t have low-rent personality and traits.”

“I think education is important, but I feel like our current education system is lacking. Hundreds of thousands of students (if not millions) study the same things in order to get the same degree. Of those people, many won’t get the job they aspire to have and some will never even use their degree. Informal education, to me, is way more valuable. Learning from experienced professionals while working in your field of interest will help you gain knowledge that can’t be taught by sitting in a lecture. Some professions (doctors, psychologists, engineers, etc) definitely require more of formal education, but in certain professions, I feel like it’s more of a formality to have a degree rather than a requirement. Many entrepreneurs had less success in school and more success cultivating their skills and ideas. “


“Yes, education would be a substantial element of getting into a higher class. I order to bring yourself up intelligence is one of the most important factors. Making money and being a higher class all stem from bright individuals with an extended education. The chances of a heightened income and elitist lifestyle are heightened with larger education.”

“Absolutely! However, I don’t believe formal education is required. A person who is well-read and has the ability to apply the information they’ve received is educated, in my opinion. For example, several salespeople with GEDs and backgrounds you wouldn’t believe if you met them make triple the salary of those with degrees. They learned specifics in psychology and English language to become successful. As a young artist and entrepreneur, it took me a while to figure out what I want to with myself. Then, I realized that I want to be formally educated in certain things to maximize the quality of products and services. It depends on the person, their aspirations, and the resources that are available to them.”

“Of course it is! You should always learn new things, e.g. read a biography and learn from her/his/their mistake, learn a new skill or just research a topic that you’re interested in. I personally think that you don’t have to go to college to get that education. If you’re truly committed to doing something great you can do it without college.”

“I would believe so. Because when you have a higher understanding of the world around you, you can get further in not only life but in jobs, college, family, etc. But you also have to have a good personality. Why? You ask.. Well if you have a good personality people will want to be around you. Including business people.”

“Education is imperative to gaining a higher social status. People who have worked hard to gain financial freedom have a high level of intelligence and usually, want someone who can carry a conversation. Education doesn’t always have to be formal education, either. For instance, I am no longer in college but I enjoy reading and researching answers to questions I don’t know. Learning and education are fun, and it’ll get you much further in life than your physical appearance alone. 😘”

“Most of the time it is. They are people who have study a lot and want to talk about so many things and if you can’t keep up you will probably just be considered as a one-time dating thing. It would be quite awkward to sit on a table with somebody who will just stare at you ’cause you don’t know what to say.”

“I wouldn’t say is a most and applies in all the cases but I think that I do affects and especially now because society has given an important place to education. So I think that not just for a sugar daddy but for sugar babies is quite important the education not only in school but educational home. “

“Personally, I find an education to help people prosper and grow in our economy… As well as connections… But it may vary from person to person! Education is proven to help people to be more successful. Don’t get me wrong- some people are highschool dropouts and they become YouTubers, singers, and etc.”

“Yes! Having an education is really important. It will open a lot of doors and you can learn a lot in school. It helps to prepare for a career, and if you’re lucky if you go to a good college you can do an internship and gain some more work experience. I know my education has definitely been very beneficial to me! I would highly recommend that if getting an education is something you really want, then you should go for it!”

“I think it, the education is the key to be an important people, school as much as manners are elements to getting into the benefits of Higher class, I mean just money doesn’t make you an elegant person, the class is prior than another thing in life, that would open or close us many doors in every sense, this is the reason for I think it, I was learned a lot in life, social relations are everything and can decide how will it is the kay to be at Higher class kiss.”

“I guess it would depend on how u perceive the elements of being considered or categorized as a higher be wealthy to me the education I believe would be the defining point of personal wealth to have education would be to be rich, the key, life experience, paths in life, lessons learned, growth.”

“An education is a wonderful tool to have, however not all of us can afford it. It helps to be a well-rounded person. Pick up a book, try to learn a language, find a favorite painter. Learn to cook, find a hobby, anything that makes you a deeper more complex person. It will help you in the long run as a person and as a SB. In the end, it helps you learn what you like as well as be able to explain what you need!”

“Yes. in order to gain status, you need to have a good job which often requires a good education. school can grant you more opportunities to earn more money as well as meet people who are in a higher class. with more money, your class will naturally advance. in conclusion, education betters your opportunity.”

“Yes. in order to gain status, you need to have a good job which often requires a good education. school can grant you more opportunities to earn more money as well as meet people who are in a higher class. with more money, your class will naturally advance. in conclusion, education betters your opportunity.”

“Not important at all. education doesn’t define who you are. so it shouldn’t matter as long as you behave like high class. yeah sure some people can be judgy but who the fuck cares? be who you want to be as long as you are happy you do not need good education especially because some of you probably can’t afford it.”

“Education is the key to the steps of life. Mentoring for me is my way of giving back for all the things that happened to me to make me who I am today. Learning new things, learning from my mistakes and learning from SB are key to my success I would need to say. Traditional education with some street sense is what makes the difference between the average person and the successful one.”

“Absolutely. Education is extremely important but it’s also a challenge for many. Especially in the US, my personal experience with the Philadelphia Public school district and Colleges. Our curriculum tries to measure our intelligence by, in comparison, asking a monkey, fish, and caterpillar to climb a tree. Of course, some kids will excel in the system because of how they learn, meshes perfectly with the style of teaching; the monkey. While the caterpillar will be able to climb the tree too just much slower and differently than the monkey, even though the caterpillar can still do it, it will be criticized for seeming to be lesser than the money for just doing it differently; learning differently. While the poor fish; a child, teenager, person, who learns a completely different way than traditionally( like many of the greatest minds in history that couldn’t fit into traditional learning systems) will be viewed as unfit and unintelligent and believe that themselves and not excel or put effort into learning and school because the educators don’t know how to teach someone who can’t learn one specific way. The fish, of course, can’t climb the tree. So even though education is essential, the type of education you’ve received shouldn’t be as essential to proving your knowledge as your actual experience and expression of your lessons.”

“Of course! I believe education leads to more opportunities which in turn leads to a higher class in life. but only if you actively seek and strive for those opportunities. if you let them pass you by then your degree mine as well be useless! it’s all about what you do with what you have. you can have a degree and waste it, you can have $1,000,000 and waste it. it’s all about how you invest the things you have.”

“Yea I believe it is. You have to be smart to know how to make and handle your money. I know a good amount of people who believe that they do not need school and can just go out and make money instead. That is true but you would make way more and get further in life with a degree to your name. Someone with a college degree, vs someone who dropped out of school or only has a high school degree, has a way higher chance st anything over the other person.”

“Yes, I think education is a key to success what do you really have if you don’t have an education? Not a got damn thug besides that boring ass 5-9 job you hate going to we were going to school our whole lives might as well continue maybe I wouldn’t have to do this sugar baby shit I can’t even find someone that wants me for me.”

“As long as education is considered, I believe that it’s not the formal certificates that we get graduating from a college or university but what exactly we could learn during the course. There are a few things that I’ve learned studying so far. First of all, we live in times of work experience. Universities are places when we not only learn and grow but also institutions that give us the opportunity to gain experience. That is why more and more people decide to focus on using their freshly gained knowledge in a practical way. They have internships that can be later presented in their CVs. This is also the most important part of your CV. In some well-paid fields (e. g. IT) it is not the education but portfolio that matters the most. Furthermore, I realized that all of my lecturers have this unstoppable drive towards knowledge. Some of them seemed to posses unique minds filled with the most detailed information on their field but they were constantly looking and investigating. How passionate they were talking about new discoveries. In his book, “Deep Work”, Cal Newport states that this is the future of the world. Deeply focused scholars closed in institutions working on their new research. I wish I could be one of them in the future! To conclude, I believe that higher education is important and gives us, students, great motivation to develop and to dig deeper and deeper. At the same time, it is an experience that matters the most these days. Self-taught people with ideas can get a better position than well-educated and freshly graduated student.”

“Education is what truly lifts is up out of our circumstances, a kind who pay start off his life in a low socio-economic family, through properly funded education and support through his education, he can have a rag to riches story. To be honest I believe this is why every child should have access to free high-quality education because that’s where we break down the barriers that currently stop those who are born into poverty escape it. And once you have an education you’re on the same playing field as everyone else, you can apply yourself to be a doctor or a businessman or a lawyer, and you can make your life what YOU want it to be.”

“Not exactly, you can be highly educated but still not have the passion to work towards something you love and believe in. That’s not to say that having an education doesn’t help you get towards your goals in life, in fact, your having an education along with that passion may double that chances of you getting to where you want to be in life.”

“It depends on how you describe education because not everything is learned through school- but through actions that we take. You do not have to be good in school to become a rich person, in fact, all you mostly have to do is learn how to make a business work. Being able to make a business and keep it from going under will not only help your wallet- but help bring in the ladies too.”

“Education is key in every scenario. A higher education proves that you have the skill to gain knowledge in an organized fashion. Higher education gives the world physical recognition that you can take the time to learn about the world around you. Higher education also teaches you about how to research verses using your emotions to form an educated opinion about any topic. High-class people are educated (most of them). Higher education =‘s high class.”

“Absolutely. Although some people are born into higher classes, having a good education allows you to excel and gives you more opportunities in life, wether that be in work or leisure. This allows you to get higher-paying jobs, which can increase your social status. Even though you can still get high paying jobs without having an excellent education, being well educated makes it easier to be employed.”

“I think being educated is more important than going to school and getting a degree. There are many resources available for people to learn and the way school is taught is not right for everyone. Being educated, however, you become that way, is what is important. Have access to a resource such as the education system and public libraries as well as the internet has allowed for so much sharing of knowledge!”

“Yes, I do think education takes occupies an important place in getting a higher class. Sometimes for the normal low-class people without good looks or outstanding talents, education is like the only way to ascend to a higher class. By education, you get degrees and the access to learning all skills while broadening your horizon. That’s the basic factors of success. Besides, by education, you’ll get the chance to meet the high-class elite, which will also help you upgrade your social class.”

“Sure it is. Education is a fundamental thing to development and growth. A person who was born in a rich family is always supposed to receive the best education. It determines one’s behavior and manners. However, it is not absolutely right because there is a possibility that one can reach his/her goals by his/her own efforts. So it varies from person to person.”

“Education is important everywhere. It gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better, like…a higher class. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life and the capacity to be independent. Some people across the world would think that money is an important factor, but it is wrong because, without education, there won’t be even a golden coin.”

“I think education will impact on everything in me, I hope to meet higher levels of life through better education. On the other hand, I think lifestyle is also a very important factor. These two important elements add up to a great extent affecting your own lives and your next generation, which is why I want to find the one in new Sudy. Frankly, if Sudy isn’t Luxury dating, I don’t think about using it at all.”

“Of course it is. Your class is something you are born with. You can become rich or famous in a variety of ways, but that doesn’t mean you are fully integrated into a higher class than you were. If you don’t have a good education to support how you act, you may just be a lucky upstart in the eyes of those people. You need to prove to people that you were born low, but you have climbed, hard and decent “

“That’s for sure. Whether you’re a member of the upper class or want to be one of them, Education is necessary. There’s a study that shows education is closely linked to social class. Among those who identify as being upper or upper-middle class, more than 50% have a bachelor’s degree or more. Also, more education means you have more connections with Your alumni. After all, connections are important capital now. So I think education is very important, especially for people who want to get into the upper class.”

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