Blesser and Blessee – Sugar Daddy Dating in South Africa

According to Urban Dictionary, “Blesser” is a slang term for a rich man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger female companion in exchange for sex, friendship, etc. As we can see that it seems has no difference with sugar daddy relationship which more familiar to us. Today I want to tell you all how and where did blesser and blessee relationship develop, and what is different about this.

blesser and blessee

Blesser and Blessee in South Africa

In 2015, South African girls started posting photos of expensive shoes, clothes, and stacks of cash while tagging the pictures #blessed. That’s when we noticed that there’s another name for sugar daddy dating in South Africa. Rich men who often senior to his multiple girlfriends and spoil them right, which called “bless”, so these men who bless the girls are “blesses” and girls who are blessed are “blessers”.

Arrangements which we called “mutually beneficial relationships” or “sugar daddy dating” exist every corner all over the world. Sugar daddies tend to offer luxury items in exchanging sugar babies’ sugars. In South Africa, sugar seekers name this lifestyle “blesser and blessee” relationship.

When You are Blessed

“Are you blessed?” “He is such a good blesse to me.” “Find myself a hot blesser.” —These kinds of posts had often emerged on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So what is like when you are blessed? Serge Calonge is famous blessee in South Africa and appeared in a television documentary showing up his life with his blesser who named Serge.

The man is quite rich, grew up in a very rich family, can’t date ugly girls and has 10 or 11 girlfriends at a time. Okay, this is a man who born into a wealthy lifestyle. “Let money come for you. Give me attention. Show me you are the person that I want.” Cabonge said on the TV show. And one of his blessers said “He doesn’t like this, he doesn’t like that, but I think I get used to it now. If I see something I like right now, I’d call him and say, ‘Hey, I’m at a certain place, please help me out, I have to buy certain things—makeup, whatever—please help me out,’ and he would.”b I think that’s what the bless relationship like.

What’s Different Between Bless and Sugar Daddy Relationship

Basically, they are same things, riches are older than blessers or sugar babies, help them maintain a lavish lifestyle with luxury gifts, allowance, financially or materially support in exchange for sex and companionship. If there have to be some differences, I think the point is sex. Sugar daddy dating has sexual relationship thought, but what I’m seeing is basically all of blessing relationships are turn to sex, men or women in South Africa are straightforward in this topics and they just want to date hotties, spoil them and sleep with them, that’s what they want and they like it. White people seem that have some reservations about it, no matter the main media or people themselves. But it all depends on girls.

South Africa is grappling with an HIV epidemic, 20 percent of the adult population in South Africa has HIV according to the news. Young women having sex with older men are contributing to a larger problem. Underage girls who are students, and really need that money, want to be blessed but they must be careful about sex, if they really do, sex should not come to a part of dating, there should be different levels in blessing relationship literally.

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