Sugar Baby Discussion: Why Do The ‘Ugly’ Girls Earn?

I’m a sugar baby, and I’ve been working on this theory for a while, but I’ve seen posts on my dash that have inspired me to finally write this – it’s a question that can ruffle some feathers among girls- are ‘ugly’ girls winning over pretty girls?

ugly girls earn

Personally, I take the words of Helena Rubenstein to heart. “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” I believe that no matter what imperfections you have, most you can disguise with good old fashioned make-up. Acne can be covered, puffy cheeks can be contoured, getting lip fillers is like going to the nail salon nowadays.

There is nothing wrong with altering your appearance. Appearance means nothing. It’s a shell. If something in your appearance is getting in the way of something you want- change it. That’s all there is to it.

But the fact that so-called ugly girls now seem to be entering routes that are traditionally based on good looks (eg. sugaring) gets some girls hot under the collar.

What do you consider ugly?

Fat or too thin? Big nose, crooked teeth? Surely these are only imperfections we set up for ourselves. Think of the men you admire, think of the men you’d like to date. Personally, I go for men that can make me laugh and not all of them are good-looking. So, think of a sugar daddy looking out for an SB. If you’re an aging man with a business to run and no time to take bathroom selfies, maybe he goes for a woman who can engage in conversation. Beautiful women can be intelligent, but so can ‘ugly’ women.

This seems to anger some SBs who have obviously based their strategies around good looks. They lash out at these women, make fun of their appearance and use it to try to tear them down. After all, what right does an ugly girl have to take a pretty girl’s man?

In my experience, you don’t want to base your sugaring strategy on looks alone. You know which sugar daddy go for women based only on looks? Salty ones. It makes sense- a salt daddy is only in it for the sex.

If you are a pretty woman, you have that to your advantage, but utilize the other interesting things about yourself. Are you academic? Use it, don’t be afraid of it. Maybe you are passionate about makeup, maybe you have opinions about the female expression of self. Voice them, it won’t scare a sugar daddy of worth that you have depth. Men can easily forget.

Now, as for you, you unconventionally attractive young women- there is no door that is closed to you because you don’t have straight black hair, green eyes, and glistening cheekbones. Hair dye, contacts, and Becca highlight will sort that out. People can use make-up to make themselves look like elves and dead celebrities, you can make yourself look like Angelina Jolie with the right cosmetics.

Don’t listen to the people who tell you that you can’t sugar because of how you look- that’s complete bullshit- a measure designed to deter you based on their own insecurity.

You know why ‘ugly’ girls get the guy? Because they’re used to working for it. They’re used to set up a good conversation, they take themselves less seriously. Ever talked to a 12/10 and realized that they were boring as fuck? It’s not because they have no brain, they do- it’s because they never had to use it to get what they want.

I myself don’t look good in pictures. I never have. I’m simply not photogenic at all, so I don’t only crop and pixellate photos for my safety, I do it so that the first time a sugar daddy sees me, he sees me in person. That’s why free-styling is so lucrative for me, I don’t have to worry about advertising. I also used to suffer from hormonal acne, so I never let an SD see me without make-up.

NOTHING is impossible for you based on looks. However, things can be impossible for you based on disposition. If you don’t charm your captive, they’ll never endear themselves to you. They might still want to fuck you, but they’ll be weighing their options. But an infectious and interesting person can quite literally light up a sugar daddy dull old life.

So, why are ‘ugly’ girls earning? Because they fucking can.