How Do You Become Rich?

How Do You Become Rich? Did You Get There by Yourself or You Had Opportunity of Resources Since You Have Been Born ——

“You become rich with hard work and taking opportunities. You work till you get to the point where you wish to be. Not everyone has a silver spoon in their mouths. People work hard. I applaud you. “

“well you can become rich in several different ways, and Rich can have many meanings. family, children, if you want children, grandchildren having all that you need but not having all the money you need can make you rich. Wealth/Money can be different. I myself was born into a family of old money but that did not make me wealthy it made me a child of wealthy parents. I believe some are born into it and then some have resources that put them in a position to become wealthy people and some or just self-made. “

“I worked really hard for it. “


“It is a combination of hard work, luck, and privilege plays into it. Anyone with the drive can move up of they work hard and find the right mentors. My first SB will be making 100k+ by 25yo and never depend upon another man for anything. She realized I offered much more than short term money and gifts. “

“I’m not rich but I do have money. I worked hard and really pushed to achieve what I wanted. It’s not easy going to school for 13 years then going to college for another 4 but in reality, the money you actually make from just living a normal life it comes naturally you need to know where to spend and have budgets. “

“Definitely both. Some people are born into it and don’t have to work AS hard but there are also people who work their ass off to get where they want to be. Obviously, those with more opportunities are able to get there faster and usually easier. If you’re not born into money or opportunity, you just have to hustle harder but that will make your destination that much better. The sense of accomplishment of becoming successful on your own will be worth all your effort and sacrifices. “

“I won’t say I’m rich but I do have a good financial situation. As a girl in college, I take a part-time job as a model, and I have my own career as a fashion blogger. My Youtube channel and Instagram page are doing pretty well and I earn money from Youtube and the brands I collaborate with. My family also support me a lot, they offered me a good environment and pay for my college so I can get a good education and the time to persuade my dream. “

“I don’t think I am rich enough at the moment. Most of the rich people don’t realize they are rich. They have endless desires and need. They have to think much and work hard to catch up with the goals they used to achieve and more new goals. Only then they will feel a sense of accomplishment. And to be honest I gain wealth thanks to my parents. “

“My wealth is inherited, until I get this money, I have through their own efforts to obtain wealth, through the accumulation of a long time, the successful succession of wealth eligibility. I believe that without previous efforts, even if I get the inheritance, I have a good chance of squandering it in a short time. I always believe that no wealth can be very easy to keep. “

“I don’t think I’m rich yet, but I’ve earned a lot and shared what I have with my friends and family. And how did I get all these? The biggest way to talk about how I own them is through education. In the university, I learned a lot of knowledge, including my knowledge of the field of work now. More importantly, I learned how to solve problems effectively, which helped me a lot in my career. So it wasn’t my job or salary that helped me achieves my goals. It was my college education, and I’m very grateful for that. “

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