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AMA: What Does Sugar Daddy Think About?

This is an AMA post by a sugar daddy on Reddit, and I collected these FAQ for all the sugar babies to figure out the question: what does sugar daddy think about. Hope this article may help you.

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What Does Sugar Daddy Think About?

Q: How much did you spend on her, on average?

A: Whatever she asked for. On average it was about 1k/month and over the time I was with her, I paid for the laptop, car repairs and sent her off to school with about 7K.

Q: What did you get in return for your money?

A: We would meet about 1-2 month and have sex and hang out for a few hours.

Q: How old are you and how old was she?

A: Me 39 her 23.

Q: You could have saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to prostitues.

A: Nothing against prostitues, but I don’t think they are for me. I have plenty of money and rather have something closer to a FWB relationship. Also, I haven’t been with many women and I prefer to keep it that way.

Q: I’ve done the SA thing three times now, the very cheapest was $2,500/mo, and that didn’t last long. 3-4K/mo seems about standard in my area. I am very curious, though, how did the negotiations come up, did she indicate she’d like to see you for $, or just wanted to date and the money came up later? All of mine have been pretty up front, once I passed their appearance/creepiness test it went straight to financial arrangements.

A: We met for coffee, after the career fair. Was going to help brainstorm something for her to do. She mentioned hating her mall job and I offered to help her out. I don’t remember the exact details it was a while ago and seems like a blur. I don’t normally conversate with the ladies so well.

Q: How did you initiate the ‘meet-ups’?

A: Email

Q: Would she ever initiate?

A: Yes

Q: Would she directly ask you to buy things?

A: No

Q: Would she seek you out when she was strapped for cash?

A: Just once she remined me to bring some money the next time I saw her.

Q: For 1K/mo on average, why was it not more frequently? (i.e. every Sunday)

A: I couldn’t make more time to see here.

Q: Did she impose any form of rules?

A: No. We had a safe word, sometimes she wouldn’t want to do anal.

Q: Is there anything you regret that you DID?

A: As I said before, she likes it rough. I slapped her face a few times at her request, but I didn’t like that. The rest (choking, spanking, hair pulling) I was fine with. It turns out anal is not all that it is cracked up to be. I liked making her feel good.

Q: Is there anything you regret that you DID NOT DO?

A: Sexwise I did everything I ever wanted with a woman. Maybe I should have seen her more often.

Q: Did you ever think that keeping a 23 year old girl on the side who would have anal sex with you for money might expose your wife to disease she didn’t deserve to be exposed to?

A: Oddly I use a condom with my wife and we don’t kiss on the mouth. I did use a condom with sugar baby for anal and most of the th3 time for other things. I’ve been tested since she left, and I’m clean. Not even cold sores.

Q: You mentioned you were married. How did you keep the loss of money from your wife?

A: We have enough where it is not noticeable.

Q: Did you realize at the time that you didn’t want a relationship and would just be happy being a Sugar Daddy, and offered that up front?

A: I was/am married so the relationship was out of the question. I thought that Sugar Daddies were by definition married? Otherwise, she’d just be an expensive/needy girlfriend.

Q: No luck finding a new one? Weird. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find another person like that. Did she have a boyfriend during any of this?

A: I’ve posted on Craigslist a few times and got a lot of spam. I’ve met a few women for coffee, but 2 of them were plain unattractive despite claiming otherwise and the other was a butterface. One of them offered a test drive, but I declined.

Q: Did she have another boyfriend close to her own age, on the side?

A: She did at first, but they broke up. She claimed he was ‘saving himself’ for marriage.

Q: Were you looking to be a sugar daddy or this just happen?

A: Just happened.

Q: Were you looking for something more in the relationship?

A: Nope.

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