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Alcohol and Sugar Baby: What Your Sugar Baby of Choice Says About Her

There is nothing more attractive than a sugar baby who knows what she wants. Arguably, that may be the reason some of you joined sugar daddy website in the first place. But before you are able to learn her dreams, aspirations, college goals, etc., it’s important to look for subtle clues. Noticing the way she orders her drink is a perfect start. Here is what her drink of choice says about her.

alcohol and sugar baby

Alcohol and Sugar Baby 1: Red wine

Real women drink red wine. It’s a delicate and traditional drink that for years, has been a great companion to housewives, steak dinners, and celebratory binge drinking. A woman who religiously enjoys red wine is utmost classy and wants to see her man as such. Show off that Rolex a little bit. Don’t be surprised that women who prefer this beverage are rarely seen at bars. She’s a smooth talker and intricate. Just like the stain this drink would leave if mishandled, rattling a red wine drinker’s cage would leave an irremovable blemish on your life. You’ve been warned.

Alcohol and Sugar Baby 2: White Wine

Who doesn’t love a lush? Just ask the housewives who ritually indulge in this beverage of choice. This Sugar Baby most likely knows a thing or two about class. She knows how to pronounce “Pinot Noir” and may even have knowledge of the grape variety. She’s high maintenance and most likely not the type you take to a sports bar. She wants you to see she knows how to handle her life and her man. After all, red wine can leave a nasty stain if mishandled, therefore she’s careful and calculated. Her mannerisms and her speech might just be as velvety and smooth as the liquid in her glass. Take caution with this one, she’s not for the beginner SD.

Alcohol and Sugar Baby 3: Margarita

Are you ready for a long-term relationship? Neither is she. These sugar babies love to party. Look at the size of the margarita. If she has the glass that’s comparable to a milk jug, she’s a regular and knows how to flirt.

Alcohol and Sugar Baby 4: Strawberry Margarita

On the surface, the flavored marg sugar baby seems like a good time, but deep, deep down she is just a walking ball of insecurity ready to burst. She is constantly worried about what you’re thinking of her. She’s always obsessing about how she’s standing to make sure her arms are looking as skinny as possible, terrified about the possibility that her marg salt is stuck to the side of her mouth just waiting to fuck up the Insta that she has been craftily waiting to post in order to make her former bestie, the vodka soda drinker, cry out of jealousy and paranoia of weight gain.

Alcohol and Sugar Baby 5: Martini

James Bond isn’t the only one who knows how to order a martini. A sugar baby who knows exactly how to instruct her bartender is going to be an aggressor in the sheets, and full of mystery. She’ll intrigue your interests — she’s educated, well-traveled, and not afraid to be strong in her values and opinion. Much like the drink itself, she’s willing to be straight up with you. A martini-drinking Sugar Baby most likely knows her limits, so don’t push her.

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