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Differences Between Normal and Sugar Relationship?

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Sugar Baby / 26

A sugar relationship you always know both of you are getting the good end of the stick. You are providing your service and benefitting from it financially. This will increase your happiness and at the same time you are satisfying your daddy’s needs. A normal relationship is built up of too many emotions that sometimes lead you to misery. Money Always speaks truth.

2017-11-14 09:11:57

Sugar Baby / 24

Normal relationships are boring after a while, or you're constantly wondering if the other person will leave you, or is cheating. Sugar relationships are way more fun and adventurous. Even online sugar relationships can be more exciting than a real life plain Jane relationship. Sugar ones are naughty and kinky and just way more fun and exciting. You can learn about each other and meet each others needs.

2017-11-14 10:18:29

Sugar Baby / 22

Both can lead to love however a sugar relationship is mutually beneficial always. Sugar relationships often include material exchanges for affection. A real relationship should have the mindset of long term commitment while sugar relationships are much lighter and fun. A sugar relationship always has the opportunity to become long term however that's not the mindset you should have going into it.

2017-11-14 11:50:00

Sugar Baby / 24

The difference between a normal relationship and a sugar relationship , one is in it for the love , and the other is in it for the sugar. Meaning to be spoiled , to have excitement while the normal relationship is blan but tbey still love their partner so they'd rather have a mistress . if anyone understands what that means.... most sugar relationship already have another relationship , they are pretty much just wanting a little extra fun but has a cost to it .

2017-11-14 12:58:43

Sugar Baby / 49

It's finding someone to fill the void.To help take care of you without strings. To be free from having to explain yourself to anyone. But kinda like saying it's ok to be a hoe just missing the street corner. Sad really that women have to lower them selves to get men to step up. I'm just not wanting a married man because I think cheating is so hurtful and wrong.

2017-11-14 13:33:03

Sugar Baby / 26

A normal relationship is that which has been modeled for us in society. Two people mutually in it together because they love each other. A sugar relationship is more so two people benefiting from each other. It's not quite business but it's not quite normal either. A sugar relationship is a reciprocity thing.. financial compensation for whatever the person you're in it with may need.

2017-11-14 13:48:40

Sugar Baby / 20

A real relationship consists of love and sacrifice, whereas sugar relationships are mostly to help make ends meet, if a real relationship comes from a sugar one then so be it. I don’t know about you but I am drowning in college bills and rent and working all day and having no fun, life is supposed to be starting now and i don’t want to miss the bus

2017-11-14 14:38:46

Sugar Baby / 38

Normal relationships can get messy and complicated. There's all that work and attention to put in whereas, in a SD/SB relationship, it's just the best parts. All the fun without the comment and headache. Not sure what else I'm supposed to say to make this longer because it's pretty easy to sum up in the few sentences I already provided. Lol 😊

2017-11-14 15:15:41

Sugar Baby / 23

I believe you can have a relationship & a daddy. How so? Well to begin with Daddy is a man who is there when you need him, for either his wisdom and or finance. in the other hand my dude is on the same raft as me what a joke. But was is love right? Honestly best of both worlds and knowing you have two good men to give you hand when you need it . thankful.

2017-11-14 18:18:12

Sugar Baby / 23

Normal relationships can be, ironically, more selfish than sugar relationships. Both people think they are ‘loving’ the other person, but really, it’s selfish love. In a sugar relationship, it’s based off of generosity. The sugar daddy/mommy is generous with their funds, and the sugar baby is generous with their time and vulnerability. As a person who is often incredibly emotionally closed in relationships, I have found that I’m far more vulnerable and open in sugar relationships than ordinary ones.

2017-11-14 22:42:26

Sugar Baby / 23

A normal relationship is that love is In place regardless of a the value of money or a status. Sugar relationships are strictly on a lifestyle where your sugar daddies pay for you to have fun and In the end show them affection. But not love. A sugar baby is strictly to show off and be the company for the sugar daddy. A sugar relationship is mainly just for fun and for comfortability

2017-11-14 23:40:57

Sugar Baby / 25

Normal relationships are hard! It's alot of feelings involve not knowing if what's going on around you is real or fake. Sugar relationship their's more honesty with one another and trust. Its more of a friend with benefits situation . Everyones situation is obviously different. Some sugar relationships tempt to be very distant than others wich it'll have it's good and it's bad.

2017-11-14 23:54:31

Sugar Baby / 22

I believe a real relationship is out of love for that person. A sugar relationship is for the money or the materialistic things. Honestly. A sugar relationship is to keep eachother company and spoil eachother with materialism or/and sex. A real relationship is love, compassion, you feel like youre on a cloud because of how you feel for them. Not because they’re buying you stuff or giving money.

2017-11-15 01:34:16

Sugar Baby / 26

One is two way love, the other is for pleasure and money. Its OK to have either. I guess some sugar daddy relationships may have some meaning but at the end, it was started over the mutual idea of an older guy spoiling a younger guy to have fun and adventure. I respect it of course and don't think there is anything wrong with it. I'm for it so message me.

2017-11-15 01:39:28

Sugar Baby / 34

Real relationships couples tend to work hard to grow togeather mentally, spiritually and physically. It's a bag of bs if you ask me. Ppl are to selfish for relationships these days.Sugar relationships tend to like to play harder, wine and dine, no strings attached probably realer then most relationships which really grinds my gears lol. Ive been through hell and hi water its my turn to taken care of bottom line💋👑

2017-11-15 02:19:00

Sugar Baby / 21

Normal relationships are to strict, bring and protocol. Whereas sugar relationships are fun, exciting, open with much more freedom and happiness for both involved. Sugar relationships involve much better sex life compared to normal relationships which as I have seen others describe perfectly- are vinalla. There’s something exhilarating and taboo about sugar and that’s what makes it all the more exciting.

2017-11-15 04:05:16

Sugar Baby / 27

Normal relationships can be deceiving as with sugaring, you both know what you are in for and whats expected of each other. I have built beautiful friendships over the years. A sugar relationship is a safe place where I can be myself completely. I think it has the potential to become more than "friendship", we never know and that's the beauty of it ;)

2017-11-15 05:13:48

Sugar Baby / 51

Relationships contain drama you get to the age where girls just wanna have fun.sugar daddies have contributed to society so they get to be pampered,praised,respected but most importantly rock their world!!! Where you give them your full attention and make all their buddies envious to have a classy woman when need me and just as wild wherever possible

2017-11-15 05:40:55

Sugar Baby / 39

A relationship is based on true love the other is based on being spoiled lavishly with gifts and money. People choose being a sugar baby because they feel money is everything or just simply because they are struggling financially so they could use a little help. Some choose it because they are lonely and just want companionship. Either way it’s a personal preference

2017-11-15 06:31:40

Sugar Baby / 21

Sugar relationships show a more honest and arguably intimate side whereas 'normal' relationships can be seen as confined and in most circumstances unhappy. There isn't as much commitment in a sugar relationship, giving both parties an enhanced feeling of freedom from having a partner that will, in most scenarios, drain you of finances and cause emotional stress.

2017-11-15 07:38:12

Sugar Baby / 39

In a typical real relationship it is suppose to be both work both strive to better one another and build together. Depending on one another more exclusive building to marriage and family, while sb &sd is more the snow gets to enjoy dreams of reality, feel admired, taken care of, without the stresses of relationship, while sd has no real strings just wants the eye candy the pleasure, and to make the sb what they desire. It's more a mutual agreement of fufilling fantasies. If that makes sense. And I'm not saying one is fake or not as good as the other it just depends on the people involved and what they desire

2017-11-15 08:12:42

Sugar Baby / 24

The difference between the two is mainly the reward and pleasure like you can get both in a normal relationship but puts way more stress than need be and another thing is most of the time both people aren't satisfied with the relationship and it just ends badly but with a sugar relationship there isn't as much of a emotional bond that could cause so much stress and negative effects

2017-11-15 09:25:05

Sugar Baby / 21

Sugar relationship has more financial benefits for a sugar baby more than emotional but in some cases this isn't always the case whereas a normal relationship has emotional benefits. But for a sugar daddy it means he can spend time with a beautiful young woman who looks good and has same interests as him which is .Hope this helped some of you xxx

2017-11-15 11:04:04

Sugar Baby / 36

Sugar relationships come without the hastle and stress of the every day marriage type relationship. You get all the perks, affection, company, etc. without all the conflict. At the end of the day you know you have each other, but you still get to live your own life. Metaphorically, it’s like renting a luxury car. You get to drive it around, show it off, but you don’t have to pay the monthly bill or instances because you return it until you want to drive it again.

2017-11-15 12:03:35

Sugar Baby / 23

One is love, which can be dishonest. One is money, which always speaks the truth. Feelings get complicated, as people are complicated. I’m personally tired of having my heart broken, and drowning in college bills. I could use a mentor, a real man, someone to help me shine. If love comes, it’s welcome. If it doesn’t, at least my pockets are happy. Lol

2017-11-15 12:26:59

Sugar Baby / 30

Honestly there is no difference aside from the financial aspect of things a regular relationship consist of two people actually doing something for one another on an even playing field and a sugar relationship is best described as the individual being more gratuitous than the individual in which they want to display their affection up on that's the only thing I think is different

2017-11-15 13:27:02

Sugar Baby / 21

One is based on romantic ideas, and so is ride other, but sugaring means you both get whst you want - company, money, a fun relationship - it's the ideal set up. It's simple, and, easy, for all participants. Love is all good and well but it's easier to search for what you really want, which for SBs is love and 💰 that goes old money!!!!!!!!!! It's fun as well

2017-11-15 13:49:50

Sugar Baby / 23

Hmmm creo que la diferencia podría ser un cierto interés económico y materialista al principio. Y pues ser un suggar Daddy y un suggar baby se caracteriza principalmente por la gran diferencia de edad (aunque no siempre es el caso)Eso se vuelve efímero hasta que realmente surge otra cosa después como el amor dónde ya sería una relación normal de pareja.

2017-11-15 14:29:14

Sugar Baby / 31

More honest and open about the things that are wanted on both sides. No confusion about where each other stand as from the get go, both parties know. One is for a financial gain and the sugar daddy gets what he desires in return sonits a win win situation. It's easier to be in the situation as being honest is the fundamental part of any relation and when in a 'normal' relationship honesty and trust are often lost

2017-11-15 14:47:15

Sugar Baby / 23

Normal relationships are stereotyped! We all want something from someone elese. This is human. Some are looking for beauty, kindness, fun or just going with the flow. Calling myself sugarbaby makes me honest towards myself and what i want. Sugar daddy/baby relationship are assumed. No lie behinf intention. It avoids misunderstandings and waste of time.

2017-11-15 15:26:39

Sugar Baby / 32

A normal relationship is when 2 ppl really are into each other and probably want to take as far as they can go with it. A sugar relationship is just 2 ppl who come to a mutual agreement on what each party wants from each other, usually the SB being wined and dined in exchange for whatever it is the SD wants from her. But sometimes even a mutual agreement can turn into something more serious

2017-11-15 16:12:18

Sugar Baby / 31

Sugar relationships are friends ships with benefits. I believe there can be a love between both parties, and both need different things from one another. I do believe that a sugar relationship could eventually turn into a “normal” relationship, if that’s what both parties are looking for. Or it can go on as strictly sugar if that’s what both parties want as well.

2017-11-15 16:13:34

Sugar Baby / 27

A normal relationship has boundaries and there’s love or feelings involved . in a normal relationship you have loyalty involved in a normal relationship you have that one person who u have to be loyal to and if u have another relationship that one person gets hurt in a sugar relationship there’s no boundaries and the only feelings involved is trust and lust but nothing too serious and you can have multiple sugar relationships without hurting anybody.

2017-11-15 16:28:45

Sugar Baby / 26

A sugar relationship is where you have someone who is not really interested in a long term relationship witch involves tellings and love and worrying if the other is cheating on you its financially benifical for the sugar baby and stimulating for SD or SM and a regular relationship is where you have to check in and feelings get caught possibly moving in and working towards a future together.

2017-11-15 16:56:58

Sugar Baby / 22

A normal relationship is with someone who you have a deep connection with. A sugar relationship however is for the connection in company and depends on how much sugar you are receiving 😉 A sugar relationship can include you dating outside your age level as long as it’s legal and that person suporting you in not just a financial way but in other ways as well. ❤️

2017-11-15 17:29:28

Sugar Baby / 21

Normal relationships are based on love and are ussually vanilla. Sugar relationships are more of a "fun" thing rather then a serious thing. Sugar babies get paid or given gifts for going out with their sugar daddy/mommy, it's also ussually a sub/dom thing meaning that the daddy or mommy is dominant over the submissive sugar baby. As I said, sugar relationships aren't ussually long term or too serious it's just about meeting people, experimenting, getting out there & maybe even making some cash !

2017-11-15 18:12:51

Sugar Baby / 21

One is love and the other lust for money. Sometimes sugar relationships will become love but money will still be included. In a relationship there is no money whether you are broke or not. With sugar if money is not there it doesn’t work. That’s all I can say. One you can get broken and one you can make people broke. Either way it’s fair game I believe.

2017-11-15 21:17:09

Sugar Baby / 22

i think traditional relationships are boring. they’re cliche and outdated. sugar relationships have more spice, and since they can be kindve taboo at times it’s more interesting and risqué. it’s great and interesting and always changing. never boring which is what traditional relationships can be at times. sugar relationships are the new monogomous marriage!

2017-11-15 22:35:10

Sugar Baby / 27

I think both are variations of normal relations. The difference is that a sugar baby has to be a "sweet" not a person that tries to build a family (which always involves too much effort, stress for both and quarrels) but just to be a pure genuine treat for a man, to be his relief , a parallel universe full of support, understanding and quality time/sex. With a better half one has to work hard on relations, with sugar babe one is supposed to relax from that shit. Both are great, but they have different reason and different purpose.

2017-11-15 23:55:36

Sugar Baby / 27

A relationship is always expensive doesn't matter if is normal or sugar, the only difference is that sugar daddies never complain about it because they already know how the world works, and is posible to have more fun because in a Sugar relationship everything is about having a good time instead all the drama, because they already had all those problems the most of the time.

2017-11-16 00:50:00

Sugar Baby / 23

Sugaring is up front and honest with its expectations. Sugaring has the integrity of mutual partnership and benefits and you get as much as you expect, accept and invest. It’s special, terms are clear, and you always know where you and your sugar stand. Sugaring provides security and stabilty without being scary or uncertain or risking trust or your autonamy.

2017-11-16 01:39:58

Sugar Baby / 31

Well the difference between a relationship and it's sugar relationship is relationships kind of seemed really distance you know like you don't you're not much opened up to each other but with the sugar one it's like you're talking to your parents in a way you know like you can be opened up to anything there's so many opportunities out there and they build you for success

2017-11-16 03:12:17

Sugar Baby / 36

Real relationships get messy and too mean.i like that this is more for fun and everyone is bag having fun because that’s the point. I Also like that we can be the candy too. Anyone wasnts me I’m in Pizza Hut just watching American there a woman who just wants to get laid and ha e good talks call me as I can do that for you .? DJ. DJ too

2017-11-16 03:21:16

Sugar Baby / 23

Je pense qu'une relation entre une femme mature et un jeune n'a ni rien de similaire, c'est plus doux, on sait ce qu'on veut, c'est respectueux, et on a pas la gène que peuvent créer des demoiselles qui ne se connaissent pas et qui vont te malaiser car elle même ne sait même pas ce qu'elle veut, contrairement aux femme matures qui ont eut le temps de savoir

2017-11-16 03:27:54

Sugar Baby / 21

A normal relationship is what’s expected of young unmarried women, we are expected to find a man to have kids and grow old with. Normal relationships are something you go into expecting it to be long term. Whereas a relationship with a sugar daddy usually isn’t something to expect long term unless you form a real connection with a sugar daddy. These kinds of relationships are more mutually beneficial when some normal relationships are not. And usually sugar-relationships should not include sexual favors; that is prostitution and it’s illegal. Please don’t accept money for sex ladies that’s not what this is for. A REAL daddy will just financially support you for your time and attention.

2017-11-16 03:33:27

Sugar Baby / 21

SD/SB relationships differ in the fact that typically the SB is showered in gifts (although sometimes the SB just wants money and this should not he the case), as well as it is mutually beneficial. Depending on the people there could be many different agreements between one-another.As long as the relationship has its terms and each person has agreed, all is well

2017-11-16 04:32:27

Sugar Baby / 35

One is about money and the other is love.. Love can break your heart but money can make you somewhat happy.. Im tired of getting my heart broke from a asshole men.. All they think about is there themselves. I want true love not something that well end in misery and forgotten love. So why not have a little fun with being a sugar baby.. My first time trying this ..

2017-11-16 09:03:14

Sugar Baby / 22

Similarities—Both sugar daddies and millionaires are rich men, either inherited or self -made.Differences—A sugar daddy is about money and sex. A millionaire is about love and relationship.Young sexy sugar babies need fancy clothes, a car, cash, an apartment, luxury holiday, etc. They turn to sugar daddies, because sugar daddies need beautiful women to share their wealth with. It’s more like a deal and it’s short. When sugar babies meet their needs, and sugar daddies are sick of them. It’s over.

2017-11-16 09:45:45

Sugar Baby / 26

One is infatuation and heartbreak, the other is a mutually beneficial relationship with clear boundaries and shared interests. Being in love in a normal relationship is heartbreak. Having a sugar daddy is smart! As others have mentioned Ive had just about enough of struggling to get by, never being able to treat myself or better myself. So what if I want to engage in a relationship that benefits me financially?

2017-11-16 10:52:29

Sugar Baby / 38

Normal relationship involve love and attractions in both parties. Sugar ralationship usually money and sex. But if love developed, then happy ending. But whatever we have, we should respect each others decision because in our life, only us knows what our needs emotionaly and financial.................................................................

2017-11-16 10:54:10