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What Does Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Mean to You?

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Sugar Baby / 26

For me, a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship is that where those two have come together for mutual benefit. It shouldn't be one sided. Both sides should be able to benefit from the other. In most cases, the daddy takes care of the baby with financial support and in return, the baby gives the daddy her time, and takes care of him generally. It's more like give and take

2017-11-15 20:57:15

Sugar Baby / 21

To me a sugar daddy is a order gentleman that pays for the company or sex or videos/photos from younger women. Now it could be a escort kind of thing but that's mainly a relationship based on sex and he will pay anything for sex with beautiful young escort. Now a sugar baby is a young lady that entertains or has sex, videos and pictures for money or gifts from a older wealthy man.

2017-11-28 23:15:54

Sugar Baby / 26

Sugar dad is not only a person that fuck with me and pay my bill. He is such a nice person who willing to help me in my difficulties especially my finance. I will put him as one of my family member, I mean I will threat him like so. He will be means a lot for me!My ideal sugar daddy is one who is loyal, have $$$$ income, have time to go travelling together and flexible

2017-12-19 02:07:30

Sugar Baby / 21

My ideal sugar mommy would be a beautiful woman who would be not only a sugar mommy but a friend, and could keep me and my baby satisfied and happy financially and sexually. She wouldn’t necessarily have to be local, but would ideally be understanding of our desire to keep things online or wait a long while before meeting up, due to safety reasons.

2017-12-19 06:35:37

Sugar Baby / 31

I want my sugar daddy or mommy to know that I am 100% open, honest, and capable of handling a mature and mutually beneficial agreement for a sugar relationship. I want someone who will respect me as I respect them, and even if they can’t be sympathetic to my situation, they can be empathetic and understanding. Patience, kindness, and a willingness to help someone who just wants to be able to afford her next meal. That’s what I want.

2017-12-19 07:22:21

Sugar Baby / 32

What does Sugar Daddy mean to me? And what is the ideal Sugar Daddy? Well, an SD means someone who is busy, tired of the day to day life. Someone who needs a fantasy. Someone who needs an escape or a reprieve from their regular life. Is he married? Maybe. But sometji ng is missing from their life, and I am here to fulfill that. Ideally, he would have time to text me as he could. He would see me once weekly. And he would take care of this deserving baby.

2017-12-19 19:38:44

Sugar Baby / 29

To me the definition of a SD is someone whom you take care of and whom takes care of you. It's a two way street. My ideal SD would be someone who enjoys my company every once a week regularly and will shower me with gifts so I can do more for him. He also needs to have good conversations with me and be open to helping me with my future endevours and ambitions in life!

2017-12-20 06:29:57

Sugar Baby / 30

Sugar daddy means a lot to me and my ideal sugar daddy should be my very good friend. I wanna be with someone I can connect with and have a good conversation with. He has to be some one that is not possessive or hostile rather he should be understanding, compassionate , some one I would feel safe with, a family person, selfless and most of all one that is ready to support and push me with my career and much more.

2017-12-20 11:12:00

Sugar Baby / 21

A sugar daddy/mommy means someone who will pay a decent amount, if not more, for sex and/or to spoil and pamper a young man/women because they're attractive and/or just because they can. On the other hand, a sugar baby is a male or female who needs or wants something financially and/or in a relationship that normal dating cannot provide. I'm not picky about my taste, but they better be cute. 😉

2017-12-20 18:48:40

Sugar Baby / 27

To me, the term sugar daddy describes a man who likes to blow money on and spoil a (usually younger) woman. He likes to take her out to nice places and show her off as his sexy arm candy. He will either send her money or take her shopping for nice new clothes, keep her nails and hair done. The sugar daddy or mama is obviously wealthy and likes giving to others.

2017-12-20 21:18:08

Sugar Baby / 27

My ideal sugar daddy would be a man who will open the door for me and be a gentleman towards me. A man that wants to get to know me and together we can find common interests. A man who will give me new experiences. Also a man who sees me as someone that he would want to spoil because he thinks I deserve it not just because of looks. A man not a boy.

2017-12-20 22:10:12

Sugar Baby / 34

I'd really like my daddy to be genuine with me. I do need money but I really want more than that. Gifts are nice too,but I want something grand like a real live love story from a long lost tale book that no one ever reads anymore. I want to be shown the life of a princess. Live up to my name. I want to be treated right. I'm so tired of these broke loosers who only use me.

2017-12-21 22:03:33

Sugar Baby / 21

Sugar daddy means getting to spend time or talk to someone who is older and more wealthier than me, well, that's what it means to me anyway haha. Personally I'm looking for a sugar mommy or daddy who will give me a few bucks for pretty photos of me, I'm not really up for meeting up with sugar daddies or mommies yet as I am new to this app but I reckon that once I settle in I will feel comfortable to meet up with others.

2017-12-22 01:24:17

Sugar Baby / 23

Having a sugar daddy means someone to take care of you while you take care of them. There is so much a sugar daddy can be to a person. Strong sexy and depndable would be nice with a beautiful body and face. Someone who can mentor and support me. A listener who likes to try new things and adventure the world and have fun. It’s someone just to be with you.

2017-12-22 04:44:37

Sugar Baby / 25

Sugar Daddy means someone who is already well-established. Meaning, they can afford to take care of someone else financially, mentally & emotionally. Being that I’m a sugar baby, I simply want a sugar daddy who doesn’t mind pitching in from time-to-time. My ideal sugar daddy is someone who is not only stable financially but mentally as well.........

2017-12-22 10:12:13

Sugar Baby / 29

I don't exactly know what a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship looks like but my idea for who ever becomes my sugar daddy, I want us to be good friends. I want us to hang out some times, I want some kind of connection and hopefully not be treated like a prostitute because that's not what I am. I want someone that will gladly spoil me and help me out and I can be that companion he needs and wants.

2017-12-23 09:51:02

Sugar Baby / 30

Sugar is sweet, and although we aren't all sweet, I expect to be sweet (most of the time at least) in whatever relationships I develop with people. We are all human, have needs and wants, and this is just another way to seek to fulfill them. Being honest about your needs is important and this is one way to do that. Providing for each other can be done in so many ways and this culture allows for that to be a possibility that starts with some honesty.

2017-12-23 10:32:09

Sugar Baby / 22

My ideal sugar daddy is a man who is understanding, not controlling and willing to give me whatever I want. I want to someone who is middle aged, say 20-55 years of age. I want someone who I can travel with. Someone energetic. Someone fun, down to earth and not too serious. Someone silly and easy going. I want someone who can help me with anything.

2017-12-23 11:40:32

Sugar Baby / 28

It is more than just something childish and mundane. This is sacred, meaningful and only meant for one special person. Someone that is deserving of my time and affection. My affection is something to earn, as is my trust. It is not to be handed over so easily. Just like details of me, my life, or what we can become. If you are looking for more than the typical date, or girlfriend experience, I will be your reason for something more.

2017-12-23 22:09:32

Sugar Baby / 21

Obviously it's going to be something different for everyone. I've always kind of seen it as like a virtual boy or girl friend who gives you that feeling of companionship even though you may not necessarily be together. Both parties benefit because most sugar daddies give their sugar baby an allowance. To my understanding obviously sometimes there is physical intimacy but I think it really just depends on each individual situation and what's been agreed upon.

2017-12-24 04:48:55

Sugar Baby / 40

I feel the diff for SugarDaddy is...we dnt live together..we see each other at lease 2 a week..and u treat me like your school girl sweet heart and I call u Daddy..and treat u as my king and respect your needs and privacy..but..U are u Must keep yo Baby happy and call me 1 a day or more..and hopefully fall in love..but not too fast..must get to know kids...thanks😘

2017-12-24 05:11:34

Sugar Baby / 28

For me sugar daddy is well educated man that is willing to give pleasure,fun and nice experience to a sugar baby tjat is willing to enjoy his company. For me a sugar daddy is someone that will treat u nice with no judgement at the same time will compensate you aswell. As for sugar baby, for me this is a person that is willing to be a sugar daddy with no judgement. Sugar baby needs to be decent aswell in a way of not abusing her sugar daddy.

2017-12-24 11:37:44

Sugar Baby / 22

Sugar baby means a lot to me because dating never worked for me I always get hurt but as a sugar baby I don't have to worry about such things I can just enjoy myself with my daddy. An ideal sugar daddy for me is someone who is funny, smart and willing to try new new things. I'd like to be around someone who can push me out of my comfort zone and try new things as well.

2017-12-24 20:41:10

Sugar Baby / 20

I would like to become a sugar baby, and to me that means caring for a rich man or maybe even a woman. As a sugar baby, I would receive money for whatever my sugar daddy/mommy wants. This would be no hassle to me because I imagine receiving sugar from someone I truly connect with and am interest in. They would respect me and care for me like I did for them. I would be willing to share.

2017-12-25 06:22:27

Sugar Baby / 34

No. In my opinion, being a sugar baby does not mean you’re getting paid to have sex. Being part of a sugar baby/ sugar daddy relationship is more about preferring a traditional relationship dynamic where the girl tends to offer her beauty and a youthful perspective, while the man usually offers the emotional, financial, and physical knowledge and stability that comes with age. You both bring a lot more to the relationship than simply sex and money.

2017-12-26 04:47:50

Sugar Baby / 27

Sugar Daddy's to me are extremely wealthy men who love to spend money on women for their time. Sugar babies deserve money for their attention and time. They are not prostitutes. If they choose to have sex with their suggar daddy it should because they want something more from them, like a real relationship. I don't want a relationship. I want money for my time which is what a sugar daddy owes me for.

2017-12-26 10:32:58

Sugar Baby / 20

My ideal sugar daddy would give me a weekly allowance of a couple hundred dollars minimum, be handsome, older so he knows what he wants, and make it clear what he wants. He would give me rules to follow and I would obey them for the money. We would see each other on rare occasions when he comes to visit Wichita, and we could keep our relationship on the DL to others.

2017-12-26 12:39:15

Sugar Baby / 21

In my opinion it all depends on what they’re looking for. If they want to be close and go on dates, great. If they’re just looking for a few pics or just someone to talk to, great. I base it mostly off of what they want. I mean it would be ideal to actually be able to grow with someone but that’s not what everyone is looking for. No two people are the same 🤷🏽‍♀️

2017-12-26 14:25:17

Sugar Baby / 48

My idealic sugar Daddy is a kind man that knows what he wants from his sugar baby, or " little girl ". I image a tall dark hair, a little greying , man. A good build. My sugar Daddy would like to buy me gifts. Give me money to get my hair and my nails done.,buy sexy clothes and lingerie for him. I don't expect him to pay my bills or Rent.

2017-12-26 14:36:16

Sugar Baby / 30

To me the relationship between a baby and her daddy should be one of trust loyalty and respect. I want an actual relationship and to develop feelings for my daddy. Im new to this whole thing but im not looking to get into it for laughs. Im looking for someone who legitimately needs someone. And who who takes pride in his baby. Someone who wants to show off and treat his baby like a goddess.

2017-12-26 15:06:38

Sugar Baby / 21

My ideal sugar daddy is a man who wants a full relationship with me. He must want to take care of me, look after me and treat me as a princess. He must be possesive and romantic at the same time, never being rude to me.Being a sugar daddy, for me, is being the guardian and king of you baby. You have to love him/her and make your baby feel loved around you.

2017-12-26 18:49:57

Sugar Baby / 22

My daddy would mean a lot to me cause he is the one I would definitely love the most. He is over every single person. Number one in my heart. He deserves to be loved, kissed and hugged whenever he needs it or wants it. No o e will ever be in daddy's place cause he is the most important person in my life and all my love is for him. Daddy has my heart.

2017-12-27 02:27:52

Sugar Baby / 53

Sugar daddy means to me not someone to use or that i just want money and no interaction but that i have found someone that can take care of the needs of myself and hisself and i dont have to worry about anything i don't need to have the worry of the world on my shoulders i have someone that has my back i have someone that i can count on someone to share life with

2017-12-27 05:36:49

Sugar Baby / 31

My ideal Arrangement would be with a man who is genuine, outgoing, attentive, honest, kind and straightforward. Someone I can have good conversations with, where things just flow... A man whose company I feel comfortable in. A man who treats me with respect, makes me laugh and is very considerate. Someone I could travel with & make memories with...

2017-12-27 08:36:37

Sugar Baby / 29

Sugar daddy to me means an older man spoiling/taking care of an younger female with very much class, respect, and keeps up with her self. Ideal sugar daddy to me would be him showing me things I've never gotten to see, taking me places I've never been, showing me the best part in life that I've never experienced and I can help him many ways, by keeping him happy, etc.

2017-12-27 10:42:32

Sugar Baby / 23

My sugar daddy will mean a lot to me. I will dedicate in return lots of my time to you. I would text you back and listen to all of your problems. My ideal sugar daddy will spoil me and treat me like the princess I am. Not only that but I need lots of attention in return, I need people to talk to and to pay attention to some of my problems like I would do for you.

2017-12-27 18:08:31

Sugar Baby / 36

Sugar daddy is someone who is going to pay for what he wants and a sugar baby will accept the gifts. Thats the basic meaning of the sd/sg dating site. Its cool if you are into the whole idea of being bought. 😁😁 but that is just what it is. Im not judging. Im here aren't I. Just have fun with whatever you want out of life. Its yours so enjoy the hell out of it

2017-12-28 01:25:09

Sugar Baby / 35

My ideal sugar daddy would be in decent shape and good health. He will be between 32-60 years old. I have meet some older men before in very good shape and health. There must be a mutual attraction. My ideal sugar daddy loves to laugh, gentlyman like , shows chivalry and very respectable. That is very important to me. He will take me shopping when need be, , nice trips and not pressure me to be intimate. It will happen in due time. I will take the lead .

2017-12-28 02:49:38

Sugar Baby / 38

Sugar baby to me means that you have a sugar daddy that will do anything for you not matter the cost as long as you make him happy in every way possible . A sugar baby is spoiled by a sugar daddy . Damn am ready to get spoiled trust me you will never regret not one moment of it. I’ll make you come alive again. Only if your opened to everything only then it will be fun

2017-12-28 08:19:42

Sugar Baby / 33

In my opinion the only difference between a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship and a so-called normal relationship is the fact that everything is laid out on the table from the start. Everything is discussed and agreed upon and it is made clear the expectations of each party involved. I think this is ideal because there's no room for misunderstandings, mind hames, leading on and the whole song and dance that goes along with, so-called, normal dating. My ideal sugar daddy would be someone that is a friend to me. Someone who is open to this sugar relationship turning into an actual full-time exclusive relationship. Someone who is a confidante and can also teach me things about life and business. Someone who adores me and that I can adore. Oneb who loves being around me and who spoils me with luxury, lavish gifts, trips and of course $ugar!!

2017-12-28 10:32:14

Sugar Baby / 26

Means alot to me because I'm searching for that guy who can finally make me smile, laugh and enjoy life the way I want to, a guy who can be himself around me and I can be who I am around him and he love it... My ideal SD is a funny, cute, down to earth laid back guy who is not cocky and not afraid to get his hands dirty, a handsome man who's have eyes on only me and work, a guy who wants a family one day, who want something real and serious, can support me in every way and not selfish.

2017-12-28 13:10:03

Sugar Baby / 21

To me, the term sugar daddy describes a man who is looking for a woman (usually younger and good looking) to spoil. My ideal sugar daddy is sweet, and gentle. He wouldn't hurt me or pressure me into anything that I don't want to do. He'll take me shopping and take care of me. In return I will love him and do my best to keep him happy. We'll trust each other.

2017-12-28 14:42:33

Sugar Baby / 33

To me, a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship or arrangement is simply one that is mutually satisfying to both parties from the start. It is a relationship or partnership where all expectations and requirements are discussed at length, hopefully, one time and then you don't need to have these awkward situations and conversations again. It is all laid out on the line, put there on the table, everything discussed and agreed upon and then executed. I think it is a very practical way of doing things in this day and age. Especially, if you don't have time for a so-called normal relationship.

2017-12-28 18:14:54

Sugar Baby / 22

My idea of a Sugar Daddy is getting to know each other and him taking me out on dates, buying me things and going places as our relationship grows. I would ask kindly for money for things that I need and I want a Sugar Daddy that loved to spoil me with things that I want and need. Maybe things can go a little farther and grow a more deeper relationship.

2017-12-28 20:22:14

Sugar Baby / 23

Sugar baby means to me that you are being spoiled by a rich man or rich enough man who is willing to give you what you want. My ideal of a sugar daddy is someone who is willing and able to come to my needs as I will come to his. Someone who is comfortable with the situation I’m in and doesn’t mind that it’s gonna be hard to come up with an arrangement. I’ll do what he wants if he does what I want.

2017-12-29 02:14:19

Sugar Baby / 21

To me, being a sugar baby means being loved and spoiled and wanted. My ideal sugar daddy will be able to provide all those things for me, and I will be able to help him as well. Being in a sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship means to me that both me and my daddy have mutual respect for each other and care for each other in our our individual ways.

2017-12-29 07:58:06

Sugar Baby / 27

What a sugar daddy means to me is someone who is willing to go out of their way to take care of someone else. Most times a sugar daddy just wants someone to have around to talk to and spend time with. My ideal SD is adventurous and can cater to me whenever I need as I would cater to him whenever he needs me. We both entertain and interest eachother

2017-12-29 13:30:45

Sugar Baby / 21

Have you ever seen the movie no strings attached or friends with benefits. That’s my idea SD and SB relationship someone you can talk to, be friends with and have an amazing time 😉. But also be spoiled. I want to find someone who’s a gentleman, handsome, and caring. But I also want to be there for my SD also. I don’t want to be paid for “happy ending” because this is not what this site is about. I want a friend with benefits relationship, and to be spoiled by my SD when he wants and how he wants.

2017-12-30 09:41:31

Sugar Baby / 21

Sugar daddy means money and fun to me. It's a fun life lesson. My ideal sugar daddy treats me well, doesn't only want sexual favors. Wants to have fun with me and do social things to. He should dress well and spoil me. We should do many fun things.RDD. Jj. Y. Y. I. K. H

2017-12-30 15:48:27

Sugar Baby / 25

Having a sugar daddy in my life means having a men to care for me, to protect me and to be gentle and kind. I want someone that can support me both financial when need and emotionally most important. My ideal suggar daddy would be a complete gentlemen. Someone who is kind and loving not only with me but with everyone around him. I.m looking for a relationship and not only fun

2017-12-30 16:28:19