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What Kind of First Date Do You Want with Your Sugar Daddy?

202 Answers

Sugar Baby / 58

I would love after me and my sugar daddy get closer, after talking more I want to go shopping for a very fine meal together, once we discover what we both love to eat, I want us to get the foods, go back to cook the meals together, set the table, for a very romantic, candlelit, nice slow romantic music playing, and we both have glass of wine as our meals are cooking, then we sit down to dinner together, something we prepared together, how lovely, Sexy is that

2017-11-14 21:42:03

Sugar Baby / 26

Have a very nice chat, show his gentlemen and kindness in a coffee shop or well dressed and well plan in a nice environment restaurant~ doesn’t matter include sex or not as long as the intimacy time and the time spending together get naturally bonding. Get close to each other heart, explore each other life and life goals no matter in career or some personal sharing.

2017-11-17 10:02:39

Sugar Baby / 32

I would love to have a first date that allows us to get to know one another on a whole Nother level. What I mean is if there's a geek side I want to know about it, the intellectual side I also want to know. We should be able to discover things about each other, if you don't know someone how could you truly getting a connection? Rhetorical question of course

2017-11-18 10:23:21

Sugar Baby / 33

I rather dinner or lunch versus movies where we can't talk. Unless it's movies then dinner after where we could engage. A first date is the most pivotal time to be engaging as its the determining factor on how the relationship goes.if not dinner than an activity like lets say bar trivia where we are more so encouraged to be engaged and eliminates shyness if any pre-existing

2017-11-18 13:47:19

Sugar Baby / 39

Just depends on the connection j have with them. I am fine with a nice dinner and whatever but at the same time I love surprised I love the take charge idea like I come home to a note with a present it's clothes to wear and time to be ready with a full night of surprises. Or a surprise road trip if I was in the psotion to take off work like that. But I would not want something to extravagant upfront if it was something that became less and less

2017-11-18 15:45:05

Sugar Baby / 33

It depends on location and time allowance. I am open let the man lead and I will follow. I would suggest a cozy meeting place, siscuss what we are looking for and not willing to deal with. What he likes, especially sexually.Sex can be right after lol. I love nature just as much as I love my comdty bed. My rime is valuable so I want to know what is expected and how long you want to keep me. Lol

2017-11-19 04:22:00

Sugar Baby / 26

I want to have my dream date, which is he picks me up using his pick up truck. We go to the hill in the middle of the night. Up there, we have a picnic dinner at the pick up truck. Then just spend the night deep talking about everything while looking at the stars. And spend the night there together. Because he manages to arrange his truck with pillows & blankets & even makes it look like a tent

2017-11-20 01:09:09

Sugar Baby / 26

I want someone who can tell me to get dressed and we go for dinner & a walk around the park! A sweet, little, romantic place where we are able to hear each other but not everyone can hear us. Conversation is everything to me so the first date should be intimate. And what’s better than getting full & walking it off afterwards. And I usually like to end with either drinks or coffee! ☺️

2017-11-21 23:43:49

Sugar Baby / 25

I'd like have the first date in a coffe shop, or in a small and petite restaurant. And this is classic, I know, but why? Well, you're going to have the opportunity to talk with your date about he or she, and have important things about them. You can know each other and if it's a sugar date, you can have the opportunity to talk about what is going to happened between you too or if you are going to have an agreement or if you want to have another sugar date.

2017-11-22 21:09:07

Sugar Baby / 27

I would want to go to the gun range and spend the date showing one another up. After the gun range and loading our firearms up, we would go grab something to eat from a food truck and hit a back road just cruising off the beaten path getting to know one.another tell we find that perfect spot to pull over and have a tailgate picnic and hopefully making one another laugh

2017-11-23 06:18:16

Sugar Baby / 24

Would like my first date to be in Paris are Dubai these two places are a must for me.. Beautiful and romantic I would want to be in fancy restaurant but I rather have dinner beside the hifel tower. Would love a very charming date, I would rather be with a boring person than to date a fun fun fun fun and pure love love love love atleast

2017-11-24 04:11:28

Sugar Baby / 53

Pic exchange that way they see you in detail and texting is as well.then you (s.b) can see what interests you two share.then there is for (s.d) an idealistic way of knowing if you invested well ....then you have a visual of what to expect first hand.a pic can show alot of what to compare it to in person once you one wants to be fooled by one pic xchange.i prefer many ...

2017-11-24 14:50:44

Sugar Baby / 53

Not the same or ever over rated restaurant scene.....this is a one shot deal you are here to impress or be impressed.if you agreed w the terms from the get go think out of the box wouldn't be so bad expanding you're horizon is where you should be thinking on a first anything.this is your time to be creative you chose to be here be comfortable w your choice if it is a mutual adult agreement and after you established an agrmt. And u know u mos.def.want to pursue this person.why?the reg.norm.if date two isn't in store for the two of u then think of what u did and beyond for this person you will be remembered .their lost not many times can a person actually do this for each individual unless you are bill gates it can be an endless money is no object then shoot for the moon!!if money is a problem then you are way ahead of yourself then you will specifically getting what u ask for then the options r limited and satisfaction may not be guaranteed.overall you are here to have fun...

2017-11-24 15:08:17

Sugar Baby / 28

For the first date, I find the best places to go and have drinks are hotel bars! They’re quiet, dimly lit, with soft music and muted chatter, you can connect with your sugar daddy on a deeper level, where you can hear one another, the mood if you want it to be, can be romantic, flirty and with the suggestive lighting incredibly sexy!! Also, being in a public place, it’s safer!!

2017-11-24 18:12:32

Sugar Baby / 21

My perfect date would be that i get picked up from my home, dressed up as cute as I want to be, maybe with a bow in my hair. I’m then taken to a nice steak dinner, at a not too crowded place, so that I don’t have to raise my voice to have a conversation. Then, we’d have a nice, leisurely walk through a park, where we can enjoy each other’s company. At the end of it all, we’d kiss, before they take me to their home, and we have a tender moment of passion in their bed.

2017-11-25 00:23:32

Sugar Baby / 28

Anything sugar daddy wants to do on the first dates, i will try my very best to be open. i am new to this so im not sure what a sugar daddy would like to do on a first date. But my idea of dating is simple, i assume dinners, cuddling, beach, small trips sometimes. A sugar daddy that knows what he wants to do will have my attention simply because i will take his lead

2017-11-25 08:13:23

Sugar Baby / 28

Well this is my first time becoming a sugar baby. im very simple, i think a dinner and maybe walk on the beach is nice, you have the time to share eachothers company, read the body language, take the proper time to get to know eachother, and see where things go. I think absugar daddy should chose where he would like to go, as he is the one that knows best.

2017-11-26 07:46:23

Sugar Baby / 23

Since I've never had a sugar daddy, I'd like something creative enough to show his personality, yet something simple enough that we would be able to get to know each other and still feel comfortable together. I think I'd like to start out with an online relationship for a while so that I can get to know my sugar daddy and build trust before I met with him and put myself out there too much.

2017-11-27 05:46:15

Sugar Baby / 21

For the first date I would like to stay in have my SD cook for me or I cook for him. A simple night in just to get comfortable with each other. After dinner make some popcorn and binge watch the next tv series on Netflix. I like the smaller things in life nothing to fancy, just some time too ourselves is all Is ask for. The hard part is finding the SD that wants just the same.

2017-11-27 16:42:12

Sugar Baby / 21

My first time dates probably be at crowded restaurant or any place that has food l... I would like some where open and lots of people and maybe even kids so I won't be too nervous or scared because I don't have a clue who I might be having lunch with but anyway thats just for my first couple of sugar daddies. But once I'm comfortable then it'll be more private places and maybe their place where I don't have to be scared.

2017-11-28 13:12:18

Sugar Baby / 34

Perfect first date would be nothing to secluded but nothing that was enabling you to observe one another meeting someone for the first time is important that distraction. Can shield what may or may not be there but theses days Barney ruble is a murderer so you have to be safe but don't take it to extremes that you lose sight on what you're supposed to be feeling ok ut

2017-11-29 00:00:46

Sugar Baby / 30

I want to be given the most beautiful bouquet of roses on my first date I'm with my daddy because I love beauty whether it's natural or made up I appreciate Beauty in every way and the most beautifulest thing besides dining are flowers and then to be coming from somebody that has a beautiful heart even though they know that they not as handsome as an the next man the fact that they show that they are a gentleman and they appreciate the beauty that shows in the attention that most little girls won't I think that the symbol of a flower is a very good first step

2017-11-29 18:59:01

Sugar Baby / 23

I don’t like boring dates. I don’t want to go on a fancy restaurant for our first date. But a place like the ocean or just a gardens place with lots ofFlowers ever where is topically my first date. I don’t like people who are so flashy about their money or try to hard to impress. Just a normal date is fine me. I don’t look for much but something Adventure more realsistix of a normal first date

2017-12-01 19:58:31

Sugar Baby / 22

I would love to have a date where we can just really get to know each other. We as humans are animals and I feel in the first hour we meet someone we can tell if we have a connection or not, I want to find out if I have one with my sugar daddy/mommy. I want to start building a foundation of trust right away, to feel safe with someone who is going to be taking care of me.

2017-12-03 05:23:11

Sugar Baby / 40

It can be something fun and out of the box. I prefer it be in a intimate usually that way we can focus on getting to know each other a little better. Doing things like going to the movies or a club or bar is a no for me because it handicaps the conversation. We’re forced to watch something or scream at each other like maniacs and barely learned one thing about each other. Long as it’s not things like that I’m fine with the date.

2017-12-03 08:52:00

Sugar Baby / 24

I would the first date to be in another state or country and just have fun. Let loose and go wild. Maybe go swimming in the ocean and look at the coral reef. I would love for that to happen. Or go to a wild preservation and see all the animals. I love wildlife. The animals are so beautiful. I bet they look better in their natural habitat though. Eh...oh well, it's not stop me from eating steak. HAAA!!!

2017-12-04 20:02:29

Sugar Baby / 21

For the first time dating, id like to go out on a lunch date, id like to be able to meet that person face to face during the most important meal of the day😂😂 as i would call it, then id like to talk for a while and discusss how things would work, our do’s and don’t’s and what would work for us and how we could make eachotef happy!! Thats what i would do if youd ask me. Xoxo

2017-12-05 06:02:10

Sugar Baby / 29

It all depends on the connection and vibe I develop with my potential SD. But something easy, approachable is ideal. A restaurant or lounge based on what kind of cuisine is enjoyed by both of us is best. You know, when you decide on it by going over what your favourite dish is, recalling meals your mom made you, favourite dessert... You've already got a budding relationship right there. When you're too busy talking about everything and anything that you have the server visit 3 times just to get your cocktail order. Candle lit laughter, hands languidly brushing against one another by 'accident' and finally the cocktail arrives. Conversation should be seamless and easy... Maybe we'll need to get a breath of fresh air and decide to leave base. Warm air, the hum of the city and a fresh new spot to fuel our next set of topics. Perfection.

2017-12-05 19:47:20

Sugar Baby / 24

I would like to go to a basketball game. Or any sporting event for that matter. Hopefully my future SD loves sports as much as I do! On the complete other end of the spectrum, I would LOVE going to a fancy restaurant. Getting all dressed up and just bonding over a nice meal with my SD. And after, as clichè as it sounds, I’d want to go on a walk after and just keep talking all night.

2017-12-09 08:17:10

Sugar Baby / 22

For my first date I would wear a sexy dress, not a lot of makeup tho..And I would want to go In a reserved place, just me and talk about something interesting and drink a wine or any drink together... It would be soo great, after that we could go to his house watch some romantic movie and enjoy the night kissing, having fun, cuddling and u know ....🌜

2017-12-09 16:07:35

Sugar Baby / 42

Hahah... so ya, it's been a minute. My ideal first date would be to go do something that interests my SD. It gives me a look beyond what he wants me to see. Something adventurous would be nice. Deep talk. Get to know each other. find out what really makes him tick. What gets him going, excited, bright eyed. Then end the night with some amazing, tough but tender, rugged and sweaty, good ol' sex.

2017-12-10 04:57:30

Sugar Baby / 24

I don't want a boring one, I really love the spontaneous one.Better places than the other people I guess I'm my mind could a park for walk, beach maybe, that kind of stuffs...Also enjoy the good company for better, and watch a good movie on cinema.Sometimes I'm a cliche too, I like romanticism...spend time between talking and eating love it, may I want both sides

2017-12-10 10:06:04

Sugar Baby / 39

I would love to be taken to a romantic classy restaurant, Because this will give me the time and the opportunity to focus 100% on my daddy. Dinner dates Are very underrated. Dinner dates are Internet and they allow you to have conversations with your daddy to get to know him and to learn about what he is looking for what his likes are what his interests are and what you can do to please him

2017-12-11 23:45:30

Sugar Baby / 43

I would like to go listen to a live band and have drinks or maybe dinner, I love to eat. Then, to a less noisey area to talk. Get to know one another, and see if, it can go any further. Discuss what, we expect from the other. Set up a another time and place take it a step further until it what is. I, like to meet people and see if their heart is good!!!

2017-12-13 00:02:05

Sugar Baby / 29

Something that's breath taking, like a night you'll never forget, it doesn't always have to be extravagant it's the effort and thoughts that counts. Some people might think the more expensive it is the better but not everybody likes caviar and oysters, some of us like the normal things with a little extra pampering that could even bring tears to ur eyes

2017-12-13 13:37:52

Sugar Baby / 25

Ayanna JuvonSB / 205I want to have a date where me and a significant other have a picnic on the beach. Lit with candles and filled with the sounds of the ocean. The breeze on my skin. And we would talk about everything. Life, goals and more. We would enjoy each other's company. And see where the night took us. We would begin to bring our night to and end with sex u der the stars. We would finish with me tasting myself off of his lips until the next time we saw each other

2017-12-15 21:44:14

Sugar Baby / 21

I've got a spontaneous nature but my first date would definitely be a classy dinner. It would mean so much to me if I would just look very elegant for my daddy. I feel as tho I would love to have a calm setting at first but then maybe the dates after that can be something crazy and fun im all for it. Whatever my daddy wants to do well do but if he wants me to decide and take charge I wouldn't mind.

2017-12-17 04:27:41

Sugar Baby / 27

Everybody says that restaurants are boring and too casual. I like them for the first date after an art museum. The restaurants give us the best choice for eye contact, and little but important characteristic from the other person. Yeah I know that a starglazing or a movie or something like those are moooore extra, but on the First date i think we (sugars) must see think what our partner want. After the broke of the ice lets do some extra

2017-12-17 04:57:22

Sugar Baby / 25

Me encantaría una cita con un toque de adrenalina! Una pista de Cars! Un juego de paintball! Algo que requiera esfuerzo físico y tambien algo fuera de la tradicional cita en restaurantes o al cine! Noo eso ya paso de moda no hay nada como sentir la atención absoluta y aunque recién se conozca a la persona sentir como si ya la conocieras de antes! Un regalito por ahí no está de más 💁

2017-12-17 20:05:27

Sugar Baby / 41

Since i only date sugar daddies worth half a million or more. I would meet him at the airport,where he'd take me in his private jet to the destination of his choice for a lovely dinner. Then we'd fly to his private island where he'd have a beautiful tent set up for us with flowers,candles,a sitting area& bed. We'd talk into the night& see where things go.💋

2017-12-18 14:26:33

Sugar Baby / 29

A sweet guy! Please don't be a hornball. I want a gentleman that can stare into my eyes and not my boobs. Let's just put it this way the sweeter,humble and honest you are the more sugar I'll give you. In my opinion it's a fair trade. Be charismatic, confident but not cocky. Tell me about your adventures or your next big plan. Tell about the best day of your life etc

2017-12-18 17:42:21

Sugar Baby / 21

When me and my sugar daddy first meet I would like for us to maybe go on a date to a restaurant, that way I could feel more comfortable and safe being in public. I would enjoy eating while talking about yourself and letting the other person know and learn about ourselves. After the first date then we could proceed to move on to more private settings.

2017-12-18 20:03:24

Sugar Baby / 30

I would love to have any thing simple but classy. What matters is the affection we have I wouldnt mind going to a resturant on my first date, or having a candle light dinner at the beach or anything else that is simple and unique. All I want is the quality time me and my partner are having and the way he cares for me thats what matters. And it would be much more fun if my mate suprises me.

2017-12-20 20:27:18

Sugar Baby / 21

I think a regular first date would be so much fun!! Really emphasizing that what we’re doing doesn’t always need to be lavish and extravagant but that it is more than okay to just go out for some coffee or catch a movie. Sugar babies are real people who enjoy relaxing and doing nothing as much as the next so I think the best first date would be something casual so you can start to establish more of what you want future dates to be like and what you expect out of the relationship.

2017-12-24 10:23:01

Sugar Baby / 25

I would like to go out for a walk in a park or by a beach, get some ice cream or coffee. Sit and talk for a while, maybe have a picnic. Later to go for a dinner in an unusual place, like on a beach or at a viewpoint. I would like our first date to be mostly a chance to get to know each other, what we want from the relationship and how we see the future together.

2017-12-24 15:10:19

Sugar Baby / 22

I think for a first date i'd like to do 1 or 2 things either a show (a simply movie is good/ doesnt have fancy like broadway) and dinner or something fun like going dancing or ice skating, maybe rock climbing. I'd like it to be something where we can learn something about each other but still be something memorable that we can laugh about later!!!

2017-12-24 21:26:58

Sugar Baby / 25

A place he likes somewhere were we can chat and be ourselves maybe at the beach and get naked , be a bit random crazy and weird , but not creepy weird , then eat something , have a trip in a boat and afterwards I want a nap with him that would make me happy, I love to be comfortable and I'm prone to give a lot of physical touch and I'm a total teaser. hehe

2017-12-26 18:42:13

Sugar Baby / 24

Something fun and simple maybe some dates and just hanging out and of course some allowances should be discussed first hand lol I hate to waste anyone’s time I’m young and single and just want to enjoy our times together and not turn it in to anything serious our super long term. All down for having a good time but to my liking and comfortability as well

2017-12-27 10:01:21

Sugar Baby / 23

The kind of date I would like to have the first time I meet my Sugar Daddy in person would be in a cafe or a nice and open place. Not rooms, not hotels, not his own place. I would like to talk with him and see if we get along together, if he feels comfortable with me and I do feel comfortable around him.Basically, a quiet place where we can talk and get to know each other a little bit more.

2017-12-29 10:31:39

Sugar Baby / 26

I want the first dates to be in public places. Like eating at restaurants. Watching a movie in the daytime. Going to an art show. Out to a Jazz Cafe. Wine and painting type of night possibly. Shoping at the mall. Etc.Just so till I get to know the sugar daddy. Nobody likes stalkers nor scammers. And just because your paying someone for their companionship doesn't mean you own them.

2017-12-30 06:05:41