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Sugar Daddy / 40

Watch out! Scammers typically ask for information of BANK ACCOUNT, CREDIT CARD, a GIFT CARD and your PASSWORD. No matter how he explains, NEVER give out your private information! Besides, scammers often put their contact info directly in his profile, promising weekly allowance. When people reach him on a 3-rd party contact, he immediately ask for BANK INFO!

2018-09-18 03:51:52

Sugar Baby / 4

Be aware! Scammers ask for information of BANK ACCOUNT and your PASSWORD. NEVER give out your private information! Besides, this username is suspicious enough.

2018-09-18 03:56:00

Sugar Baby / 4

Remember not to give your username and PASSWORD. Some scammers don' t even speak English! Don't be fooled. Simply block him.

2018-09-18 04:01:26

Sugar Baby / 4

Watch out once a person asks if you have a BANK ACCOUNT. It’s dubious to promise an amount of allowance weekly. I mean, who’d do that?

2018-09-18 04:08:00

Sugar Baby / 4

Don’t give your BANK INFO even if he says he would “help you pay off your debt”.

2018-09-18 04:13:49

Sugar Baby / 4

Be careful! This guy says he offers financial help. Ask you to text him on a 3rd-party app or call him. If his next move is to ask for your BANK INFO, he’s definitely a scammer then. By the way, don’t leave your contact info in About Me or Greeting Words, in case of harassment of the scammers.

2018-09-18 04:15:29

Sugar Baby / 4

The scammers’ got enough of the ones with no bank account lol...

2018-09-18 04:18:20

Sugar Baby / 4

Ok the scammers always have various reasons to explain why they want your BANK INFO...

2018-09-18 04:19:08

Sugar Baby / 4

There are many types of scammer and on my first day on here once I received interest from a man and we proceeded to talk he was talking about giving me an allowance and I suggested we use PayPal to cover us both and he sent me a screen shot off the internet of an iPhone screen that said storage full and told me he couldn’t download the PayPal app I told him he could just use it via website he then said he wanted to have the app so he could help me ASAP and then said if I sent him iTunes card he could upgrade his storage and send me the allowance, I may be new but I’m not daft so I blocked and reported him

2018-09-18 04:23:51

Sugar Baby / 4

This is a typically scammer, because he promises weekly allowance at first and tries to get people add him on a 3-rd party contact, then ask for BANK INFO!

2018-09-18 04:29:14

Sugar Baby / 26

had this, said prove your real and poof went the account. sugar baby's watch out cause the sugar for Sudy isn't so sweet no more. it sour and bitter thanks to the scamers, fuck all scammers clean up call ale Sudy!!! take out the trash already .,...........................why make us wait for our rich shining armor to sweet us sugar baby's away in a lavish romance?

2018-09-18 05:19:34

Sugar Baby / 4

This Mason is a scammer! He claimed to help people financially but made people bought him a ton of iTunes gift cards. Ladies, don't buy them anything and STAY ALERT!

2018-09-18 23:44:41

Sugar Baby / 4

Scam alert! This Jackson insisted on asking my BANK INFO with some excuse that he prefers to write me a check deposit thing. I reported him to Sudy and when I checked his profile the next time, his account was deleted. Well done SUDY

2018-09-19 21:04:28

Sugar Baby / 18

These guys are scammers!! They tried asking for bank account info and phone numbers the second they started talking to me, as well as sexy pics for free 😒 Why do people advertise themselves as sugar daddies if they're not about that life? I've even had one guy message me but his account got deleted because he violated the terms. Smh these guys need to get it together

2018-09-19 21:26:30

Sugar Daddy / 38

okay I'm going to take a different stance on this. I agree with most people. If someone asks you for your bank account information more than likely it's a scam. But I have also used my Wells Fargo to another Wells Fargo customer and never had a problem. I've had a sugar baby before that only could do transfers through cash app. I've had a sugar baby who only worked through Skrill when Skrill was Poppin. I really want people to understand something. trust is a commodity that is in short supply when you're dealing with this type of behavior. When you are asking to pay for play essentially what this is you have to be willing to take some risk or there is no reward. I'm not telling people to go out here and get scammed on however saying the following. There are plenty of scammers but there are also plenty of good men out here who are good sugar daddies and there are plenty of good women out here who are good sugar babies it's up to you to try to decide what is good for you and what is trustworthy for you. you should always have some type of vetting process. it will weed out the real people from the fake people it'll weed out the people who are prude and self-conscious from the people who are really trying to get this paper. I also stand by the fact that if you're going to bitching complain about how bad scammers are here on Sudy... then you damn sure better be bitching and complaining about fake profiles that are created by the owners themselves. I just don't understand why this is an issue when we all know that it happens and that it is up to you to protect yourself and those type of situations. We get it the site gets it, but they're still allowing these guys to be there and they're still allowing females to essentially try to create virtual relationships through paying for premium Snapchats and pictures and videos. That's not a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship but I sure don't see people exposing females for doing that correct? We're not stopping females from getting their hustle on right? That's my issue with this whole Post in itself. there's a lot of focus on reporting bad sugar daddies or scamming people. but we're not talking about the people who upgraded who have already paid the website or application that they're not deleting and they're continuing this Behavior or what about the robots that are created by the website itself to show more activity in a specific area that gives off the first perception that there are more people in an area than there are? Let's not just focus on One Singular issue that's wrong with this website let's focus on them all. cuz it seems hypocritical to put this type of thing out here and not address the problems with the site itself all around. Cuz you can get these guys deleted that's not an issue and I want them deleted because I'm a real sugar daddy. But that doesn't fix the problem. for every one of these guys that you take down 8 more will appear and two of them were more than likely paid the $70 a month so that they can pull $500 worth of gift cards out of a female. You're fighting a losing battle just be smarter and educate people.

2018-09-20 02:46:50

Sugar Baby / 23

I am new to this site, created my profile yesterday and I already have sketchy msgs! If they aren't willing to speak on this site or they immediately redirect you to KIK, they're time wasters! I don't understand what they get by creating fake profiles to scam genuine people who are here looking for something. Real people where you at?!

2018-09-20 10:05:05

Sugar Baby / 25

#1: This guy has about three accounts. Two with the photo pictured in the screenshot and one with a red shirt. He'll offer to video chat then fake bad service. And he tries to pull the iTunes gift card scam. #2: I found this hilarious. He'll say he's deleting his SUDY then send you his Kik. Then say that Kik is freezing too much so you have to get Google Hangouts. He'll then ask for credit card or bank info. Actually asked for my routing number at one point too. "For his accountant to send funds"

2018-09-20 21:49:13

Sugar Baby / 29

I talked to this guy on Kik since I can't message people yet & he tried to get to use a certain bank & also wanted my phone carrier info. He claimed he wanted to get me a new phone, but said I needed to give him all my information & a $50 ITunes card. I had him blocked on Kik & I hope he gets blocked on this site too.

2018-09-24 15:34:01

Sugar Baby / 24

Ben Wilson he says to send money. wants $100 to start the "procedure" which doesn't make sense. the money is to make a profile. that's what his boss says I need to do even though I told him I already have an account on here. I told him I didn't have the money to send him because I know it's a scam

2018-09-24 18:17:46

Sugar Baby / 19

is this a scam? his name is bryan. found him on here. this involve with xapo. they asking me to set up an account then shared to them. its seem personal. and also i was stupid and trusted him and bought him itunes card. and he send me money through western union. and it said its in progress... but i still feel fishy about this. i think i got scam, i need some quick answer, and fast respond. please help me .

2018-09-26 07:36:58

Sugar Baby / 22

Clearly a scam !!!! Please do not waste my time. I am not new to this at all. If you want a connection then earn it & its definitely not straight off asking for bank info as if im stupid enough to give it to you ! Please be aware of Murphy Bell or anyone who asks for bank info. Those are red flags !

2018-09-26 08:51:35

Sugar Baby / 31

Smh Will they ever learn? This is kinda getting annoying for the fact that they have time to message me and stop when I reply. 😂😂 just outed yourself by trying to get me into one of the horrible scams. Bank account (not getting that) No,I will not get one of these cards. please don't waste my time.

2018-09-26 11:30:55

Sugar Baby / 18

WILLIAM is a scammer. Spent hours texting him, telling him about myself just to be asked for my bank account and credit card info. He doesn't even use correct grammar nor correct spelling. It always seems too good to be true. Still haven't found one real sugar daddy weary everyone, never give out your bank info...

2018-09-26 11:54:02

Sugar Baby / 23

i can't find his profile to report him... but im sure it's the same name on his kik, I'm definitely not giving out any of theses info.... scary, he asked for phone details, telling me download an app, and now he wants all my info.. ummm no way. im not giving out address, SSN to NO stranger... be careful!!!

2018-09-27 10:35:40

Sugar Baby / 55

be aware of amor daddy I cannot figure out how to screen shot the conversation but of course just wanting bank information. please be aware and careful. He has a picture of a white dog on profile says name is Michael Shawn from New York. Sudy all the people that come to me is all scammers. I get alot of action just wrong kind.

2018-10-09 17:52:29
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