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As a Sugar Baby, Would You Like to Be a Sugar Momma/Daddy Someday?

541 Answers

Sugar Baby / 36

I would love to see what is a sugar baby about. So far I dont have a SD yet! But if its how I imagine Yes, i would love to be a sugar mama, because I will get to choose and not to been choosen, he will be able to show me around as his trophy but in reality I'm the one who makes the rules , the one who got the last word and the one who he will ask permission to.. 😎 I love been ask for permission 🤗 the game goes both ways 😘

2018-04-04 04:53:00

Sugar Baby / 39

No I would not. I think it takes a certain personality type to be sugar baby and or a sugar daddy. I want to be a sugar baby because in life I take care of everyone else but nobody takes care of me. Being a sugar baby means its the opposite. Someone taking care of me. I like the feeling of being wanted as well. So I think even in the future I will still only want to be a baby.

2018-04-04 06:43:18

Sugar Baby / 40

No I would rather be the baby. I love to please and make sure others are taken care of. Do things as requested. I’m somewhat submissive and enjoy it. When it comes to mommy and daddy’s they are more dominant and want things done for them and that’s me! I’m happy making them happy. If they are happy then I am extremely pleased. What does everyone else think?

2018-04-04 06:44:12

Sugar Baby / 22

Personally no. What I enjoy about being a sugar baby is that I'm the one who is being spoiled & treated like a princess. I don't think I would enjoy the experience as much if I wasn't the one being spoiled. I like being treated like a princess!!!! I'm also attracted to older men more than I am younger ones. It wouldn't really make sense for me to be a sugar momma.

2018-04-04 08:00:20

Sugar Baby / 28

Absolutely! I like the idea of someone being reliant on me for mostly anything and everything. It makes me feel needed and wanted. The downside of that is linking up with someone who is lazy and doesn't want to do ANYTHING, but that's likely part of it. When I was 21 I used to financially support my boy friend at the time. It was GREAT! I liked being basically in charge of things. I'm a domestic type and LOVE to do housework so Yeah, I'd like to be a sugar mommy at some point.

2018-04-04 08:43:15

Sugar Baby / 22

No, I do not think I would. Personally, being a sugar daddy would be a lot of work and I am not cut out for it. The cost, the perfect house and job, etc. that is a lot to handle. Like I said, I just do not think I would even be remotely close to being cut out for something like that. I just do not have it in me. Not to mention I’m a bottom all the way

2018-04-04 09:58:28

Sugar Baby / 37

No, I want to be taken care of instead of taking care of someone else. I enjoy not having to work hard to get what I want or need. Also never know someones true feelings. I like the feeling of being taken care of instead of taking care of someone else. Being in a relationship with someone decreetly and not having to worry is the best feeling and if the shoe was flipped i would be worried all the time.

2018-04-04 10:08:05

Sugar Baby / 27

To have the power 😈 when u are a sugar mommy can control all boys u want and do crazy sexual things only whit wish it , in some moment of i work hard in my dreams the life going to make Justice and give me all that i always want whitout complacían or any suffer, it was y be smart be sexy be Beautiful be a Good friend be a Good asesor and the Mans will fue for u

2018-04-04 10:26:40

Sugar Baby / 35

Absolutely! Who wouldn't enjoy the same entertainment as a lifestyle as well and join the fun. I think it's a risque trend however would ensure a network of secure bliss. Get what you want out of your life and then give it to those who love and support you. However you may choose. What a fun goal to set for yourself. Give me some feedback 💋Vferr.

2018-04-04 11:50:07

Sugar Baby / 22

I think I would because it would be more exciting to have the power and control.Also, I think you have a better chance of finding someone when you're the sugar momma/ daddy. However, whether you're a sugar baby, momma or daddy it's all about the fun you can have with a potential person.. the real winner is if they make you laugh! Sometimes people forget money isn't everything

2018-04-04 12:01:55

Sugar Baby / 23

I'd hope one day once I finish school, I could have the means to spoil another the way I'd like to be. Recieving gifts is nice, but giving makes me feel so much better and satisfied. I'd love to give the opportunity to another when I graduate, it'd ultimately be a goal. Giving to another intimately feels amazing. Yes, I would want to help another as I have been helped.

2018-04-04 14:15:17

Sugar Baby / 25

As a sugar baby, you learn so much from your sugar parent. I would love to be able to pass those things on as a future sugar parent, as long as my income allows it. My first sugar daddy paid my tuition and helped me provide for my daughter in a rough financial time; the opportunity to do the same for someone else is a huge priority for me and I think he would be proud that I want to give back.

2018-04-04 16:07:04

Sugar Baby / 23

I instinctively first thought “no” to this question as I’m a here as a sugar baby for a reason. However the idea of being a sugar momma intrigues me as if it means I would have the means to treat a sugar baby, then I would have the means to treat myself💁🏻‍♀️ As a young adult, I definitely would not now. I would like to be the one being treated. In the future, who knows🤷🏻‍♀️.

2018-04-04 16:31:46

Sugar Baby / 23

I don’t think I would ever want to be a sugar mama because I like money and wouldn’t want to spend it on someone keeping me company. I would also be unsure if they were spending time with me for the money or if they were actually interested in spending time with me. I like being spoiled and having people by time things, even if I had tons of money I’d still want other people to spoil me and give me attention

2018-04-04 18:56:34

Sugar Baby / 23

I think with the experiences I've had I would like to be a Sugar mama one day. All the sugar daddy's I have had were very caring and truly helped me out. They listened to me and talked to me when I felt alone and they showed me that I was never alone I always had them to help me out and be there to support me. I would love to give someone else the same satisfaction I have gotten from my previous daddy's. I would like to make others not feel alone and financially help them to make their lives stress free.

2018-04-04 20:37:40

Sugar Baby / 22

I think I would like to be a sugar momma once I get established in my career. I would want to be able to help out someone like someone is doing to me. Everyone needs a little help in their life and if I am financially stable and can, why not? Everyone starts somewhere. Where would we be if all the sugar babies that get financially stable because of their sugar momma or sugar daddy decided not to help along the next generation of sugar babies. That’s just my thought process 🤷🏻‍♀️

2018-04-04 20:46:46

Sugar Baby / 24

Yes I would!I would like to help other people.I already am very giving even if I’m broke I can only imagine if I actually had the funds.I find so much gain in giving I can’t wait until I’m in the other side of the road.When I’m actually able to give as much as I want to.So yes I would like be to become a sugar momma and help you do people that needs it.

2018-04-04 23:45:30

Sugar Baby / 22

I would be a sugar daddy once I get put in the position to the same way the sugar mama helps me . I know people wanna have fun and get paid just like me so why would I spoil a hot Lil milf or 18 ur old it all gonna come in full circle once I get out of being a sugar babyy ima. Sugar baby now but on my way to be a sugar daddy that knows how to spoil his girls

2018-04-04 23:55:09

Sugar Baby / 20

Although being the Sugar baby now and understanding how this works, I would not be a sugar momma. Simply put I’m the one that likes being spoiled. Yes spoiling someone else would be nice but as of now I can’t see myself being a sugar momma ever. Maybe later down the road I’ll change my mind but for now no. So I’ll stick to being a sugar baby and finding all the daddies I can to have fun with. Lol

2018-04-05 00:46:18

Sugar Baby / 42

I would absolutely be a sugar momma! Once I'm established and I can make it rain!! One day I'll get there.I am always putting others first, no matter what it costs me. That is just my nature, it is part of what makes me who I am. I honestly haven't had the sugar daddy experience yet but I know that I would definitely without a doubt in my mind be a Sugar Momma in the future!!!

2018-04-05 01:10:05

Sugar Baby / 23

No. I’m here because I’m desperate for money. If i were financially stable to support someone else, I’d get married or have a kid, not be a sugar momma. I like being generous with other people but i don’t think i would enjoy an arrangement from the other side. Maybe it makes a difference for people who are bi or pan but as a straight woman i wouldn’t like paying some young guy to hang out with me

2018-04-05 05:29:33

Sugar Baby / 23

I wouldn't be a sugar momma only because I like being spoiled and it just wouldn't be but if the opportunity presented its self to help someone I would consider doing the exact same ... j like being a sugar baby cause it's getting me much closer goals graduation moving out grad school so why not help someone else kn the future do the same

2018-04-05 08:01:41

Sugar Baby / 22

No, can’t say I would. I have a particular lifestyle that I like to live and I like to be taken care of with my friends as an acception to this. I live that Kim K life, I wouldn’t change it for the world. However if I had children obviously I would do everything I could to make sure those little bitches are taken care of, to the very best of my abilities.

2018-04-05 12:15:56

Sugar Baby / 27

Yes I would, I have a big heart and love helping others. I feel as though a lot of people miss out on things due to their financial situations and if you take away those things keeping people from being their best selves who knows what they could accomplish. That person you help could end up curing diseases, making a real difference in the world. There’s no time to be selfish when you could make a difference.

2018-04-05 12:25:45

Sugar Baby / 30

As much as I like being a sugar baby, I don’t think I would become a sugar momma. I like money too much and what to be spoiled with the things that it can do for me. I am more of a person that looks to makes sure someone else is treated nicely and looked at as they are number 1. 😊 I’m honestly just looking for money to provide me with the nicer things in life.

2018-04-05 14:02:21

Sugar Baby / 45

I, rather have a cougar that has her own, an would mnd being in a open relationship where we take care of one another. Why not? I'm not buying love, and I wouldn't think the woman s buying love. The best thing in life, is yo experience a woman of subconscious ways of how to treat a young gentleman. I would like an older Latina are white womam, whom loves a pure black male of class.

2018-04-05 14:08:35

Sugar Baby / 22

Yes I would love to! I think a relation between sugar daddy/mommy and baby are so special so I'd like to be on either side of them. It's a very special feeling to be with someone healthier and both give what you have to give. A sugar daddy/mommy can five wealth and happiness in form of products. And a baby can give happiness in a form of comfort and relations. Either side would make me happy.

2018-04-05 14:12:07

Sugar Baby / 22

one day if I'm able to afford it I would be opt. to spend money on people if they need it just as much as I needed it. I know the hard times and struggles, I would be happy to help people out if I was helped out. I'm just trying to pay it forward. If they can pay it forward as well then that would be great too. I just wanna spend some sugar on some babies

2018-04-05 17:07:14

Sugar Baby / 25

I personally haven’t had a Sugar Daddy yet so it will depend on that experience however from my understanding of it I would absolutely love to be! I love giving and helping people out and the idea of being a Sugar Mama one day sort of excites me! The idea that I would be able to look after not only myself but someone else is awesome! So yes! Definitely! 💋

2018-04-05 17:16:36

Sugar Baby / 21

Honesty I would. I always loved the idea of paying it forward. If someone needs help now I try my best to help them even if I don't have that much funds. So yeah, I would absolutely be one one day. Then I also love the idea of being able to take care of someone. I'm not one for sex, so it'll just make me happy to see my sugar baby happy. I would do it I'm a heartbeat.

2018-04-05 18:06:24

Sugar Baby / 28

Of course! Its such an amazing feeling helping someone and get mutual respect! Being a sugar daddy is always a win-win cause you help the ones you have respect for and get yourself happy with your move (and maybe that leads you to some other moves you for sure would enjoy a Lot haha ) Im looking for someone to help me out to fund my uni, and I would love be able to do that to someone one day

2018-04-05 19:37:40

Sugar Baby / 24

Yes, because I would like to help other people if I had the chance cause it would be kind of cute to be with someone says with someone and all that stuff and pay him to be with you because you're helping another person and me on this case I'm getting come company with someone that enjoy to be with me! I mean I never had a sugar daddy before but I would like to!

2018-04-05 21:23:06

Sugar Baby / 22

If I am financially stable enough to support anyone else. I would absolutely become a sugar momma. Helping another person a way someone else is just another great way to pay-it-forward. Maybe even show more compation to what they are looking for, for them to become more comfortable when coming into being a sugar baby. To me, thats super important.

2018-04-05 22:00:59

Sugar Baby / 25

Yes, I would. I would like to be able to help sugar babies in need. I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a sugar baby relationship. If I have the time and funds to help out someone, I will. Even if it’s giving them words of encouragement on how to be a sugar baby, I’ll do my best in helping them. It’s easier when you have someone helping you.

2018-04-05 22:02:24

Sugar Baby / 21

I wouldn't ever be a sugar momma. I am very for being there for my daddy and taking care of him when he needs me but I wouldn't ever swap roles completely and forever. I was born to be a baby! Im so used to being "taken care of" that I think I would be way too out of my comfort zone, and I'm not very good with change! so I would take the momma role whenever he needs me to be supporting and caring, but not permanently.

2018-04-05 22:20:45

Sugar Baby / 24

oh definitely! i’d want to to do for someone else what i’m hoping a sugar daddy will do for me, i enjoy the spoiling some sugar daddies do and would equally enjoy spoiling someone, especially someone who was going through something rough like i was when i first stared my first sugar daddy relationship and i would definitely enjoy putting that giving energy back into the universe.

2018-04-05 22:49:16

Sugar Baby / 23

I think I defintely would to help others out. It’s not just about what sugar babies can receive but once we’re fully on our own two feet completely we can become sugar momma’s/daddy’s. I think this stem’s from wanting to help others, however it’s important for me not to pursue this until I’ve got my career completely sorted and done my degree. So yeah :)

2018-04-06 00:22:47

Sugar Baby / 35

No I liked to be spoilt and treat like a Queen I can’t see myself wanting a man who needed financial support. I volunteer a lot though I would be happy to give my time and money in other areas. I find men who are financially stable a lot more attractive , knowing they will spoil me is a huge turn on for me. I need that in a relationship or else I’m just not interested

2018-04-06 02:32:15

Sugar Baby / 21

Yess I'd love to be a sugar mommy one day because if I was to earn loads of money one day I would love to share it and help others and knowing I'm helping someone would be such a nice feeling, I always out others first already anyway and to be able to do more and help someone financially would be the best gift I could give anyone! If ppl helped me I would help them too !

2018-04-06 05:12:08

Sugar Baby / 20

Yes! I wouldn’t mind being a sugar momma one day. I’d have the ability to help other people with their life goals and tribulations. Not only that but I’d also be able to help them build and have someone to talk to as well. Another reason why I wouldn’t mind being a sugar momma is because I don’t like being alone and I’d be ale to have company which would be very nice.

2018-04-06 06:14:25

Sugar Baby / 23

i don’t think that i would be into being a sugar momma! the only reason being i think my personality and kinks really suit being an SB, and i don’t imagine either of those changing too much by the time i get a little bit older. if nothing else, i guess i could be a submissive sugar momma, but i don’t know. that doesn’t quite add itself up right in my opinion.

2018-04-06 07:14:04

Sugar Baby / 27

Yes! When I someday have the means to spoil someone, I’m gonna pay it forward and shower them in love. I like to be spoiled and loved on too, but the thought of making someone else’s life happier and easier makes me smile. Being a sugardaddy would be like a dream... Hell, I would be one now if I had the money and resources, but alas~ ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

2018-04-06 07:15:36

Sugar Baby / 21

No, I love being a sugar baby so that I can provide for him 😍😍😍😍😍 I love being able to provide and people to provide for me so it's a win win. Plus, it's more fun to be a sugar baby. So much more rewarding 😜😜😜 but if I did get rich someday, maybe I would be a sugar daddy so I can let others feel this same feeling that I feel right now haha.

2018-04-06 09:18:02

Sugar Baby / 21

Maybe I'm a very frugal person but being a sugar baby helps me finically so I could help others with any financial issues and plus maybe it would be fun having someone work for me doing special deeds......... If you know what o mean so to answer the question yes I would like to be a sugar momma some day I would not be opposed to it at all........

2018-04-06 10:31:44

Sugar Baby / 36

No, as I am naturally submissive girl and love being a babygirl !!!! and being taking care off. As I love to please and make sure my Daddy feels like a king. As he should be. cause I get pleasure in knowing that he is happy and feels proud to have me on his arm. So I need a alpha male in my life take control and I could never as I am indecisive person.

2018-04-06 10:34:33

Sugar Baby / 21

I would love to! I understand what it’s like to be stuck for money and if I were to end up having enough money at some point in my life to be able to help someone with money why wouldn’t I! Everyone needs the chance to feel completely and utterly spoiled, so once I’ve had the chance to experience it and to earn the money to spoil someone why wouldn’t I?

2018-04-06 11:42:32

Sugar Baby / 27

Yes, because I would love to return the love and passion to a sugarbaby. Everyone should be able to experience being a sugar baby but also being a sugar mommy/daddy. It's life like a rotation of things and once i get to the age of being one I wouldn't lie to them or make them fall short in life. I'll be there to help them guide them and show them not everyone is out to hurt them.

2018-04-06 11:49:52

Sugar Baby / 31

to give and helps others is my passion, my inner peace. it brings happiness to my soul. to get to touch others lives would truly be my life's work. my life my not be as perfect as it should have been but I've lived and learned and gained wisdom. that one day I can share it I th others. I'm excited for the memories to come in the future. much love!!!

2018-04-06 16:44:53

Sugar Baby / 22

If I'm not broke. Then I would love to be a sugar momma. But if I'm broke enough to produce a penny. That's too hard for me to give someone a penny. Sharing to others is really nice. Giving back to others who needed is a good idea but when you also need to be help. To be spoiled. Then i must say. I cant if i dont have enough of it. And that would be.

2018-04-06 18:35:52

Sugar Baby / 21

No, I love to be spoiled and be the center of attention and I would feel like they are just using me and that I wouldn’t be the center of my universe. I do volunteer and like to give back to the community especially at animal shelters. People I feel like now are to uncaring and so I don’t think I would want to be the giver I love attention from ppl to much for them to want it from me

2018-04-06 18:41:09