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How to find yourself a sugar daddy . You need to have a clear understanding of what you want . Decided what kind of sugar daddy you want . And then decide what you want your sugar daddy to do for you. Be clear about your wants and needs Consistency is key! And lastly be Confident sexy and smart .

2018-05-03 06:52:25

Sugar Baby / 28

In order to find a sugar daddy you have to have an open mind. If you are yo find the perfect one great! But you do have to realize that there may be sexual intercourse involved or oral. You have to be mentally and physically prepared for things that you never thought you would do. Set boundaries for you and your sugar daddy. Don't do things that make you uncomfortable.

2018-05-03 13:59:43

Sugar Baby / 39

Get a job. Graduate from college. Stop posting trashy selfies that are not flattering. Be you. You don’t have to know what you want. At all. You are so young. Too young to know that you want anything more than money. I guarantee you don’t know anything you will want in ten years. Trust me. Do not ever compromise your morals and values for anything or anyone. No matter what. A pic without make up straight out of bed hungover on a Saturday morning will get you much better response than a selfie taken from the stupid drunken state of mind you were in the night before. And no. You. Do. NOT. Have to do anything physical because you don’t owe them a thing. They should sugar you simply because of your great personality and company. Stop believing everything you hear or told is okay or not. Find yourself. You will thank yourself in a decade.

2018-05-03 21:13:54

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To get a sugar daddy, you would have to set boundaries for yourself. What if he wants to have intercourse or oral and your not into any of that. You want to be comfortable with your sugar daddy and tell him the truth, you don't want to put your self in any kind of situation that you don't feel comfortable doing. Just be yourself!!!! Not all sugar daddy's are like that on here, their some nice guys on here. You just gotta be patient and soon you would see your sugar daddy just want to spend time with you. Tell him right away that your interested into a discreet affair and that you want some thing more, he will respect that because it's all about respect for him and to yourself.

2018-05-04 09:49:31

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Hello Ladys and Gentlemen,I have had great Luck in meeting Fantastic People, That are still in my life till this day ,yes you will encounter that One Special person, That will Move Oceans for you. it's Simple Use your Best judgement you will know!. that is for both partys,Be brutally Honest on what your looking for Weed out the Creepy and if you Cant see a Real Man Or Gourgouse lady for What they are! it's a mutual understanding yes we both want to be Spoiled in different ways So as you read their profile it gives you an idea and after Speeking and meeting that should make it Clear

2018-05-04 10:51:54

Sugar Baby / 24

If you want a sugar daddy it'll take some time but it'll be worth it. You have to be honest and willing to please your sugar daddy, the sugar goes both ways. Being honest and opened minded will land you a nice one! Be you sugar baby! SDs love honest and responsible girls so good luck loves hope u get one!❤️❤️

2018-05-04 12:42:23

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I'm still learningand testing the waters but I have a friend on Instagram who preferd to freestlye in person. She dresses up very nice and goes out to nice spots where older men with money hang out- bars, restaurants, shopping venues, and meets men like that. She goes on a lot of dates that she literally gets money from and has quite a handful of Sugar Daddies. She is GOALS. One of sugar daddies even bought her a beautiful Cadillac with creamy caramel interior. AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE SEX WITH ANY OF THE MEN. She lets them know that when she is comfortable their desires will be met. Great book to read ladies is The Art of Seduction 💞

2018-05-04 13:29:13

Sugar Baby / 24

Dont be overall sexual! Most good sugar daddies want someone they cant talk to more than just a casual fling. Make sure to set a clear boundary on whether youre ok going out in public and if you do can you be affectionate? Making sure no boundaries are charged or private lives at risk is key to daddies. All in all its all about communication! Making boundaries while having fun!

2018-05-04 17:54:34

Sugar Baby / 24

I have not had a sugar daddy yet but I know when I do meet someone I Will set those boundries communicate what I want and what im comfortable with and what im not comfortable with. I know I will have to offer stuff in return but I'm excited and i am willing to provide an open heart open mind and a set of listening non judgemental ears to listen to them

2018-05-05 21:58:57

Sugar Baby / 28

Get to know your Sugar Daddy. Enjoy yourself. Be yourself. Thrive for higher. Expect respect and comfort. You shouldn't have to do anything you aren't comfortable doing or pressured into doing. It's a 2 way street. Sure, all us Babies want to be pampered and spoiled but you got to do your part too. You want to find someone who stimulates your senses and mind, who you'll enjoy your time with because you want to. Not because you have to. If that happens, you're not in the right arrangement for you.

2018-05-06 02:41:04

Sugar Baby / 29

Most sugar daddies want a beautiful, young Free minded woman. Then there are some that actually look for class. Find your type, be you and no what it is you want from your sugar daddy. Every sugar daddy isnt the same. But in my opinion they alllll want sex or something sexual at the end of the day. Don't Make It To easy. But aldo don't make it to hard.

2018-05-06 07:18:35

Sugar Baby / 22

If you want to find a sugar daddy, the best thing to do is to be persistent and keep an open mind! There will always be daddies out there, you just have too look hard enough! And you may take one look at them and decide that they aren't for you, but make sure you take your time with each one, because they may surprise you with what they have to offer.

2018-05-06 16:55:00

Sugar Baby / 21

To find a sugar daddy you got to be your self find a guy that suits you talk to him find out what he’s into what he likes what he dislikes pay attention to him tell him what your into ask questions exchange jokes maybe numbers ;) then go from there if your lucky you got your self a nice sugar daddy in your life !!

2018-05-07 17:01:58

Sugar Baby / 43

In order to be a great sugar baby I believe you need to love yourself and know exactly what you want. Don't make one incident or moment persuade the rest of your life. You are not what you do you are what makes you love you. So why not go out there and do all the crazy, filthy, dumb, or if the ordinary things that people only talk about. You get one life and one time too so whatever the hell you want. Why not take complete advantage of that and make crazy memories at the same time. It can only make you greater!!!

2018-05-07 18:04:43

Sugar Baby / 31

Authenticity is sexy. When someone sees you as you really are, they see you and are willing to spend more quality time with you. Confidence is also key, show them your flaws, show them that you don't care and show them that you still think that you're beautiful, when someone sees that you love your body, they love your body even more which makes them love your personality even more

2018-05-08 03:10:42

Sugar Baby / 25

I still don’t have a successful sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship but I think you just have to be honest every time. Just be straight up to what you can and can’t do and why you’re doing this. Don’t be too sexual because some sugar daddies want to have someone to talk to aswell, someone they can air their problems too. Be a friend

2018-05-08 06:50:51

Sugar Baby / 32

I couldn’t say! I’ve never have a sugar daddy! But it would be great if I found one!But I think you shoulHave a open mind and know how control your emotions and not get involved, at least that your daddy wants something more serious.Be yourself and don’t lie about you, and never ever be that crazy girl hunting them!

2018-05-08 09:35:42

Sugar Baby / 22

just be yourself and I honestly believe that there's someone out there for everyone.......most sugar daddies just need someone to talk to other than sexting...etc. etc.. just connect on a down to Earth base like talk about things youd like to do places youd like to go new things you'd like to try... etc.

2018-05-10 08:57:04

Sugar Baby / 22

Okay so this website has bought out the good side of me and also the bad side. It’s made me really embrace my good side and my bad side. I’m just trying to reach the 300 word count so please bare with me guys. Which I appreciate. Just be yourself in this website please ! 😊 #yallsomecatfishsssnig*^*^

2018-05-10 13:21:36

Sugar Baby / 26

I won’t say that all the daddies want sex and that the thing that most ladies think, sometimes there having home issue and just looking for a way to bring back there vibrancy, in the beginning just talk to them and see why they wanna be a daddy and based on that u can feel of what ur getting into and from there do want makes them happy keep calling and texting and calling them cute names lol, even get them a little gift here and there

2018-05-11 05:25:39

Sugar Baby / 28

be yourself.just need to demostrate that u re how u re really are.dont go for money, go for new experiences, friends and more if is possible. in my case i want a suggar daddy to living ir have a great night or weekend. looking for someone to care about me and i will demostrate my appreciation and love. i can Travel or relocate where u want.

2018-05-11 21:21:25

Sugar Baby / 21

solo se de mente abierta ya que un encuentro puede pasar de un café a la cama en un momento, Tienes que ser linda y una dama ante la sociedad pero toda una mujer desinhibida en la cama, para poder dar lo que el está pidiendo y por lo que tu serás bien remunerada, simplemente es pasarla bien los 2 pase lo que pase.

2018-05-13 08:37:40

Sugar Baby / 33

Be open minded but don’t compromise your morals. Stand your ground. Know how to carry a conversation with a man without being negative. Know the kind of man you will and will not deal with. Be you, be authentic! Know what you want out of life and don’t let this be your ‘only option’. Keep moving forward in life and never stop having real life goals.

2018-05-13 09:50:20

Sugar Baby / 28

To find a sugar daddy you have to have an open mind about things. make sure you are a classy lady also make sure you clear up thing on what yall both want so nobody time get wasted. A man do not want a woman with an attitude it make you look bad inside and out. Do not do too much as in throwing yourself all over him sexually keep all of that behind close doors if it comes down to that. Most important ask him how he's doing or how was his day

2018-05-13 11:29:29

Sugar Baby / 24

honestly. they dont like to feel lile their there to be your wallet. ive been very successful. just by being myself. they like someone classy. not trashy. communication is the key. don't expect them to throw themselves on you. Because they dont. so be patient. and always meet them before you take any important steps.

2018-05-13 14:59:51

Sugar Baby / 26

To find a sugar daddy you have to know what you want and what you are looking for. Don’t come off as being money hungry show them you care and build a relationship. Also be honest and build trust between you two. Show real photos and don’t come off as scammy lol. Most importantly be safe meeting up and make sure your not getting scam also

2018-05-13 20:52:15

Sugar Baby / 27

be persistent on seeking a sugar daddy. you'll have to sweet tall an army of daddy before you meet the one you could imaginr having sex with or be your parter. another tip is to know your role or play with the role what your daddy wants to. These daddies are good at making money, not having a girlfriend. So take advantage of that and just enjoy the exciting experiences together.

2018-05-15 14:31:07

Sugar Baby / 31

This very interesting topic! I would be myself no mater what. If he going to like who I am than be it. I will never change for any men. I will always continue to be me for me :) I wonder if this will helps me to find any man lol I wonder where’s my man at :) hello come out and find me lol I feel like this is a game.

2018-05-15 16:41:00

Sugar Baby / 34

its easy to find a sugar daddy... but to be happy with how youre treated is a whole different thing. be confident in yourself. It is a compromise and business relation together- but you do have to enjoy yourself more than you hate it. I've had various ones in the past and my last became too controlling that I couldnt be myself anymore. take care of you too.

2018-05-15 21:44:39

Sugar Baby / 22

You gotta know what they individually want. You can’t go into it with a cocky outlook. Listen and talk to them and they will tell you what they want. If you give them that, the possibilities are endless. Keep a positive fresh kind deminor and they will feel the same being projected to them, were both here for the same thing so make it worth your time :)

2018-05-16 08:35:38

Sugar Baby / 21

I have just gotten on this app today and have already gotten someone interested in my already. I think the way you get a sugar daddy is just by being honest sweet caring and sometimes stern it never hurts to put your foot down on things because hey there getting your time when you could be doing something else always think of that!

2018-05-16 09:13:44

Sugar Baby / 24

In order to get a sugar daddy, you should be appealing to the eyes, or even look different than average. Being open minded to situations and thngs they want to try with you. Be willing to have fun. && Dont talk about self too much, they wanna be listened to, too. You make need very well adaptable social skills because not everyone person is the same, but also not every daddy is for you.

2018-05-16 11:32:33

Sugar Baby / 22

I’m only new to this but I honestly feel the best way to be successful is being open and honest about what you want. It’s also important to be yourself and stay true to who you are. In order to make the most you must be open to new experiences and ideas. I hope that being genuine and honest will help me be successful during this endeavour.

2018-05-17 06:28:43

Sugar Baby / 25

My advice for other sugar babies is to use your head! If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Please don't give out any personal banking information. If your Sugar Daddy wants to send you money by "mobile deposits" tell them no. they'll try to convince you that it's the only way but its usually a scam.

2018-05-17 09:58:19

Sugar Baby / 23

In order to find a sugar daddy you have to be very open. Or at least be open and tell white lies.. a lot of sugar daddies want sexual relations in order for the money but a lot also don’t want that and will just give yoh money for your time and company. Remember treat them mean to keep them keen xxx

2018-05-17 16:01:43

Sugar Baby / 27

I feel the most successful thing in finding a sugar daddy and keeping one is wowing him. Making him want to give you with out you even asking or saying. Be different from the rest, show and teach him some things take lead as well but let him still feel in charge and play your cards right. Theres nothing like a sexy but smart female!

2018-05-17 17:14:36

Sugar Baby / 25

Be yourself, the sugar babies are in all types of sizes and colors! Keep your ideas and don't lie about your ideas, to find a good sugar daddy special for you. The natural chemistry is the best! Maybe it's difficult to find someone special for you, but it gonna works when u find it and it going to be more longer relationship than others <3

2018-05-18 20:03:26

Sugar Baby / 31

My biggest tip? It's isn't always a looks game, and so being sexual or sexy isn't always all sugar Daddy's wants. To find ones that are of a higher standard and have a invaluable quality other than money just they also care about your personality, intelligence and education, and your ability to help him relax and have a good laugh with you to! Soo, don't get to caught up with trying to impress him with your beauty, and instead show him my your different and another pretty face can't replace you.

2018-05-19 07:13:01

Sugar Baby / 25

be you, have your own work, sugar daddy is not literally A DAD! 😂👍🏻💸many times the girls believe that suggar daddy wants escort but they want someone they trust and not a passenger "see you later"I think the arrangements start by part and part, I think that if things go another way the best thing is to be clear from the beginning the tipi of arrangement you want ....

2018-05-20 09:26:58

Sugar Baby / 25

How to find yourself a sugar daddy I would say don’t be vulnerable so soon. Relax, make sure everything is going good and you two are meeting eachother on the same page. Also when it comes to sending money do not share your personal information no matter how tempting it is. Other then that get to know everyone and you’ll eventually find what your looking for.

2018-05-20 12:11:23

Sugar Baby / 28

You have to be a woman at all times. A real man/sugar daddy likes an classy woman so their for you have to dress the part dont go to overboard with it. And when conversations are brought up have an open mind about different topics. Even if yall dont see each other or talk everyday send a text ask how was thier day. last but not least if it did come down to anything sexual dont not i mean do not go overboard with it.

2018-05-21 23:58:28

Sugar Baby / 24

For me to find the perfect sugar daddy I would look for someone with similar interests as me do we would have something to start a conversation on. And We would set boundaries if any so both of us would have an understanding of what each other want and know the lines not to cross or what lines we secretly want to cross

2018-05-23 07:25:46

Sugar Baby / 26

Actually talk to people and get to know them first. When you find someone you can connect with it makes the experience even better because it's not just about the money but creating a real relationship. And with a real connection I feel that the arrangement will naturally last longer. Additionally keep yourself open to new experiences.

2018-05-24 00:23:48

Sugar Baby / 28

being honest is the first and foremost for myself personally and has worked beautifully in the couple of arrangements I have had. knowing what you want being realistic about it I feel not only for yourself but him as well. being kind caring putting in the effort being punctual and say what you mean and mean what you say. Pretty much says it all. This lifestyle is not for everyone I'm blessed that it has worked for me a couple times but the amount of times it didn't work or they just wanted a hooker was way more then the actual ones that even kinda worked. Again this is not for everyone and going into this just as you would a well oiled business plan works. Good Luck

2018-05-25 06:50:44

Sugar Baby / 26

Be yourself, be open minded, it does not always have to be sex, sometimes its good to just be a listening ear!!!! Listen to him, be his shoulder and his online campion, not every good sugar daddy want sex, some just want someone to listen and be there for them and give them no hassle, unlike is other person.

2018-05-26 20:00:10

Sugar Baby / 25

I would say be yourself and be clear with your expectations. The SD and SB relationship is different than most. If you’re comfortable being intimate with your SD go for it. If you want to use them like an ATM, make sure daddy is okay with that. People have different expectations so be clear with what you want and are willing to do.

2018-05-27 20:34:45

Sugar Baby / 26

yes, I think also from having lots of connections with people is also benificial for anyone. potential friendships or even relationships could develop from a past sugar daddy. I live by if we as a society can help one another grow or help someone in need then why not ?? we would probably become more solid as a country by doing this kinda networking.

2018-05-29 06:14:19

Sugar Baby / 27

Be genuine. Share fun and spontaneous hobbies and interests. show sympathy and compassion. Listen, be the best version of yourself. Be an investment. Go out there, socialize. Don't be afraid to ask first. Be expressive, vocalize your needs but be respectful. learn about what they like and love and show them how much you care.

2018-05-31 19:40:01

Sugar Baby / 20

Grab there attention by talking about something they enjoy, get them to realise that you noticed something others didn't and that might spark things up. Let them enjoy talking with you, if you do that then they will want to talk to you more then he will keep coming back to chat with you then you have yourself a sugar daddy.

2018-06-02 09:50:15

Sugar Baby / 37

Finding a sugar daddy is one of the simplest thing I'd ever think of. This few tips helps to get one..*You always have to be yourself, means always look beautiful, no matter what.*Stay neat that's important and natural if it called for it*Always smell nice for attraction*Speak out your mind, open minded and easy going. Don't cause a scene.*Always play your role perfectly and you'll have the remote to Daddy's heart all day and night.💋

2018-06-03 01:35:24