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Which Celebrity Do You Expect to Be Your Sugar Daddy?

298 Answers

Sugar Baby / 23

I'd love for my celebrity sugar daddy to be Chris Pratt. He's sexy and probably has an amazing sense of humour to. keep me giggling away. I like people who look pretty grunge or jagged too so maybe even Damon albarn from Blur. I love his voice a heck of a lot and I'd probably lying listen to him all day!

2018-05-18 05:31:29

Sugar Baby / 26

The celebrity i love most is David Bowie, unfortunately he had been passed away.😞. He was the most beautiful people i ever seen, i was so jealous the Chinese girl in his music video China Girl (I’m a Chinese girl). The living one?Jamie Campbell Bower. He is so handsome and talented. Actually i would rather be his groupie!

2018-05-18 10:14:33

Sugar Baby / 27

Meryl Streep. Do I need to say anymore? It's Meryl Streep. She's perfect, lovely, classic, stunning, hard working, wealthy. Though more so I love her mind. She has so much to offer to the conversation and to the evening. She is what I would call a lady, not just a woman. She is the embodiment of elegance.

2018-05-18 15:35:53

Sugar Baby / 31

I would love my sugar daddy to be Drake coz he's sexy, cute all the way...he seem to have sense of humor..he seem to be romantic and he has everything, I mean who wouldn't want to have smone like him!😊😊 he drives me crazy always,thinking about what he's capable of it makes me go insane,those kissable lips makes me grow wings 😍😍

2018-05-18 18:27:27

Sugar Baby / 28

My celeb sugar daddy would be Hugh Jackman because he is a very handsome man with a beautiful soul... An I have a weakness for accents so I'd just melt for him haha 😻😻 I also think he would be an amazing lover...hes also has a great smile.. I'd let him sing to me anyday 😁😂 He seems like an overall great guy to me 😊

2018-05-18 20:41:29

Sugar Baby / 23

I would love either Johnny Depp or Robert Downy Jr. as my sugar daddy. I love both actors! They play their characters so well, and it excites me. Johnny has that deep and mysterious charm about him…it’ll just make me want more. On the other hand, Robert has that cynical sarcastic kind of charm that makes me want to be around him (I’m attracted to guys who has a good sense of humor and witty-ness).

2018-05-18 22:59:39

Sugar Baby / 30

Adam Levine, lol. He seems fun, funny, plus cute. I like that real person who can have fun, let loose and be goofy with me. Sure there are serious times (and they are important), but they has to be a time when the walls can come down and you can just have a fully belly giggle while being silly. I like it when they can turn off the office and relax!

2018-05-19 08:59:25

Sugar Baby / 20

i would like George Clooney to be my Sugar daddy,he just turns me on whenever I see him. His looks, charming personality,the way he treats other everything is so perfect about him.He is a gentleman and knows well how to treat a girl, due to his experiences he can help,guide me. I would love to be with a him ❤

2018-05-19 22:11:28

Sugar Baby / 21

i’d expect leonardo dicaprio to be my sugar daddy he is handsome and he really loves life and he would love a cute girl on the side to enjoy life with and shower in gifts and money.

2018-05-20 07:37:37

Sugar Baby / 21

When thinking of a celebrity sugar daddy; a man who comes to mind would have to be Arron Rodgers. A magnificent professional football player with an amazing personality, an enticing smile, and is a family oriented. Not to mention the high rate of income and support he has. I could only imagine being with such a perfect man❤️.

2018-05-20 14:04:27

Sugar Baby / 30

Dermot Mulroney, because he is such a good man He can look right into my soul with those loving eyes and hold me tight and never let go .. and I know that he’s passionate, romantic and also good in bed 😁😁😁😁 He is A Charmer, gentleman and Well mannered I just want him to caress my body and love me till there’s no love left ❤️

2018-05-20 15:57:20

Sugar Baby / 23

Christina Aguilera would be the perfect one 😍. She is very sexy, I love her voice and I wish she would sing to me to sleep. She would be the one I would explore my sexuality with to the maximum and at the same time that we discover ourselves spiritually. Also make music together is my biggest dream❤.

2018-05-20 17:58:20

Sugar Baby / 21

Nick Jonas, Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, Micheal B. Jordan... too many to list. Not only they are good looking, they will also treat me right. They know what they are working on and they always keep themselves busy. And why not? Them bodies will keep me busy. First date? Take me to your bed with you?

2018-05-21 05:31:48

Sugar Baby / 40

Sean Connery! He is incredibly handsome, suave, sophisticated, and I get the feeling he has a great sense of humor 😊 And of course, there is the accent! He is one of those people who age like a fine wine. I feel like he is a man who would willingly share his life story and experience with me while laughing, and these are things that I value in all people.

2018-05-21 12:03:06

Sugar Baby / 20

Jhonny Deep 🔥 porque tiene un gran carisma, es realmente lindooo, su mirada realmente penetra todo tu ser, aparte evidentemente tiene gran lana. Otra de las razones sería que es actof, debe ser una persona realmente ingeniosa y culta, seguramente que buenas pláticas de arte nunca te faltarán con este tipo. 😍

2018-05-21 15:06:31

Sugar Baby / 28

I’m thinking Michael B Jordan. He’s extreme handsome and seems to have a great genuine character. Amazing body and I love the way he loves and takes care of his family. With just the right amount of dweeb so I don’t feel out of place watching One Piece. Plus I wouldn’t mind an actual relationship with my SD, so why not.

2018-05-21 16:49:46

Sugar Baby / 22

Gael García <3 porque siempre he querido tener una aventura con un director de música y el papel que hace en Mozart in the jungle personifica al director más sexy y original del mundo .... me hace vibrar todo el cuerpo, y no dejo de soñar con la fantasía de que me hagan el amor mientras toca una pieza . <3

2018-05-21 19:06:25

Sugar Baby / 22

Kevin gates! He acts like a man and appreciates his woman. His voice is amazing, and I would get in bed with him any day of the week. Just something about his grudgey voice gets me so turned on. I know he would have a ton of money too and I would support and love him every day of the week. Something about that man!

2018-05-21 23:40:50

Sugar Baby / 20

Adam Levine! Adam is very sexy. After watching the Voice I realized how funny, compassionate, and interesting he is. I would love to learn about him, and joke with him. I think that Adam would take good care of me because he is so compassionate on the show. I know I would have some amazing times with Adam Levine, no matter what we do together.

2018-05-22 04:08:34

Sugar Baby / 27

i Prefered The oh So HOT Captain America Itself dunnoo His name but I Really Like him..hes Effing Hot..and If given a chance to Be with him..Oh No!!! Dont know what to with Him😋😅just The mere sight of him Makes Me Cum..Haha joke!!😂 but I really love Him i Hope someone like him Is in This SUDY chat Room

2018-05-22 10:11:30

Sugar Baby / 27

Vin diesel! Because he’s strong and so manly 🤤 he could just pick me up and cuddle me whenever I’m mad or sad or can’t reach a top shelf 🙊 He’s such a romantic and knows just how to treat a lady! Plus he’s not afraid to shed a tear in public and that is so attractive as I believe that the whole “real men don’t cry” is such bullshit aha men should show all emotions as much as women do ❤️

2018-05-22 11:12:28

Sugar Baby / 37

James Franco! But more realistic could be Michael Rosenbaum or even Chris Delia?! Man I’d even hang with Pauly Shore! I need a funny dude. I’d consider Seth Rogen if he wasn’t so genuinely attached. I also have a secret crush on Jason Mantzoukas! Again, legit funny men r my weakness. Oh ya less popular comedian Jeff Dye is a cutie and makes the list

2018-05-22 15:37:57

Sugar Baby / 20

Luke Hemmings, that boy is good looking 😍, he’s such a sweet and kind dude too. He seems like such a nice guy to be around, and he loves travelling. He also knows how to goof off and joke around but be strict and well behaved at others (I hope so) and yeah Luke’s just a great dude. Ps: pre order Youngblood on iTunes (or whatever) by 5 seconds of summer out June 22nd!

2018-05-22 16:53:14

Sugar Baby / 26

I would love for Idris alba to be my sugar daddy because for one he’s super handsome and he has that sugar vibe/swag to him that seems so sexy. I wouldn’t mind being spoiled by him from time to time. Like why would I ever say no ! Everything about him seems like he would treat me right and definitely spoil me rotten!

2018-05-22 18:07:52

Sugar Baby / 21

I wanna be myself because I love the way I am and if I could I would ha e you because I am down to do anything all you do is tell me and ill make your wish true I hope that you like that. .

2018-05-22 19:49:31

Sugar Baby / 22

Because I think SD could give me what I want more and sometimes I can pay for anything I need Btw The feeling is simple but complicated so I just want to find Sd let make me comfortable and I have a loan to afford so i think sd is a great daddy I love him so where is my SD I am looking forward to see you

2018-05-23 01:23:35

Sugar Baby / 26

Leonardo DiCaprio. He's the prefect age. He's extremely sexy with a lovely appeal. I could just imagine having drinks with him on a yacht, or having sex in a mansion. Or Rocky Balboa! Because he is Russian I believe and that is so freaking hot. Also because he just turns me on with those strong manly features on his face. So masculine and delicious. Plus he's older so I could definitly see my self being his candy girl.

2018-05-23 01:39:31

Sugar Baby / 23

Damon Albarn. Because I think he's really attractive and talented so it's a win win l will never get bored with his conversation as he basically knows about everything. Music, art, history, he travels a lot so probably he has a lot to talk about. He can also play some music to me while we hang out.

2018-05-23 12:29:46

Sugar Baby / 21

Sebastian Stan. he's just got this look that says "yes, I am a man, I will treat you right." he's bilingual, can act, and, not only that, but have you seen him? he's very attractive and has big puppy eyes. not to mention he's single and his car is nice as hell. if only it were possible. even in this day and age!

2018-05-23 13:37:55

Sugar Baby / 21

I’m not sure if he counts as a celebrity, but I would expect Obama. to be my sugar daddy because he’s so experienced in life and has some awesome stories to tell. There would never be a boring conversation with him! He would be able to show me the finer things in life that I otherwise would never get to experience. Also, im studying to be a clinical psychologist and I would have a lot of fun analyzing him! He would never let me drive a car that’s older than I am (unless it’s a classic—in which case he’d gladly help me with the upkeep). He loves children and he’s passionate about health and peace. These things are very important to me, so it would be the perfect arrangement. His voice is soothing yet stern and I would never want to stop listening to him speak.

2018-05-23 18:38:56

Sugar Baby / 20

Probably Lil Xan because he’s Caucasian and he gets me in my feelings 😭 His vibe is my vibe. At least I think. The way he presents himself is like he’s down to earth and he doesn’t give a fuck. I feel like hes a Taurus or something. Those are the only guys I can really tolerate. I’m really into the signs and I feel like at some points in life they work. I mean, they’re bound to you know. Maybe I’m just rambling. But definitely Lil Xan.

2018-05-23 18:47:14

Sugar Daddy / 47

i would love rihanna as my sugar baby,ladies you can kik me on emmyvar57,am on a spending spree,,or text me via 3035783260,,i dont really mind having more than one sugar baby,i will take care of them all,, i spent most of my youth days as a nerd not gonna spoil my old age doing that too,,ladies over to you

2018-05-23 18:52:19

Sugar Baby / 31

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! Seriously, do you need to ask why? He's delectable, smile is AMAZING, seems gentle, humorous, and I bet he'd be dominant behind closed doors. 😍 He would spoil me with his time, affection, and all his attention! We would travel the world and I would follow him around like a second skin.

2018-05-23 19:55:27

Sugar Baby / 32

I expect Morris Chestnut to be my sugar daddy. I can see us now making arrangements he smooth and got the coins. He smart and act well. You see him on tv and I know he would love for me to be his sugar baby. I'm fun have a beautiful smile and I'm just adorable. Me as Morris Chestnut sugar baby would be the best thing.

2018-05-23 20:21:50

Sugar Baby / 21

Ide have to say Eminem. he's sweet and cares so much for the world. he does what he can to help the world and address world issues thru his music and lyrics. he's amazing and he's gone thru a lot and lyrically he's better than any rapper out there. his songs have meaning and deep feeling in them.

2018-05-23 20:21:50

Sugar Baby / 28

Johnny Deep Robert Downey Jr Al pacino Michael Douglas Sean Conery Pierce Brosnan Daniel Craig Hugh Grant, Laurie and Jackman Bruce Willis John Travolta Chuck Norris Will Smith Harrison Ford Benedict Cumberbatch Jude law George Clooney brad Pitt Gerard butler Matthew McConaughey  Patrick Dempsey Jared leto and the list could never finished

2018-05-23 22:12:49

Sugar Baby / 22

I would like future Hendricks as my celebrity suggar daddy.I just love his style,his songs,his voice,i can listen to him talk or sing all day and oh!his dread locks.He's a gentleman,seems fun to be around.I fantasize riding in his private jet and go to a place where there's just us two.I'd cum just sitting next to him,haha!my number one all time crush

2018-05-23 22:18:23

Sugar Baby / 20

Andrew Baag./ Jepp Blackman./ Bbang. Harry Styles. Patrick Kwon. Kim Baron. Park Loey. Oh Shixun. Jung U-Know. Max Shim. Micky Park. Who knows if they might see this. Lol. It's not wrong to dream right? A million dreams is all that's gonna take. So, if anyone who's mention up there hahahahaha hmu okay? Especially you Andrew Baag. I love you.

2018-05-23 22:20:48

Sugar Baby / 35

It would definetly be Mr. Johnny Depp for me. I just love his movies and his style. 😍 He is a shy and mysterious type of guy, full of art, music and tattoos. I feel like he just knows how to enjoy life. Besides he is a good father and he has a great heart. I am such a big fan of his work. Hope someday I can get to meet him.

2018-05-23 23:03:02

Sugar Baby / 29

George Clooney, for sure. He is kind, handsome, and I fell in love when he did an amazing job on a movie that he travels a lot. That’s the life I want. But I do like Sylvester Stallone too. Oh my god, I was a huge fan of him since I was a little kid. I would love him to be my Daddy. I think he has so much to teach!

2018-05-24 03:51:39

Sugar Baby / 28

my sugar daddy would have to be Lewis Hamilton the formula 1 driver because he's so hot and always comes first or second in every race he's so gorgeous and I think he's really hot and cute, he's a really good driver and he's hard working , he's very brave for doing what he does , that is my ideal sugar Dad

2018-05-24 03:56:17

Sugar Baby / 25

the celeb I expect to be our singer daddy is Chris hemsworth because he has or had long hair, is very strong look but also so sweet. we would like a man like him but we know not everyone is perfect like him so there we go. a very very strong man who is looked at for being a super hero. turns james on 😉

2018-05-24 09:02:23

Sugar Baby / 23

i would really want Tom cruise johnny depp or ryan reynolds or robert to be my sugar daddy they are just so damn hot.. I often fantasize them🙈 just cant get enough of them.... if only i could get hold of either of these hunks literally wont wish for more if this wish could come true................

2018-05-24 13:41:59

Sugar Baby / 22

Micheal B. Jordan, he’s totally hot right ?! He seems sweet and has a voice of a angel, he carries himself as a gentleman with great hygienes. He looks lime a good time, in many ways. He’s also chocolate 😴 Everything should sum up as to why he is the perfect guy to be submissive too. Totally my type

2018-05-24 13:59:31

Sugar Baby / 21

I'd love for Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Pratt to be my sugar daddy. Chris Pratt is a hilarious man that looks good no matter what body type he has, and I love someone whose genuinely goofy. Then again, my guilty pleasure is a cocky dominant guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to voice that, which is why I absolutely love Robert Downey Jr. A man who acted like both would be the best of both worlds.

2018-05-24 15:48:53

Sugar Baby / 23

Jorah, un personaje de Juego de Tronos. Él sería perfecto. Porque él está muy enamorado de la reina de dragones pero ella siempre lo ignora, él trata de conquistarla de muchas maneras e incluso se arriesga a muchos peligros para rescatarla. Él es mayor, protector y cariñoso, por eso me encanta. Jorah❤️

2018-05-24 15:49:29

Sugar Baby / 25

I'd love to have Johnny Depp as my sugar daddy!! He's eccentric, and always has a good will behind all he does. Which I'm sure makes him a kind hearted man that loves what he does and who he is. He also uses his creative ability in his life work, as well as to make children happy. Which is what makes me attracted to him.

2018-05-24 16:17:58

Sugar Baby / 27

jason momoa him as aquaman ain't the only thing that got wet lmao!!! And don't even get me started on game of thrones hunny. But if i had a second choice i think it would be dashie the youtube star. First off he's funny as hell he's a gamer as am I and he likes anime he's not afraid to be himself and that's what makes him super attractive but i have 300 characters now so i can post this ish rofl!

2018-05-24 17:31:13

Sugar Baby / 20

I would love for Joseph Gordon Levitt to be my sugar daddy, baby daddy even. He's just so good god damn looking and he can totally be caring but he has that dangerous dirty side which I love🖤 the way he also gives looks in movies and the way he gives these looks when he falls in love or digs a girl so much it's cute and sexy honestly the way he is💛

2018-05-24 21:05:37

Sugar Baby / 36

Michael Ray because he can sing and he is gorgoues and he has got the sexiest smile and the most amazing eyes ever. I would marry him in a heartbeat lol. Really tho a man with tattoos major turn on and i bet he is absolutely amazing kisser with those lips of his.. ik he spoils he has to with the amount of money he makes he could spoil me every minute of every day

2018-05-24 23:35:46