What is a Sugar Baby

Sugar baby is a young person who gives company to Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma in exchange for financial or material support. They have clear goals in life, some of them want to live a better lifestyle, and some of them just want to pay tuition fees or bills.

college sugar baby

1.Well-Educated and Goal Driven

Sugar babies is not a bunch of jobless gold diggers who sell their bodies for money, as hater imagined. On the contrary, according to our observation, most of the sugar babies have a college degree or above, and they know exactly what their goal is and who can help them achieve it.

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2.Have a Veto in Sugaring

Sugar Relationship is arrangements on terms of both sugar baby and sugar daddy, which means that sugar baby is not completely passive in this relationship, and they have the right to decide what they want or not. It’s an equal relationship rather than a deal in control of sugar daddy.

sugar baby job

3.Not a Job or Occupation

Sugar Babies have a regular job too, students in college or whatever job you can imagine. Sugar Baby is not a job. Like any other relationship, It’s is just a kind of relationship, but with specific goals and agreements. No successful sugar baby lives on this but aims to achieve a better life through it.

sugar baby relationship

4.Seek a Modern Relationship

Sugar baby does not want to follow the traditional rules of dating, they pursue newer models with modern thinking. In this relationship, they will not only have the companionship and fun of an ordinary relationship, but more importantly, they can find the one who can help them thrive and get closer to wonderland of ambition.

How to Become a Sugar Baby

Sugar Date Preparation

Don’t rush in, it’s not easy as you think. Any relationship is complex, before you become a sugar baby, you first need to understand this relationship. And before you start, you'd better be clear about your goals, your role in the relationship, and look at some arrangement examples of experienced sugar babies. Then you can go to sign up onlegit sugar baby websites. If you don't know which one to choose, here are some of the most famous websites.


Craft Your Profile to Be an Attention Grabber

No matter which website you are on, the number of sugar babies is much higher than that of sugar daddies. This means that you must stand out to be discovered by sugar daddy and attract them to contact you. A good profile can help you with it to be an attention grabber.

sugar baby profile example 1


Say Hi:

I'm a special baby waiting just for you

Self Description:

My name is Alexandria, but everyone calls me Lexi or Lex I want a Sugar Daddy I'm from Bloomington. My friend and I are trying to fix up this trailer that we just got. I like to have long talks and be outside as long as there arent a lot of people.


Avatar Decides Your Popularity

On any social platform, a good avatar can make you stand out. But how to define “good on sugar dating sites?” First, choose a clear picture with less filter to make a POT focus on your pretty face instead of a dump dog face. Second, show your most beautiful part with a self-confident face. Whether you have a good figure, pretty boobs or booty, show it in the picture, and it's best to have your self-confident face in the pic.


Wordplay in Self Description

You may like shopping and want to travel. It’s OK to write those in profile, but remember, make sugar daddies think they are the protagonists. Write it like this, “I know shopping is not your thing, let me be your personal shopper and make you stylish”, “I know you don't have time to plan a perfect trip. As my college major, I can help you as your personal guide so that you can have the perfect time to relax.”


Get to the Point Slowly

You know why you came to a sugar daddy, but remember, this is your goal not theirs. Before you propose your terms, make sure that you can let sugar daddies know that you can give them what they want. After that, make requirements reasonable at the right time, as long as you follow the rules.

Here are Some Sugar Babies' profile Examples

sugar baby profile example 2


Self Description:

Fun, loving, creative, caring, BBW girl looking for a committed sugar daddy 💋 I want to get to know you 🥰



Self Description:

Just a young student looking for a sugar daddy to spoil me and remain loyal in exchange for some fun ;)

sugar baby profile example 3
sugar baby profile example 4


Self Description:

I am looking for a man who has experience with life. I want a sugar daddy simply because I like older men who know what they want.

Sugar Baby Rules

If you can hear this kind of lifestyle calling out to you, or it’s what you are looking for, to begin with, then here are some of the rules that should follow to make you a good sugar baby and a perfect catch for all Sugar Daddies and Mommas out there.

1.No Strings Attached

"If you want to avoid the messy end to a relationship as a Sugar baby dating a Sugar Daddy, your best bet is to make sure that emotions don’t exist in the relationship in the first place. When you start dating a Sugar Daddy, you need to have realistic expectations. If who you want is a generous man who would give you all of his money, effort, and attention, then you might need to chill out."

2.The Right Attitude

"Hey! just because this is a mutually beneficial relationship doesn’t mean you can go around with a bitter attitude. Even in the outside world, attitude matters a lot. Get into a relationship without any form of delusions or illusions."

3.Never Settle for less

"How do you see yourself and your image as a whole? The important fact here is that you should never settle for less, compromise your morals and values for anything or anyone. Most of the people out there want to get the best for little – if you know what I mean!"