What's Your Price Review

What's Your Price

When you are bored of the regular dating sites and what they’ve got to offer and would like to spice things up, what's your price is one website you should try out. It was launched in 2010 by Brandon Wade, the same guy who founded Seeking Arrangement. Basically, What's your price is a ‘dating’ website (if I can call it that) where you place bids (“bids for what?” you might ask) well, the user will decide which offer he or she would decide to take (see it more as freelancers sending bids to buyers on Fiverr, that sort of thing). The bidding user is expected to pay the amount that’s been agreed upon during the date, this also includes the date expenses.

In short, whatsyourprice works like a platform where land a date by sending offers and counter-offers and accept dates. They’ve simplified the art of dating. Making it a rewarding venture for every person involved. They’ve designed a unique system that makes it possible for both men and women to use cash incentive to attract a date (first date) with anybody.

Signing up

Pretty much like every regular dating site (you’d be asked to submit details), creating an account of your own on this platform is not as difficult as some would think. You have to provide your email, ethnicity, physical attributes, body type, income, location, choose a password and upload a clean and attractive picture of yourself. Once you are done with the registering process, you will be given two options that include getting paid for dates or bidding on dates. The option you choose depends on why you are on that platform in the first place.

Even though it’s the right practice to verify your email before continuing, What's Your Price still allows you to take a tour around the whole platform without doing that even though your accessibility would be restricted. And there is always a pop-up message that would always remind you to verify your account. Registration on this site is also free. But remember to confirm your email, as that’s part of the important requirement one must meet before gaining full access to the website.


You will be a member once you are done verifying your email. There are over 4.5 million total bids on first dates and the least offer on a first date is $125. Unlike men, the women get more bids for first dates. The members on this site are broken into two different categories, you have the generous members and the attractive members too (you’ve already chosen one of the categories when filling the form, this was the ‘getting paid for dates’ or ‘bidding on dates’).

The offers sent are only valid for first dates, any other one with the same dates will not be allowed. Most of the members found on this site come from the United States with most of the generous cities having the most generous date offers on the site. Over 35% of the users are female college students who are just looking for ways to pay their tuition fees and are using what they have to get it.

Profile Quality

The profiles on this site are limited. You can only see who viewed your profile after you’ve verified your profile, uploading a picture and completing the required fields on your profile. These details include body type, height, relationship, children, your smoking habits and the religion you belong too, the profiles on this website are meant to be detailed, after all, you have to know what you are bidding for, right? It allows you to send winks for free for a user to notice you. You will also be provided with two boxes which include “describe your ideal first date” and “describe yourself”.

Both of which are meant to describe who you are and what you love. You have to shorten your phrases though as you have 20 characters (max) to work with. This is one of the dark spots of the site as it is absolutely impossible to know what someone wants on a first date with such a short description. You really don't have much to work with, I think they need to work on that part of the site.


Even though the site doesn’t have an app for this, the website still feels easier to use, and it also has a chatroom section. This chatting option will only be opened to you when your bid has been accepted or unlocked. If you are receiving bids in the past you would have an ‘Attractive’ label while those bidded for dates use to own a ‘Generous’ label too, using past tenses here because that seems to have been scrapped. But that doesn’t change the fact that women had the ‘Attractive’ label while men had the ‘Generous’ label.

Even though it has no gender restrictions as men can also request to get paid for dates, the problem with that is, you will hardly find any bid coming in for you. The attention seems to be on the ladies. 90% of the bids are meant for the ladies. You might truly love from this platform, but it will all begin with the ‘benefit’ process.

The Website

The design has a simple feel to it. It doesn’t have tons of features to play around with (why would need any of that. It’s a bidding platform, not a dating site. You will find online users on the homepage and those especially those that are in your locality. The other functionalities include messaging (plus the chatroom), your own bids, your ‘favorite’ list, and the search option too. It is user-friendly.

The site makes it easy to find women who would love to go on a date. And the ladies on this site have 80% replay rate and there are always 9000 girls online waiting for you.


• $50 for 100 credits.
• $150 for 450 credits.
• $250 for 1000 credits.

Mind you, you can still get some services for free. Like, creating your own profile, viewing other members’ photos, sending winks to members and viewing member’s profile. What you can’t do for free is making bids and sending messages.


• Most of the services are free.
• You can make manual credit purchase.
• A first date is guaranteed.


• The date description needs to be longer than 20 characters.
• There a some fake accounts.


We’ve had lots of people talk about how happy they are for joining this site. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore those that don’t fancy it. After all, we need to be objective with our review. One of the users had this is to say.

Review by a real user

“though you have lots of real profiles, most of the profiles on WhatsYourPrice are fake. These profile targets you to buy and use credits, upon ‘unlocking’ conversations. You never hear back from the ‘person’ you paid credits to talk to……..”  CA Rider, California.

In the end, you just have to know what you are going in for. It's up to you to decide.

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