SugarDaddyForMe Review


If you are looking for a dating site that will offer you an easy-to-use platform where you can meet with people for a mutually beneficial relationship, the SugarDaddyForMe dating site will provide you with all you need and make that possible. It is considered as undoubtedly being one of the best online dating sites for those who are looking for sugar babies and sugar daddies. This site allows you to meet with people, live a happy life, a contested lifestyle, all presented to you without strings attached. Just like any other dating site, it promotes the same purpose or should I say it was built for that. It was established in 2004, it has ever since ranked high among-st all sugar daddy sites. Their main goal is to create an environment that is friendly for all sugar daddies and sugar babies. Giving you a platform where you communicate, connect and mingle with over 4 million users online.

Before we talk about how easy the interface is and the algorithms that it was built on, there are a few things one must consider when trying to write a review about such:

Signing Up

According to gathered reviews by online users of this site, registering on this site can take a while. This is unusual, as most of the dating sites that have come across tend to offer users (new users) with quick registration page where you get to fill up the fields with ease. While registering on this site though, you will be provided with four options, they include Sugar Daddy, Sugar baby (girl), Sugar baby (boy) or Sugar mama. Decide which one you are going to be on the platform. The next part to attend to is what you are searching. To be precise, that would be knowing whether you are seeking for an extramarital affair. I’m not sure if this will alter the registration process or not. There aren’t the only things you will be asked to treat on the registration page. Just like any other site, new users will be asked to provide personal/basic information such as your phone number, age, location, your income range, general/physical features, your email and password (new password). Sugardaddyforme will inform you to upgrade your account, this is a must, meaning you won’t be able to access some part or features if you’ve not upgraded your account. Some might find this annoying as you’d want to have a feel of what you will be paying for. That’s like asking for payment when you’ve not done your job – just saying!


Being a sugar baby on this platform who is yet to activate his/her profile, you will still be able to search for profiles, that is if you are determined enough. There, you will find a lot of prospective sugar daddies who are not just successful and wealthy but are also attractive – this is one thing you won’t find on all the dating sites. Most (if not all) of the Sugar daddy profile is active. So, all sugar babies have potential Sugar daddies to connect with. That doesn’t mean there aren’t fake profiles on the platform, in fact, according to some online reviewers, there are also scammers and lots of ghost profile on the platform. The site still needs to filter out the bad profiles – with time!

What still pisses me off about this site is that you won’t be able to gain full access to this site if you haven’t upgraded your account. Selecting a membership option and also providing your credit card information is not optional. The only positive is that you can decide to try out the Gold membership free for some days. The credit card you provide will allow them to bill you once the trial period expires. I did my research on this and found out that if you do not cancel your membership before the first month, you will be charged. That’s why you need to do more research before committing to this site by activating your profile. One of the things that have been added to the subscription plan is the additional fee for what is known as Total Access. What this means is that for an extra $14.95 a month, this extra plan (Total Access) allows non-paying members to contact you and reply to your own emails. That means Sugar babies get to pay for non-membership sugar daddies to contact and respond to her messages. Hold on, I find this really confusing! If a Sugar Daddy won’t be able to pay for a plan, how will he pay for a date? I mean, what else can’t he pay for?


The Sugar Daddy for me has more than one plan, coupled with an extra price which is for the “Total Access”. On this site, there are two types of account (premium). They have the Silver plan and the Gold plan. The silver membership plan costs $29.95 a month (plus an extra $5.95 for admin fee), while the Gold plan on the other hand costs over $34.95 a month (this also include %5.95 admin fee). Sugar babies will pay over $30.90 for the silver plan and pay $40.90 a month for Gold membership.

The two plans have different features.

The Silver Membership plan

• Limited e-mail storage.
• Has no messenger history.
• Offers you chat or/and Instant messenger.
• The Emails stored while on this plan will be for two months.
• Enables you to send and receive e-mails.
• Upload unlimited photos.

The Gold Membership plan

• You get all the Silver membership features.
• Quick profile approval.
• You will get top placement in searches.
• Messenger history enabled.
• Profile highlighting.
• You will also get unlimited e-mail storage.

The Sugardaddyforme app

The Sugardaddyforme platform also has an app (android app) that allows you to access this site on the go! All on your smartphones. There aren’t glaring differences between the features you have on the desktop version and the mobile version.

Reviewed by a real user.

“The site looks legit to me and I don’t really understand what everyone else is complaining about. I have been using other sites for sometimes, but I feel this one is a better alternative” – Daniel S.

The Pros of using this site

• You don’t have to subscribe to any member to browse through user profiles.
• Upload unlimited pictures.
• You are allowed to send gifts.
• It has active users.

The Cons of using this site

• The price options are confusing.
• The interface looks old.


I’d give the site a 3 out of 5. The sugar daddy profiles on this platform aren’t just active, they are also attractive. Apart from the payment and subscription problem I have with this site, the customer service really needs to be worked on. A lot of miscellaneous payment (what in the world is the admin fee for? A total access fee for a broke sugar daddy? Don’t blame me, I just find it hard to wrap my head around this one. This shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try. If it is that bad, it won’t have 4 million users.

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