Sugar Daddie Review

Sugar Daddie established since 2002, it was the first to offer the concept of connecting rich singles. These users (rich singles) make use of this site to find someone who can accept them and appreciate them for who they really are. This site is so popular and well known, that has twice featured on Dr. Phil’s show. It has also featured on the Richard and Judy Show in the United Kingdom and not forgetting WBN 11 WPIX news. When you talk about recognized and well-known sugar daddy and millionaire dating platforms, the Sugar Daddies site is one of them. It boasts of over 5 million online users.

Some of the first reviews garnered by this site came from Dr. Phil’s show. The members interviewed shared their experiences on one of the episodes that were about Sugar Daddies. The members talked about the Pros and Cons of using this site and how their relationship went. The relationship is usually money and appearance based, as this is obviously one of the factors that enhances your chances of meeting someone online (this was according to the members interviewed).

The site boasts of having wealthy sugar daddies, professionals, businessmen (who were t the top of their game) and models as Sugar Babies.

Signing Up

Signing up on the Sugar Daddies site is pretty easy and relatively time-consuming. After choosing from the option of you been a Sugar Daddy or Sugar baby (which will determine how the signing up will go), you will be asked to select whether you are looking for a Sugar Daddy relationship (only) or whether you previewed to other options. The other option doesn’t really specify what it is about.

The next step involves providing your basic information, this includes a physical description, educational level, age, your smoking and drinking preferences. Once you’ve provided them with this information, a form will appear where you will need to fill out some text boxes and fill in your three favorite hobbies. There is a message at the top of the signing up window which states ‘Make this bit as good as you can. Our approval team will review it afterward”. Apparently, what this might mean is that all profile including the Sugar daddy account will be verified/reviewed.

Once you’ve completely registered, you will need to verify your email address. There will be a 15% discount for premium membership, but, this will only last for a day (24 hours). If ignored, a poster is placed on your profile, notifying you of the times remaining for this offer to end. Successfully signing up will grant you the privileges of opening user profiles and profile pictures.

The relationships you will find on this dating sites are casual and dating. Being straight is the only type of relationship that is allowed on this site. Did I also mention that the relationship status that you will provide with are Single, in a relationship, Married, Divorced, Widowed, and Separated?


Being a member means you’ve successfully registered and the email you provided has been successfully verified. What you have on your profile page includes your member name, your nationality and the email address you provided. The general information is more about your physical attributes which will include your age, gender, and height (works for both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies). It is necessary for you to write about your social habits such as your drinking and smoking habits. This description is very important and you will be provided with 200 characters (max) to fill this space. These are all meant for the free membership platform. You are allowed to multiple photos, searching and adding members to your hotlist is allowed. What you don’t have on the free membership account is initiating communication with other members and posting on forums.

The Search Features of Sugar Daddies site.

One of the important features of a dating app or site is the search features designed with it. Using the Search feature on this site is not difficult. The feature also includes some basic filter options such as searching with age, some physical descriptions, ethnicity, and location. The result of the search includes the pictures and usernames. The problem with this search result is that you won’t be able to get the information you need from each user at a glance.

Clicking on each profile is the only way to know about each of the profiles gotten from the search results. Having to spend more time going through each profile to know which is suitable and attractive can really be frustrating. They need to work on that part. Contacting any user on this site requires an account upgrade. What this simply means is that you will have to upgrade to the premium membership to be able to converse with other users.

The Subscription prices

The Sugar Daddy dating site requires just one upgrade from the free membership account. Though the premium membership plan comes with different payment/prices depending on the month registered for.

• 1 month subscription costs $25.99.
• 3 months subscription costs $49.99.
• 6 months subscription costs $89.99.
• 1 year subscription costs $149.99.

Quality Score

Two of the coolest features of the Sugar Daddy dating site is the algorithm and the quality score. The quality score was designed to help users improve their chances of finding the perfect match. If you are a Sugar Baby, your quality score will be determined by your activities which will come in eight different categories, these categories include Photos, emails, hobbies, forum posts, favorite, searches and meet my match. The unusual ranking area is for the Meet my Match. Some users find the quality score of this site a silly one.

Review by a real user.

“Some genuine Sugar Daddies if you're smart. 99% exaggerate their income have no manners and will expect sex straight away. I won't sleep with someone I don't like nor do I want a broke hookup. I'd use Facebook! The average site just weed out the losers. I have lol” – London Babe (Sugar Daddy Platform user)

The Pros

• There is nothing like auto-renewals for all membership.
• It is a hub for reach and wealthy men.
• Great for users in the United Kingdom.
• There are no online ads.

The Con(s)

They don’t verify the member’s income level.


While one might think the features, one is presented with on this platform are great, it is still shameful that some of them are of no use and are now redundant. The Search results aren’t detailed enough and still needs more working on, obviously! The overall user experience of the search feature is really stressful. If you are a Sugar Baby with the hope of working on an easy platform, you will be better of using another site. The fact that there are few Sugar Daddies to work with turns one off. This doesn’t mean the site is totally bad, there are other sites that we’ve reviewed, these sites are great options.

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