Sudy Review


Sudy app is a dating site designed for both sugar daddies and sugar babies alike. Unarguably one of the best sugar daddies dating site that attracts successful men and beautiful and young women, connecting both (Sugar daddies and Sugar babies) for a mutual arrangement.

This site is a great place for sugar babies who are hoping to find ideal partners. knowing more about their functions, features, Pros, Cons, their services, and how the site caters for both sides is important if you are planning to sign up. Here is our own Sudy Review, and we hope at the end of the piece, it will still be up to you to decide if you’d like to join or not.


Singing up on Sudy takes 6 to 10 minutes. The first part of the registration includes the basics such as your email, password, your sexual identity, what you are looking for, and register as a sugar daddy or sugar baby. At the last stage, you will be required to include personal information about your current relationship status. The registration wasn’t complicated, with less than 18 questions, felt pretty easy registering on the site with the registration broken down into three different steps, you also had a progress bar that shows you how far you’ve gone with the registration process and how much is left. The interesting part is that you don’t have to verify your identity, that sounds great if you are registering for the first time, but I’m wondering how they’d make up for the security part.

• It allows all users to register including married and those who are currently in a relationship.
• Majority of the Sugar relationships end up being real.
• You are given a personal profile to fill out.
• Most of the Sugar daddies present on this platform are successful men.
• The Sugar babies are more than daddies.


Even though the site is present in different countries, mostly in America and some part of Europe. Most of the users come from the United States, they account for more than quarter of the total number of users on the site. The Sugar babies are young ladies who are studying and are working part-time, while the daddies, on the other hand, are businessmen and professionals who are willing to play are the provider’s role in the relationship. Speaking of relationship, more than 90% of the relationship ends up being real.


Just like many another dating app, Sudy allows you to search for users/profiles based on their profile, the offline/online status and location (mostly those that are closer to you). with the ‘TapIt’ feature allows you to swipe through profiles and even though you have 10 profiles every 30 seconds, you can like the profiles you find appealing as this is free. It makes use of point ranking system for its users, what that simply means that the user’s ranking is determined by the number of Sugar you get, this is known as ‘Glamour Ranks’, and the number of Sugar you spend on Wealth Ranks, the Sugar is a form of currency that can be bought with real cash. You will need a paid membership plan to be able to contact other members.


How well your profile does is really up to you, there aren’t any laid down a rule for the information that should be displayed on your profile. You can insert personal voice recordings, text descriptions, and photos/videos. Obviously, there are certain privileges that come with being a premium member, for example, the “Sugar Photo’ options make some photos viewable only for those who are on the premium plans.

You’d think that not been asked to verify your account during the registration stage would make this dating app a less serious site, apparently, they have a way of pointing out profile integrity by making use of the verification badge which would be placed on your profile if you are deemed ‘real’, this will allow other users to know if a particular profile is a fake/scam or not.

Sudy App

The App looks more detailed, and people tend to make use of the app simply because the app has more functionalities and suits users that are always on the move. Right in the app is a feature known as ‘TapIt’ which allows you to swipe through profiles of users that are in your locality. The app also has this social media feel to it, which I find interesting. The only problem I have with the app is how often it crashed, there is a compatibility problem with the app, and that needs to be worked upon as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this app is only available on the play store.

The Plans

To enjoy the unlimited features as a Sugar Baby, you will have to choose from any of the plans.
1 Month Sudy premium that costs $14.99
3-month Sudy Premium that costs $34.99
6-month Sudy Premium that costs $49.99
To enjoy the unlimited features as a Sugar Daddy, you will have to choose from any of the plans.
1 Month Sudy premium that costs $69.99
3-month Sudy Premium that costs $169.99
6-month Sudy Premium that costs $249.99

General Features of the Sudy Site

• It takes swiping right to spark conversations with another user if you find their profile appealing, and if you don’t find it appealing, you can just swipe left to ignore.
• When both of you swipe right, that’s a perfect match, you can then move to the next stage of sending hot messages, pictures to each other.
• The platform allows you to share your daily activity while others are able to view your uploads.
• You will be able to find compatible sugar babies and daddies thanks to the innovative algorithm.
• The free features will only be accessible when you get verified.
• It has a swiping feature that offers 10 profiles every 30 seconds.
• The app feels more like a social networking, thanks to the personalized experience.

Review by a user

The guy on here is professional and truth about what they say they are. You will find so many amazing people on here who really care about your needs and what YOU want. It’s easy to use and you can gain experience along with a true attachment with your daddy. Definitely one of the best and professional apps/sites I’ve used. I can’t wait to see what lays ahead. This is a review according to a Sudy App user.


• The app is easy to navigate, it also allows you to create an attractive profile in minutes.
• You are now able to meet your physical, emotional and financial need with the well-designed app.
• You can use most of features once you are verified to be real.


• Profile reviewing is sometimes slow.


At the end of it all, the environment makes it easy and comfortable for the interaction of both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies and you can take this site along with you everywhere you go thanks to the mobile app. Feel free try.

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