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Miss Travel

Are you a good-looking young lady who is finding it hard fulfilling your dream of traveling around the world and explore the beautiful things nature has got to offer? You'd love to, but you aren't just financially Ok? It's time you use what you have to get what you need. Trying a dating site filled with different Sugar Daddies who are willing to help you fulfill this dream while you be their (Sugar Daddies') companion. There are over 500 000 generous Sugar Daddies on the platform and attractive Sugar Babies. People who need a beneficial arrangement coupled with similar goals can meet up to connect.

This site is unlike any other online dating website, the idea is quite different from what you will find on other dating sites. Apart from the interface and functionalities, the site's main objective is to connect generous men and women to good looking companions while traveling. This uniqueness of having traveling companions is what makes them one of the best dating sites out there. It is also important to note that this is site is not totally a dating site. They don't promote that on the site.

Signing Up

Signing up on this platform is quite different, this sugar dating site allows users (both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies) to propose travel ideas to whomever they desire. You are allowed to create a trip of your own and get started on the next adventure.

To start the whole account creation, you will need to fill out the field with the needed information (login credentials). This information includes your location, a detailed but yet little description about yourself and what you are looking for on the platform. And every user on this platform is expected to complete their profile and upload their pictures.

Before you can gain access to the full site, you will need to provide a photo which would be verified by the admin. You will be ready to start meeting new people immediately your photo has been verified. Now, this is where the difference also lies. As a Sugar Baby, when creating your profile, you will need to create a comprehensive outline of where you'd love to travel to, and what you will like to do there. Not forgetting how long you plan to be and your availability which would state how long you can be away for.


Members on this site will have three types of trip offers to choose from. And the site is also divided into 2 special groups. One of which includes generous members who plan vacations are looking for a companion to go with and the other group includes good-looking members who are looking for a wealthy host (Sugar Daddies) who are ready to sponsor the trip. These trip types include:

- Show me your town

The first type of trip is the ‘Show me your town', this might sound self-explanatory. This type of trip allows you to meet Sugar Daddies at the location stated on the profile of such Sugar Daddy. As a Sugar Baby who is planning to go to a particular town and would want to meet a Sugar Daddy that is willing to not just be a companion but would love to sponsor the trip. The Sugar Daddy should also be ready to be the lady's tour guide. You will have to show them around especially the cool places. You also choose this type of trip if you'd love to go on an exotic trip but you need a Sugar Daddy to sponsor you.

- Travel with me and Communication

The ‘travel with me' trip type allows the user to meet up with other users. You can then travel to any location they would love to go to. It doesn't have to be the location found on your profile or the other person's profile. This type of travel option us great for those/users looking for a companion to be with while traveling, used majorly by Sugar Daddies who are looking for an attractive girl to travel with on a business trip or just for fun/pleasure.

- Come to me

This site is a trip type that allows a user to meet up with you at the location on your profile. This is great for people who are ready to play host for traveling Sugar Daddies. You can connect with a Sugar Daddy that is visiting your location to start with and wouldn't mind having a companion while on this trip. Someone who knows the area or just want a companion while they are in town.


Profile creation on this site is absolutely free, and Sugar Daddies on this site must be 18 years old or older. How attractive your profile is depending on what you do with it. To enjoy more function accessibility on your profile, as a Sugar Daddy, you will have to subscribe or upgrade to the premium membership plan. You can send messages for free as a Sugar Baby. The quality of the profiles on this platform are mostly real because of the verification process.

As a user, you might find the searching functionalities very difficult. The search options usually malfunction. For example, when you search for people that are in your location, it will instead pull out results of everybody registered on the site. The filter option doesn't include gender, so, you might need to look for other ways to get through that. One of the ways to get what you want on the search result would be to filter through who is paying for the trip.

The issue of catfishing is present on many dating sites out there. That's why Miss Travel asks users to get to know each other and recommends video chat before buying tickets.

The Plan

Like I said earlier, registering on this site is free. Sugar babies are also allowed to send messages for free. While the Sugar Daddies will have to subscribe to the premium membership plans to be able to contact the Sugar Babies on this site. Most of the billing on the site falls more on the men who are 80% out of the 100% users on the site are willing to pay. You will have to pay $39.99 if you want to message Sugar Babies.

General Features of the Miss Travel Site

The site provides you with three options when planning a trip.

- Split the trip cost
This option means your Sugar Daddy will pay for all the expenses for both him and yourself. Your job is to be a reliable travel buddy.

- I'll Pay for Us
This option means you are offering to pay all expenses for both you and your guest.

- Split the trip cost
This allows both of you to split the bills, it could be 50/50 or any other way you want.

Review by a real user

“My first experience was great. They had an app that doesn't exist anymore, the website is very buggy. There are some women are on the site to travel and are happy to split the costs or contribute in some way (financially or in planning). There are rare. Most want a Sugar Daddy”.


The traveling sugar baby site is unique


• Not great for real sugar daddy.
• The search filter doesn't function as expected.


If you are looking for an online dating platform, this site will not only cater to that, you will also find yourself a travel buddy. It's worth giving a try.

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