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Be Naughty

This site is powered by Together Networks Limited and it is a user friendly dating website which is designed to help local singles explore their sexuality through their quest for love. On this dating site men and women of all legal ages can meet, interact and discover their truest forms in each other. This site is aimed at singles who want a safe space where they can discover their sexual potentials without reproach or restrictions. All this is in a bid to find your perfect match. It is a sugar dating site where singles get to be themselves without fear of getting blocked or deleted. There are always lots of sexual encounters on this site and you can be freely naughty as often as you please.

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On this easily navigated site, two options will be presented to you. This is ‘I'm New' and ‘Log In'. If this is your first time on the site and you want to sign up, then by all means, do select the ‘I'm New' option and once you do, you'll be redirected to another page. Just fill in your preference based on gender, your screen name or username, age, location, email, password and click ‘join'. It's important to note that signing up is absolutely free and the only thing being spent on this site is your internet data. After inserting your details into the description boxes, you'll be asked to upload a photo of yourself. This is your profile picture. To get this right, do select a photo that best reflects your identity to increase the number of responses you get. Once that's done, it's up to you to send a flirt cast just to boost your views.
In summary, here's what you need to do after signing up:

  • Upload your profile picture
  • Search for attractive matches
  • Send 5 free messages which could be with photos every day
  • Send free flirtcasts

(Flirtcasts are like broadcast messages which potential partners get to see when viewing your profile. )


Once you've done the above, your profile should be half way done. A new feature had just been added to the dating site. You can upload videos of yourself just to attract more matches. Once you upload a status, your appearance, lifestyle and about me, your profile should be 100% complete. You can go ahead to click save.


This site covers countries like Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Canada, United States, Sweden and Denmark. It all depends on your IP address. BeNaughty dating site accommodates singles of diverse sexual orientations, be them gay, straight or bisexual, there are multiple options for all. On here you can get to see potential partners in closest proximity to your location amongst other things. This site is aimed at bringing individuals who want to experience the magic of adventurous romance together. The membership plan is pretty extensive. Whether it's cybersex, casual dating, sexual encounters or a committed partner, you can find everything at BeNaughty.


Everyone is super chill on this online dating site. There are lots of features directed to limiting your search based on your specifications or broadening it as you please. Communication is the key ingredient in dating sites like BeNaughty. This is why there are lots of chat rooms which you could be actively involved in, just to build a connection with diverse users. As the name beckons, Be Naughty. It enables users to speak freely and explore new things via this dating site. Naughty, liberated and sexual conversations are welcomed on this site. However, there are indeed some limitations on this site with respect to communication. Personal details like phone numbers aren't displayed at a glance, but in the event you want to communicate outside the site, you can use emails and other social media handles. Fake accounts can be reported should you find any.


The dating site offers a 3day trial period after which you can choose to extend your plan for a price. Here your card details and credit card options will be needed.

Review by real user

Sadly, this site has over 84% of bad reviews. Mostly accusations of the site being a fraudulent site or being run by bots. Marc from Uk says ‘Awful website that only wants your money and puts fake women with fake pics in there to fool you into opening webcams.'

General features

  • You can share pictures and videos with whoever you want to
  • You can filter or streamline your search based on your preferences and sexual orientations
  • Chat rooms to communicate and ‘BeNaughty'
  • Lots of members


  • It is easy to find
  • The hookup site is easily navigated
  • Signing up is really fast
  • No ads
  • Send messages as you please
  • Members in more than 10 countries
  • Customer support is readily available


  • Site has a high chance of being fraudulent
  • A lot of bad reviews about the dating site
  • It doesn't have an app, neither can it be found on Google Play
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