What is Sugar Daddy looking for in a Sugar Baby

We had mentioned that ugly sugar baby always earns in sugar daddy dating, which did not mean that ugly girls have more advantages than pretty girls or beautiful&young are considered as the last important factors in snagging a sugar daddy. But it is a truth that “young”&”hot” are rarely stated to be at the top of sugar daddy’s list. So what is sugar daddy looking for exactly in sugar baby?

sugar daddy want from sugar baby

SDs are Looking for Similar Things in a Sugar Baby

Same Things People Find Attractive in “Normal” Dating

Physical attractiveness is an important component in any sort of dating dynamic including sugar daddy dating, it’s not the most concern though. Other things like good body shape, smiling face, like-minded, and a low-risk lifestyle that no drugs, no unprotected sex in random fits of promiscuity, something people find attractive in all kinds of normal dating could be also considered things sugar daddy are looking for. Because ithe final analysisit‘s matter of finding companions.

The Ability to Keep the Secret

Sugar baby who has the quality of distraction, be careful things relate to privacy, or something sugar daddy doesn’t want to others knowing. The sensibility to know what must remain a secret. Sugar daddies who have own business won’t like to see these sugar affairs are laid bare, which will affect their career reputation. Not speaking of those men who married.

If You’re a Good Investment

The majority of the many sugar daddies I’ve acquainted with are looking for sugar babies who just as a good investment, who can provide them with something valuable back as important as what they received for them. At the same time, sugar daddies are also like to know that they are adding true value to their sugar baby’s life. Sugar babies who can let them feel that, and know how to sugar back at the proper way(It depends on what the specific sugar daddy wants) can be the most successful sugar baby.

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