Tips for Being a First Time Sugar Baby

Some girls who are new to sugar bowl expressing the doubts and unsureness for the reason, I want to write about some tips that can be some kind of guidance for newbies and help them handle the situation when being a first-time sugar baby.

first time sugar baby

Online Sites to Connect With POT

POT means potential sugar daddy, and yes for sugar babies new to this, the first word you should learn is POT. You finished your profile that stands out, then browse all “potential” sugar daddies in Nearby, Ranking, Moments, Feature and etc. To protect the new sugar babies especially the first time girls, we don’t recommend sugar baby users initiate conversations at first come without picking because they have risks to meet scammers. Which is also why sugar daddy sites create that much features to help people meet others and get to know others.

It usually may receive his number and move the conversation to text instead, this is good because it means he wants to actually get to know you better. You two usually drop the selfie to confirm that you are from your profiles. When you text them, use emoji and that shows your adorable and outgoing personality, while exclamation points always represent exciting, use is right.

Get Through Allowance Part at Meeting in Reality

Meeting for the first time can be intimidating, young girls who have not many experiences would be more worried about this, an old man, so setting up the first date in a public space like a restaurant or coffee shop would be great, talk and get to know each other.

It also the perfect time to bring the allowance topic up. You may get nervous in the beginning, most likely, the let them know exactly what you are looking for, the allowance you want. Follow up how you will use the money, i.e. school tuition, textbook, rent, etc. That helps potential sugar daddy knows about tour situation and where they can support you, not only simply cold money. Besides, the money is better to put to good use, which is more acceptable for sugar daddy instead of nonsense goods expensive and you’ve been eyeing for weeks, after all, a sugar daddy is your sponsor, who spoil you like invest you.

It’s great to also discuss how often you date each other and get the allowance, and what the payment method(PayPal or what), then discuss his regular schedule figuring how much communication is needed.

Just Enjoy

Every sugar daddies or sugar babies would clear what sugaring is about for, and they know there are sugar haters too, so they won’t fear about this relationship and won’t mind something different with others like running an age difference relationship in sugaring. Don’t think too much except safety keeping and having fun with your actual sugar daddy, just enjoy it.

Ask yourself frequently if you are feeling comfortable with him, if you are happy when you text/phone him, spend time with him, even have sex with him. If you don’t like it, get rid of it quickly and don’t push yourself.

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  • I wanna be your sugar baby! I am sweet and lovable! Need a financial sugar daddy who is willing to help me out with money and in return I gotta a lot of love!

  • Let me be your sweet and loving baby ! I’m playful and good hearted! I’m looking for a sugar daddy that is financially stable and willing to help me with money to get on my feet and in return give lots of love ,long talks , and companionship !

  • I’m looking for a sugar mama that wants to have some fun

  • Anybody want to do something strange for some change

  • Am Fred Mugambi from Nairobi Kenya looking for a sugar mumy who is willing to help me with maney end love

  • Busco. Una mama k quiera pasar el rato

  • Me deixe ser sua sugar baby e em troca vc terá tudo o que procura a cada mimo e a cada ajuda financeira tambem

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