How to Keep Your Sugar Momma

These days, sugar momma can seem like a dream come true to men that aren’t that wealthy. Sometimes, they can be both a love interest and a life saver. Finding a sugar momma nowadays has become much easier than it was in the past. Finding sugar mommies isn’t that easy, yet alone keeping them. If you are lucky enough to find a sugar momma, you still need to remember a few things about how to treat them and handle your relationship with each other. Here are some pointers that you might want to consider.

keep sugar momma

Have Conviction

If you make less money than she does, or no money at all because you’re saving dolphins or something, that’s fine, as long as you have conviction with what you’re doing. A girl who out earns you likes to see fire in your belly because she has it (obviously, that’s why she rakes in the dough). If you get home from work and have nothing interesting to say, she’s out the door because you’re not engaging, considering that you’re progressively moving forward with your life.

Don’t Lie About Your Career

If you’re unemployed, don’t talk about your old job as if it’s your current job; you’re lying because you don’t technically have a job. If you used to work in real estate, but now you’re unemployed, don’t say you work in real estate when someone asks you, because you don’t. You don’t have a job. Maybe say you used to work in real estate, and you’re looking to get back into the industry; she respects that answer more because it shows that you’re self-aware. A guy who isn’t self-aware is a turnoff, which leads sugar momma to the next point….

Keep Your Bargain and Show Your Appreciation

However, you also should remember to keep your end of the bargain. Show her that you appreciate her. If you don’t, things may not go so well with the both of you. It will not be easy; this I am sure of. Sugar mommies will always have some flaws but if you can look past them, then life will be much easier for you.

Have Confidence

Girls who are earners care more about confidence than what you do for a living. She’s probably pretty confident, so dealing with a guy who is less confident than she becomes a burden because then she has to worry about not bruising his ego, and that’s fun for about negative one second.

In conclusion, you should handle your relationship with each other and make your sugar momma feel happy. However, if you are looking for your sugar momma, websites are your best bet for finding your own sugar momma!